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A DA ran Kouga will be a Forward Thinking Municipality

July 27, 2016

A forward thinking Municipality takes the dreams and aspirations of its residents to heart.

wind turbines

Multi-generational planning, that leaves a legacy for our children and for theirs, is key to this. It is only possible when leaders think and plan beyond their term of office.

A forward thinking Municipality addresses the challenges of our society proactively, innovatively and sustainably.

This includes ensuring abundant, safe and affordable energy.

Household are encouraged to utilise alternative energy sources and to harvest rainwater by installing rain water tanks.

Green areas are preserved and more nature reserves are proclaimed.

Internet hot spots are created to ensure all residents have access and can communicate via the Web.

Planning and ensuring the Municipality is ready for the provision of services to the possible multi billion rand Thyspunt Nuclear Power Plant.

Municipalities invested in the future build towards a society that is connected, where people and information move freely and where all people can access opportunities to improve their lives, and the lives of their children.

Before 2016 Kouga was struggling to get the basics right and did not plan for future generations. Communities suffered from constant water outages, high levels of water losses due to decaying infrastructure, and regular power cuts.

Under a DA controlled Council, Kouga, will secure a bright future for its residents and its future generations.

Meet Donald Grant, the Western Cape’s Minister of Transport

July 5, 2016

Residents of the entire Kouga region are unhappy with the deterioration of their roads in recent times.

Potholes have become the norm and gravel roads are not being maintained.

A Jeffreys Bay road. Its time for change in Kouga

A Jeffreys Bay road. Its time for change in Kouga

The road infrastructure serving the farming community, which is a major producer of milk and citrus, also leaves a lot to be desired.

“The Democratic Alliance knows that without a properly maintained road infrastructure, the Kouga will battle to attract tourists and investors and will not be in a position to grow the economy and create jobs,” said DA mayoral candidate Elza Van Lingen.

“We are very pleased that Donald Grant, the DA’s Western Cape Minister of Transport and Public Works will be visiting the Kouga this week and will be meeting with various role players, including the business and farming communities,” added Van Lingen.

Grant will be engaging with the agricultural sector and businessmen in Humansdorp at 10 am Friday 8 July at the Humansdorp Boutique Hotel and the topic will be Roads and Transport / provincial and national roads.

All are welcome to attend the meeting.

Donald Grant w ill be visiting Kouga on Friday

Donald Grant w ill be visiting Kouga on Friday

He will then meet with the Taxi Associations and School representatives at the Boutique Hotel in Humansdorp at 11.30 am, with the subject being Public Transport Systems, Scholar Transport & other state contracts.

All interested parties are invited to join the meeting.

Grant will end the day with a public meeting at the St Francis Bay Bowling Club at 6.30 pm.

He will discuss what a DA Government can do for Business and all businessmen and other interested parties are also welcome to attend the meeting.

Power cuts this weekend in Kouga

January 21, 2016

Eskom will be switching off the electricity supply to the whole Kouga municipal area this coming Saturday, 23 January 2016.

According to Eskom, the interruption will take place from 05:00am to 11:30am in order for maintenance/repair work to be done.

The affected towns are: Jeffreys Bay, Humansdorp, St Francis Bay, Cape St Francis, Oyster Bay, Patensie, Hankey, Loerie and Thornhill.

Residents are reminded to treat all appliances as being live during the time period.

8.3 million sa dont have jobs

ANC rejects call for more funds for Kouga

August 26, 2013

The ANC in the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) has objected to a motion requesting grant funding for Kouga Municipality’s bulk services capacity upgrade.

The DA member of Parliament for the Kouga, Elza Van Lingen.

The DA member of Parliament for the Kouga, Elza Van Lingen.

This funding is desperately needed and would have improved the poor living conditions in Kouga and its informal settlements.

The motion, presented by Elza Van Lingen,  highlighted that R 480 million is required to increase the bulk services in Kouga before any of the housing shortages can be addressed.  Kouga has a shortage of 9 000 RDP houses which has forced many of its residents into dangerous and unsanitary living conditions.

Reports reveal that there are approximately 3 292 bucket toilets in the Kouga Local Municipality alone and a further 1 367 households without any toilets.

Due to poor planning in Kouga Municipality there are many new RDP houses in Ocean View that cannot connect to the waterborne sewer system and still have bucket toilets.

These home owners and thousands of residents Ocean View’s informal settlement have had to pay private operators to service their bucket systems every week since the Kouga Municipality continuously fails to.

Shukushukuma, an informal settlement in Humansdorp with approximately 100 shacks only has three chemical toilets and the municipality cannot afford to provide the amount prescribed by law.

People in Polla Park are still using the bucket system, which is rarely serviced by the municipality.

