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Was the Tlokwe by-elections rigged?

January 27, 2014

Reports of alleged Zimbabwe style vote-rigging by the ANC in the recent Tlokwe by-elections are highly disturbing, particularly ahead of national and provincial elections this year.

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Allegations include bussing in voters, falsified registration details, voting outside registered areas and bribing people with food parcels, blankets and clothes.

Today, the DA will request an urgent meeting with the IEC to discuss their plan to prevent these types of vote-rigging in the upcoming polls.

This is in addition to legal support provided by DA Tlokwe councillor and lawyer, Hans-Jurie Moolman, to one of the independent candidates who has approached the electoral court over the matter.

Our fifth national election since political freedom in 1994 will be the most highly contested yet and the IEC needs to explain to South Africa just how they will ensure they remain free and fair.

When the DA took over Tlokwe municipality for a short period in November last year following a motion of no-confidence in the ANC Mayor, residents experienced DA delivery and transparency.

Sadly, it appears that the ANC has resorted to desperate tactics to regain control of this area.

No political party in South Africa should manipulate the will of the people in this way; it is the people and the people alone who should decide the type of government they want.

Former President Nelson Mandela and many others fought for decades to ensure that such things have no place in our new democracy.