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Breaching of the Seekoei River mouth begins

May 14, 2019

The breaching of the Seekoei estuary mouth at Paradise Beach got under way yesterday morning in Jeffreys Bay.

It is expected that it will take at least three weeks to remove enough sand for the estuary mouth to be opened, with a 50m x 500m trench set to be excavated.

The excavation site, as well as a section of the parking area, have been cordoned off.

We ask that people please remain outside these demarcated areas for safety reasons,” said Brenton Williams, the DA Councillor for Aston Bay.

The Seekoei River is suffering from a lack of base flow into the estuary with up to 26 legal dams in the catchment area and many illegal dams preventing the flow of fresh water.

This causes a high salinity level in the estuary and residents have reported numerous big fish dying off in the estuary that borders both Aston Bay and Paradise Beach.

The reason for the breach is to create a flow of sea water into the Seekoei River estuary to assist in reducing the salinity level.


Paradise Beach causeway closed!!

June 28, 2013

The Kouga Municipality has announced that the Paradise Beach causeway over the Seekoei River is CLOSED to both vehicles and pedestrians.

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The causeway has been under repair for the past few months. One of the culverts that is still to be repaired, collapsed last night, leaving a hole in the causeway.

“The contractor doing the repairs is not on site at the moment because the high water levels are preventing them from working” said Laura-Leigh Randall from the Kouga Municipality in Jeffreys Bay.

“We cannot at this stage predict when the contractor will return to work, as the delay is the result of forces beyond their/our control” added Randall.

The causeway links Paradise Beach to Jeffreys Bay and was severely damaged during flooding last year.