In Stofwolk 450 houses were built below street level and are constantly flooded with rain. Residents have had to build their own shelters for their bucket systems, which are not serviced regularly by the municipality.

Sewer spills in Stofwolk and Loeirie are a frequent feature, continually contaminating the streets, walkways and play areas.

“The fact that the ANC  objected to the motion is a clear indication that they are just out to make pre-election promises for voter support and do not actually care about the poor people in Kouga or the difficult living conditions they have to endure” said Van Lingen.

DA takes Kouga Municipality to court

October 1, 2012

The DA has filed court papers in the Port Elizabeth High Court against Kouga Municipality because of the unlawful and procedurally incorrect appointment of five new directors (Section 56 managers). These documents are public documents and all information is open to the public.

The DA calls for these appointments to be set aside and for the entire process to start all over again. In the DA’s founding affidavit which was lodged on 1 August 2012, the entire procedure of the appointments was questioned in terms of compliance with the various local government acts, regulations and circulars by the national Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (Cogta) and the provincial Department of Local Government and Traditional Affairs (DLGTA).

The DA served notices on the municipal manager, the ANC mayor, all councillors of the ANC mayoral committee, the remaining ANC councillors and the MEC for Local Government, Mlibo Qoboshiyane, as well as the five newly appointed directors.

In response Kouga Municipality agreed that:

· the mayor and his mayoral committee, in their eagerness to deploy their cadres, held a mayoral committee meeting on 11 June 2012 at which it was decided to appoint the five directors, thereby flaunting the law;

· phone calls were made to the applicants to confirm their appointments on the same day;

· followed by written confirmation signed by the mayor (not the municipal manager) the next day (12 June) appointing them for a fixed term of five years;

· the mayor and the mayoral committee have no such delegated powers; only a full council may sanction such appointments;

· a full council approved the unlawful appointments with a majority vote in spite of a four- hour debate in which the DA councillors pointed out the unlawfulness of their action;

· Kouga Municipality is now blaming MEC Qoboshiyane for failing in his duties to stop the unlawful appointments;

· no contracts have been signed with the new directors, who started work on 1 August 2012;

· these posts were advertised for a remuneration package of R780,000 per annum but within the first month the new directors received a salary increase to R830,700 p.a.

The fact remains that the appointments were unlawful when no procedures were followed from the start. The selection panel under the chairmanship of Cllr Vernon Stuurman, called meetings and cancelled them, notices of meetings were sent by sms on some occasions at the start of the meetings, CVs of candidates were not presented to the panel, candidates were not scored to determine who was the best candidate, the panel transgressed the municipality’s own recruitment policy, etc.

“MEC Qoboshiyane has been warned by the DA since 4 May 2012, when a Kouga DA caucus delegation met with him in Bhisho. Further letters followed from DA provincial leader Athol Trollip, DA Kouga caucus leader, Dr. Chimpie Cawood, and letters by me” said the DA leader in Kouga, Elza Van Lingen.

The MEC was called upon to intervene at an early stage to intervene and stop the irregular steps, but he failed in his duty and responsibility to oversee local government in Kouga and the province.

The MEC did however inform the councillors in Jeffreys Bay of the processes to be followed in the selection processes of the Section 56 managers on 16 April 2012.

In the DA affidavit and the replying statement (filed on Thursday 27 September 2012) it is clear from all the supporting documents that:

· the mayor, the mayoral committee and the other ANC councillors transgressed the law, deliberately as per the supporting documents;

· the ANC resorted to a council meeting to right their wrongs with a majority vote on 29 June for the usual ANC “rubber stamp” action;

· the ANC lied in council on 29 June 2012 when they denied that there was a mayoral meeting on 11 June and that they appointed the directors;

· the DA in the council debate highlighted the various transgressions, warning that according to the new Municipal Systems Act, as amended, a councillor may not vote for transgressions of the Systems Act, the Structures Act or the Constitution;

· the ANC councillors were also warned that they can, according to the Systems Act (as amended), be held personally and individually financially liable for the legal costs in such unlawful cases.

Booi Koerat, the mayor, has been bemoaning the extent of the legal costs of the municipality in the press this week, but if the ANC councillors stuck to the letter of the law, they would not have to spend so much of the ratepayers’ money on legal fees.

The DA is approaching the court to interdict the council from making unlawful decisions.

This is the beginning of the DA’s actions to make Kouga financially viable and governable again. Our voters did not vote for the DA for nothing!

Roads closed due to rain

August 8, 2012

The heavy rainfalls experienced over the past few days has caused more damage to the road infrastructure in all the towns in Kouga and more pot holes have appeared, particularly in St Francis Bay and Jeffreys Bay.

