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DA wins “Spy Tapes” case

August 19, 2013

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has been ordered by the North Gauteng High Court to hand over the transcripts of the controversial spy tapes  to the DA within five days.

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These tapes form part of of decision by the NPA to drop over 700 charges of fraud and corruption against President Jacob Zuma.

This is a victory for democracy, for accountability and for the Constitution. The DA will now consult with our lawyers at the soonest available opportunity to initiate the substantive review into the decision by the NPA to drop charges against President Zuma.

Despite all the attempts over the last four years by President Zuma’s legal team to delay and deny access to these documents, justice has finally prevailed.

The transcripts and memoranda will pave the way for the DA to ask the court to determine whether the decision to drop the charges was rational and therefore lawful.

South Africa has the right to know if there was a case against President Zuma and if the decision by the NPA to drop the charges was politically motivated. The NPA will now have to answer for this decision.

James Selfe

Chairperson of the DA Federal Executive