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Water to be pumped from the Seekoei River

September 1, 2017

Kouga Municipality and the residents of Paradise Beach had a productive meeting with the Department of Environmental Affairs yesterday regarding the Seekoei River causeway.

The Seekoei River causeway. Photo: Anika Meyer

The Department of Water and Sanitation and the Department of Roads and Public Works were also present because they too have critical roles to play.

Short, medium and long term strategies were agreed on.

“In the short term we are going to be pumping water from the estuary to drop the water level. We expect to finalise the paperwork this morning and our aim is to start pumping water out by this afternoon, said Mayor Elza Van Lingen.

“There are also various ways, including floats or velocity deflectors, that one can use to minimise the chop of the water.

This will limit spray washing over the causeway surface.

We are very pleased that we were able to identify an immediate solution and would like to thank all the roleplayers, including Paradise Beach residents, for rallying together in this time of crisis,” added Van Lingen.

The Municipality will provide more information regarding the longer term solutions once they have been finalised.

Update on the Seekoei River causeway

July 24, 2013

There is some progress regarding the causeway that spans the Seekoei River, linking Paradise beach with Aston Bay.

Seekoei River in flood.

Seekoei River in flood.

The Department of Roads/Public Roads graded the gravel road last week and according to residents, the surface of the road has improved as a result.

Feedback has been received from Environmental Affairs regarding the opening of the Seekoei River Mouth. The Kouga Municipality has received permission to do so but it is subject to certain conditions being met first.

The Municipality is focusing is on meeting these conditions asap so that the contractor can return to work.