Aapies Draai was closed yesterday afternoon to traffic and it still closed this morning. Aston bay residents have been particularly hard hit with the latest rains as Dolphin Drive as well as Swan Road (two of the main access roads) have huge potholes and have become unsafe to drive on, especially at night.

Elsewhere in the Kouga, both roads to Oyster bay were closed yesterday due to the roads becoming dangerous for motorists to drive on.

The following roads and mountain passes in South Africa are closed to traffic due to severe weather:

1. Eastern Cape – R61 Route, ROAD CLOSED between Queenstown and Cofimvaba due to snow / ice

2. Eastern Cape – N9 Route, ROAD OPEN between Graaff-Reinet and Middelburg -Lootsberg Pass

3. Eastern Cape – R61 Route, ROAD OPEN between Graaff-Reinet and Cradock – Wapadsberg Pass

4. Western Cape – ROADS CLOSED between Ashton & Montague, Montague & Touwsrivier, Prince Albert & Oudtshoorn, and Montague & Oudtshoorn – Snowfall

5. Eastern Cape- ROAD CLOSED between Whittlesea and Seymour – Nico Malan Pass – Snowfall

6. Eastern Cape – ROAD CLOSED between Elliot and Barkly East – Barkly Pass – Snowfall

7. Kwazulu Natal – ROAD CLOSED AGAIN KZN / Free State N3 Route, Van Reenens Pass – Snowfall.

8. Free State – R712 Route, ROAD CLOSED between Qwa-Qwa and Clarens due to snow

9. Western Cape – R328 Swartberg Pass, ROAD CLOSED between Oudtshoorn and Prince Albert due to snow

10. Western Cape – R62 Route, ROAD CLOSED between Ashton and Montagu due to flooding

11. Free State – R74 Route, ROAD CLOSED – Oliviershoek Pass between Harrismith and Bergville due to snow

12. KZN – R617 Route, ROAD CLOSED between Swartberg and Underberg due to #snow

13. KZN / Eastern Cape – N2 Route, ROAD CLOSED between Kokstad and Mount Ayliff due to snow

14. Free State – R34 Route, ROAD CLOSED between Vrede and Memel due to snow (note: this is a Van Reenens Pass closure detour route)

Rigid labour laws kill jobs

July 23, 2012

The proposed amendments to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act and Labour Relations Act will increase the cost of doing business, reduce South Africa’s attractiveness as an investment destination and, ultimately, destroy jobs.

This is why the DA cannot support the amendment bills in their current form.

The Department of Labour is not currently in a position to predict the impact of the amendments on the South African economy. A Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) conducted in 2010 suggested that the jobs of 2.13 million temporarily employed South Africans would be jeopardised if the bills were implemented in their original form. Important changes have since been made to the bills, but the current drafts are yet to be subjected to a RIA.

We cannot gamble with the future of South African workers. The DA therefore calls for a new RIA to be completed to determine the effect of the current proposals on economic growth and job creation before any decision is taken on this draft legislation.

South Africa has the highest unemployment rate amongst developed and developing countries, with 3.2 million people between the ages of 15 and 34 currently unemployed.

According to the 2011 World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Survey, South Africa currently ranks fourth to last in the world in terms of “flexibility in wage determination” and third last in “hiring and firing practices”.

This is not a co-incidence. More restrictive labour markets mean less investment in labour intensive industry and less incentive to employ more workers and, ultimately, fewer jobs.

Given our prevailing restrictive climate, businesses have begun to rely more heavily on temporary employment services (labour brokers) in an attempt to reduce costs and remain globally competitive.

Adcorp’s monthly employment numbers show that temporary workers now make up over 3.9 million or approximately 30% of the official sector labour force. Overall, permanent employment has increased just 2% since the 2009 recession, whilst total employment – comprising permanent and temporary workers – has increased 12.2%.

The current labour amendments introduce regulatory rigidity that will strangle temporary employment services. We are particularly opposed to the amendments in section 198, which limit contracted employment and workers hired through temporary employment services to six months. The Department of Labour has presented no compelling reason for these limits, which we believe will place onerous restrictions on business and ultimately lead to job losses.

The amendment bills do make improvements in a number of key areas which we will support when they are discussed in the labour portfolio committee next month. These include:

  • Stronger protection against child labour and an increase in jail sentences for those employers found guilty of employing child labour;
  • Provisions requiring unionised workers to complete a secret ballot to approve a strike before the union can go ahead with any proposed strike action;
  • Clearer guidelines for the functioning of the Essential Services Committee.

If passed in its current form, the labour amendment bills will exacerbate the unemployment crisis in South Africa. This legislation surely represents a step in the wrong direction in terms of sustainable economic development. We will use the deliberations in Parliament to push for significant changes to be made before this new labour regime is imposed on an already struggling South African economy.

