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From the desk of Mayor Elza Van Lingen- 7 October 2016

October 7, 2016

After forming the Mayoral Committee in August and taking over the Kouga Municipality, a number of issues have been driven from within the Council.

We have discovered a dysfunctional institution, as was expected, with very little management and leadership being shown throughout the organisation.


Financially, we discovered that the PE Metro has been underpaid for water in Humansdorp (R 30 million) and Paradise Beach (R 15 million). Hopefully no other towns have been undercharged but this remains to be seen.

Water losses remain a concern and Cllr Brenton Williams did an inspection of water meters around the Kouga this week and discovered a number of meters that are not working or inaccessible to the water meter readers (which means they are simply not being read) and even some meters that have been bypassed by large consumers of water.

The potential undercharging for water will probably run into the millions of rands.

The long term solution possibly lies in outsourcing this function to a company that can install smart meters and all residents will then buy prepaid water and electricity with electronic monitoring.

The Unions have been engaged in an effort to build relationships with labour and a number of issues have been raised regarding suspensions, arbitration awards, problems with the organigram, officials acting in other positions on a semi permanent basis, contract workers and working conditions.

There are major financial implications involved, and a number of arbitration awards that have been granted against the Municipality that have to be paid.



Elza Van Lingen voted in as the new Mayor of Kouga

August 21, 2016

Following a resounding win on the 3 August election, the Democratic Alliance took over the Kouga Council on Friday.

Horatio Hendricks and Elza Van Lingen are the new Speaker and Mayor of Kouga. Photo: Clive Wright

Horatio Hendricks and Elza Van Lingen are the new Speaker and Mayor of Kouga. Photo: Clive Wright

The meeting was held in the Kruisfontein Civic Hall, which was filled to capacity for the occasion.

Horatio Hendricks was voted in as the new Speaker of the Kouga Council, with Elza Van Lingen elected as the new Mayor for the next five years.

In her acceptance speech, Van Lingen said: “During this historic election, we have seen a wave of change hit our beautiful country, South Africa.

A blue wave, where a Democratic Alliance led Government was voted for by the people to bring about the change needed to create a better life.

A better life not just for some, but a better life for all.

Rest assured, from today, we not only represent the Democratic Alliance but all the people of Kouga regardless of who you voted for.

People came from all over Kouga to attend the inauguration of the new Council. Photo: Clive Wright

People came from all over Kouga to attend the inauguration of the new Council. Photo: Clive Wright

Current agreements between the previous Kouga municipality and the Eastern Cape Provincial Human Settlements Department, committed to assist with 1500 RDP houses being constructed in Ocean View and 220 in Pellsrus.

In Humansdorp and Kruisfontein, 391 houses have been committed to.

And in Hankey and Weston, respectively 990 and 196 units have been approved.

These projects will continue but we will monitor any tenders for pals and reprimand anyone found to waste money through corrupt activity – as this has become a hallmark in ANC led governments.

Too many of our people are unemployed and cannot find work.

Agriculture and Tourism have been at the heart of our economy and will be prioritised as key sectors for job creation.”

Van Lingen also announced the new Mayoral Committee for the next five years: Desmond Petersen (Infrastructure, Planning and Development), Danny Benson (Social Services), Frances Baxter (Tourism and Creative Industries), Bryan Dhludhlu (Local Economic Development), Brenton Williams (Finance, Administration, Monitoring & Evaluation) and Nico Botha (Special Projects).

Council meetings cancelled yet again

October 16, 2013

This morning, the DA Councillors  received an sms to say that the Portfolio meetings scheduled for tomorrow have been cancelled…..yet again.

da in our future work

This means that once again the role of the DA as the official opposition in the Kouga has been marginalised, as we cannot provide any input or oversight into the affairs of the Kouga Municipality.

What this leads to is an erosion of the rights of voters to have effective governance at municipal level.

The outcome of this chaos is plain to see for everyone. There is sewage running in our streets and onto our beaches on almost a daily basis.

Not a single RDP house has been built since the new ANC led Council took power in 2011 and infrastructure in existing RDP areas is still not upgraded to an acceptable level.

There are frequent power cuts that leave residents vulnerable to their appliances “blowing” and business owners are left frustrated.

Potholes are fixed on an ad hoc basis and no funds are available for the proper sealing of roads.

There are two by-elections that will be held in the Kouga, one in Ward 5 (Humansdorp) and the other in Ward 9 (Hankey).

The very survival of Kouga depends on the DA winning these wards.

Vote DA and play your part in saving Kouga!

More Council meetings postponed

October 10, 2013

The shambles within Kouga Council continues unabated as yet another Council meeting and Portfolio meetings have been postponed or cancelled.

e tolls

Councillors received the schedule of meeting for October, which stated that there would be a Special Council meeting today.

However, no agendas were ever sent out and Councillors received an sms yesterday to say the meeting was cancelled.

This follows on from the previous Council meeting which was supposedly adjourned but was never reconvened within 7 days. The DA is still waiting for a response from the Speaker of Kouga  regarding the status of this Council meeting.

All the Portfolio committees were supposed to meet next Wednesday, but these meeting have now summarily been moved to Thursday, without any explanation why and very little concern for Councillors who put the time aside for meetings, only for late minute changes to occur.

It is time for change. It is time for the DA to take over Kouga!


Condolences extended to the family of Luks Ntshiza

September 25, 2013

The DA is saddened to hear of the death of ANC Councillor Luks Ntshiza, who died of a suspected heart attack on Sunday evening.

Luks Ntshiza

We extend our prayers and condolences to Clr Ntshiza’s wife, Nosimo Jolene, three children, his mother and sisters.

With the death of Councillors Eugene Groep and Ntshiza, there will be two by-elections taking place shortly in the Kouga.

These by-elections will take place in Ward 5 (Humansdorp) and Ward 9 (Hankey).

Chaos in Council meeting

August 31, 2012

The DA caucus decided to walk out of the Kouga Council meeting yesterday after agreeing that the meeting had not been properly advertised to the residents of the area.

According to the Kouga Council’s rules of order, all councillors must be advised of any council meeting at least 72 hours prior to the meeting.

Yet, the Council meeting that was supposed to be held yesterday, was only advertised on Wednesday to the public.

The DA felt that is was unreasonable for residents to be given such a short time period to go through the 300 odd pages in the meeting pack and not be accorded the same respect and time given to the councillors.

To top everything off, the meeting scheduled to start at 11 am, only began at 11.30 am.

The Kouga Democrat will in future also provide details of all council meetings where the public can participate, to ensure the residents of the Kouga stay informed about local government issues.

Council news – Riparian levy

May 23, 2012

The Kouga Council yesterday voted in favour of including R 4.5 million into the budget to accommodate the expected expense of saving the sand spit at the St Francis canals from total destruction this winter.

There are serious concerns that high tides and big swell could breach the spit, which protects the canals at St Francis Bay.

A court case was instituted by St Francis residents to ensure some action be taken to protect the spit.

This case will continue in court tomorrow.

It is unfortunate that the situation has landed up in court as there will once again be potential costs involved for the cash strapped Kouga Municipality.