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Election fever hits Kouga

June 21, 2016

The build up to the 2016 Municipal Election started in earnest with Democratic Alliance national leaders visiting various towns in the Kouga over the weekend.

nosimo 1

Nosimo Balindlela at the street meeting in Ocean View

On Friday, the former premier of the Eastern Cape, Nosimo Balindlela visited St Francis Bay, Humansdorp and Jeffreys Bay and told the communities that she left the ANC because of corruption.

“They are corrupt and they didn’t like it when I told them,” said Balindlela at a packed meeting at the Sea Vista Community Hall.

“I also said they didn’t treat Thabo Mbeki properly, which made me unpopular, but I left the ANC with my character intact and joined the DA where I truly found a family where skin colour makes no difference,” added Nosimo, who is the DA’s shadow minister of Sanitation.

Over 200 people attended a street meeting with Balindlela on Sunday afternoon in Ocean View, where shouts of “enough is enough” resounded amongst the community who attended the meeting.

The DA’s Mayoral candidate for the Kouga, Elza Van Lingen said that the people of Ocean View have suffered enough.

“Look at the rubbish laying around that is never collected by the Municipality. The people have to walk through sewage on a daily basis and the Jeffreys Bay High School does not have text books for the children,” said Van Lingen.


Change is coming to the Kouga!

On Monday, the Deputy Leader of the DA, Desiree Van Der Walt spoke to a packed audience at the Marina Martinique Hall, where she said that Kouga has a chance to vote in a government that can make a difference.

“The DA has a track record of good governance in the Western Cape. No other party in South Africa can claim this, including the minority parties like the Freedom Front and the ACDP. Where have they governed and what have they ever delivered?” questioned Van Der Walt.

She also warned of the dangers of splitting the vote in Kouga.

“The people of Kouga must understand the consequences of splitting the vote. The 2016 Election is all about service delivery.

Do you want your roads to be maintained, do you want the sewage spills to stop, do you want the rubbish that is blowing around to be collected? Do you want your rates and taxes to be spend properly on the services that you pay for?

This is what you are voting for on 3 August,” said Van Der Walt to the audience of 120 people.

Desiree Van Der Walt warned about a split vote in Kouga.

Desiree Van Der Walt warned about a split vote in Kouga.

Residents who would like to apply for a special vote are urged to contact their DA Councillor who can arrange to have the form completed and handed into the IEC office.

Special votes will take place on 1 and 2 August while the main voting day is 3 August with residents being able to cast their vote between 7 am and 7 pm.

Nosimo Balindlela in Kouga this weekend

June 17, 2016

With fewer than two months before the most critical election that has ever taken place in Kouga occurs on August 3, voters will have a chance to meet Nosimo Balindlela, who will be campaigning in Kouga over the weekend.

Nosimo Balindela will be campaigning in Kouga this wekend

Nosimo Balindela will be campaigning in Kouga this weekend

Balindlela, who is the DA’s Shadow Minister of Water and Sanitation, will be holding a public meeting in Sea Vista on Friday, June 17. Nosimo was the premier of the Eastern Cape before she joined the DA. The public meeting will start at 18:00 in the Sea View Community Hall.

Balindlela will hold another public meeting in Ocean View on Sunday afternoon at 3 pm, following a church service that will also be held in Ocean View.

The street meeting will take place on the open piece of ground at the top of Jacob Zuma Road.

On Monday, June 20, the DA’s Mayoral Candidate for Kouga, Elza Van Lingen, will be speaking at two public meetings, one in Jeffreys Bay and the other in Humansdorp.

Van Lingen will introduce the DA’s candidates in the election to the public and also discuss the DA’s Election Manifesto as well as the dangers of splitting the vote in Kouga.

Desiree Van Der Walt will be speaking at meetings in Jeffreys Bay and Humansdorp

Desiree Van Der Walt will be speaking at meetings in Jeffreys Bay and Humansdorp

Elza will be joined by guest speaker Desiree Van Der Walt, the DA’s Shadow Deputy Minister of Education who has also served as the DA Caucus leader in the Limpopo Province.

The Jeffreys Bay meeting will be held at the Marina Martinique Hall and starts at 12:00, while the Humansdorp meeting will start at the Boutique Hotel in Humansdorp at 17:30.

All voters are invited to attend the meetings.