DA Councillors to attend portfolio committee meetings

June 19, 2012

The DA Councillors will be attending portfolio committee meetings over the next two days at the Municipal offices in da Gama Road.

The Finance committee as well as Infrastructure will meet today, while the rest of the committees will meet tomorrow.

The Councillors serving on the Finance committee have their work cut out for them as the finances of the Kouga remain in a critical condition.

Even with the 10 % impairment for bad debts agreed to at the last Council meeting, it will be difficult for the municipality to match the projected income against the expected expenditure in the 2012/13 financial year.

Free Internet for Kouga residents

April 30, 2012

All residents of the Kouga can get free access to the internet at the following Kouga libraries: Jeffreys Bay, Humansdorp, Kruisfontein, KwaNomzamo, Hankey (town) and Ramaphosa Village.

All residents have to do is become a member of the library. This is also a free service. The librarians will be happy to assist you to get connected. There are also self tutorials available.

This a great self empowerment opportunity, so please make use of it!

Libraries are open 9 am to 5 pm, Mondays to Fridays.

Die begroting vir Kouga se paaie

April 11, 2012

Paaie bly die are van ons ekonomie. Sonder goeie paaie is ons produksie nie mededingend op die wêreldmark wat reeds teen ons SA produkte gelaai is. Sonder goeie paaie is ons werkskeppingspotensiaal laag, maw swak paaie verlaag die winsmarge en werkskepping ly daaronder.

In ‘n land waar ons reeds sowat 25% werkloosheid het, kan ons nie bekostig om nog ons sosiale dienste af te skeep nie soos gesondheid, polisie, sosiale dienste, en toegang tot skole. Dit is veral in die landelike areas waar die agterstand van ontwikkeling reggestel moet word.

Die Departement van Paaie en Publieke Werke (DPPW) soer samesprekings met plaaslike owerhede en die algemene publiek dmv paaie forums. So is daar ‘n forum in Kouga en een in Koukamma. Die projekte vir padonderhoud word “bestuur” deur ‘n bestuurskomitee wat onder andere verteenwoordigers van die konsultant, die kontrakteurs, die departement van paaie, die paaie forums en die plaaslike munisipaliteit insluit. Dit beteken dat die publiek sterk verteenwoordig moet wees op die paaie forum, sodat die regte verteenwoordigers verkies word tot die bestuurskomitee van elke projek.

Daar is tans vier munisipaliteite in die Cacadu distrik wat konfensionele kontrakte toegeken sal word vir 2012/2013 vir die onderhoud van grond/gruis paaie, nl Camdeboo, Blue Crane, Kouga en Koukamma. ‘n Begroting op die tafel wat die LUR vir Vervoer nog moet goedkeur, vir Kouga en Koukamma gesametlik vir gruispaaie is R4,65 miljoen per jaar vir drie jaar vir die totale 655 km.

Die teerpad begroting vir 2012/2013 is soos volg:

R62 van Misgund to Humandorp – R 300 000 laaste maand se betaling van Maart 2012.

Kouga & Koukamma – R5,998,000

Kouga – R200,000 laaste maand se betaling van Maart 2012.

In antwoord op ‘n vraag in die parlement, het die Minister van Vervoer aangedui dat die Oos-Kaapse Premier die proklamasie goedgekeur wat 2 000 km van ons 2-syfer R-roetes verskuif van provinsiale na nasionale paaie. Hierdie paaie sal dan deur SANRAL onderhou word. Die R62 Roete van Misgund tot by Humansdorp sal dus na SANRAL oorgedra word. Nasionale Tesourie sal dan die onderhoud befonds wat beteken dat die provinsie nie enigsins van die provinsiale begroting op die roetes hoef te spandeer of aan Nasional Tesourie hoef terug te gee nie. Ons hoop egter dat die provinsie nie sal sny op die paaie begroting nie, want ons agterstand is groot. Die voordeel hier is dat waar die provinsiale departement ongeveer R 17 000/km per jaar spandeer, is SANRAL se begroting ongeveer R 50 000/km/pj.

Daar is tans omtrent R 1 miljoen oorbetaal aan die implementeerings agent (Coega Development Agency) vir die kontrakteur Izana Civils om op onderhoud aan die R400 te spandeer tot einde van die kontrak tot einde Junie 2012. Hierdie fondse sal gebruik word om die swakste gedeelte tussen Loerie en Hankey te herseel met ‘n flodderseel (slurry). Ten einde die R400 finaal op te gradeer, sal weereens ‘n spesiale projek moet wees en sovêr ek kan onthou is dit reeds twee keer sonder veel sukses gedoen. Ons kon slegs gedeeltes van die pad opgradeer kry wat baie voordelig was vir die area.