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The time has come to defend our democracy

March 31, 2017

President Jacob Zuma’s decision to fire the Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, and the Deputy Minister of Finance, Mcebesi Jonas, should be a rallying call for all South Africans to stand together and defend our hard-won Constitutional Democracy.

The President has once again shown that he has no interest in our beloved country’s future – or the 9 million South Africans who are unemployed.

He has bowed to the whims of those who are determined to enrich themselves at the expense of the poor and jobless. This is an act of complete state capture.

We cannot sit by and let this happen. It is time that all South Africans stand together to protect our democracy.

It is Parliament who hired Jacob Zuma and it is Parliament that can fire him.

We therefore urge all political parties, including members of the ANC, to vote President Jacob Zuma out when the DA’s motion of no confidence is debated in the National Assembly.

The time is now. We must stand together and defend what so many fought and died for.

Visit and become a citizen co-sponsor of our Motion of No Confidence in President Zuma.

Mmusi Maimane

Futuregrowth decision a vote of no confidence in Zuma

September 3, 2016

The decision by Futuregrowth Asset Management to withhold additional funding to a number of state-owned enterprises (SOEs), including Eskom and Transnet, is a clear vote of no confidence in President Zuma, coming just weeks after the absurd Cabinet decision to place the President in charge of overseeing all SOEs.

mmusi believe in tomorrowIn justifying their decision, Futuregrowth cited “recent reports that strongly hint of conflict between branches of South Africa’s government, the possible machinations of patronage networks and a seeming challenge to the National Treasury’s independence.”

This is a clear swipe at Zuma and his project of state capture, with Futuregrowth indicating that they would only reconsider funding the SOEs once “proper oversight and governance” have been restored at the companies.

South Africa’s SOEs are in a dire state costing the country billions as government continues to prop them up despite their immense losses. At the root of their mismanagement is largescale corruption that feeds an ANC patronage network headed up by Zuma.

Restoring confidence requires that Zuma desists from his attempt to centralize control over SOEs in himself, and affirms the independence of the Treasury.

Decisions relating to SOEs must be made in the best interest of the economy and the well being of the people of South Africa, something the President is incapable of doing.

Public Protector’s Gupta investigation needs to be impartial and properly funded

March 23, 2016

The DA calls on the Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, to accede to the request made by the Public Protector Adv. Thuli Madonsela, for adequate funding of the investigation into the “state capture” by the Gupta family.

vote for change

It is imperative that the Public Protector’s investigation, called for by the DA after numerous revelations over the last few days linking members of the Gupta family to political influence, is carried out impartially and is properly funded.

Adv. Madonsela’s term as Public Protector ends in October this year. If her investigation is not carried out before then, due to political pressure or inadequate funding, government will be seen to not be complying with its mandate of safeguarding the independence and investigative capacity of the Public Protector and other Chapter 9 institutions.

In the mounting instances of “state capture” it is critical that our institutions in defence of democracy are themselves protected from government’s persistent attacks- financially and otherwise.

We will not allow that to happen. The Public Protector must be appropriately resourced to be able to investigate every instance of corruption reported to her office. There is already a backlog of 260 cases – the Gupta family investigation cannot be added to this list.

Failing Treasury’s action in this regard the DA will be exploring all its options including requesting Parliament’s Rules Committee to establish a Standing Committee on Chapter 9 Institutions and Institutions Supporting Constitutional Democracy, so that these institutions can be funded directly by Parliament and not by a politically expedient Executive, as is currently the case.

da run humansdorp

If the ANC then wishes to deny the Public Protector funding, they can do so in full view of the opposition and the public.

Since the commencement of the Nkandla investigation members of the ANC have treated Adv Madonsela with utter contempt, and the Public Protector budget has only shrunk. 

We contend that this is a tactic to thwart and frustrate the discharge of her work by starving this institution of the funds it needs.

This is no doubt as a result of the ANC becoming increasingly concerned with damning reports into the depth and scale of corruption at the hands of high-ranking officials.

It is therefore of national interest to ensure that the Gupta investigation is carried out independently and is properly resourced.