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Have your say on the Expropriation Bill

February 19, 2021

Fellow South African,

It is crucial for each and every South African to voice their reservations directly to the political body in charge of the Expropriation Bill, the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Public Works and Infrastructure.

                                              Photo: Joey Nel

They have given the public until 28 February to object.

Either: Send a WhatsApp to 060 550 9848 or Email

Consider saying:

I, Name Surname, hereby object to the Expropriation Bill.

I reject a bill that threatens my constitutional right to own property. In its current form the Expropriation Bill:

Has a list of five circumstances where zero compensation could be paid but it allows government to extend this list endlessly.

Offers government near unlimited powers to simply expropriate personal property – even going so far as to suggest that copyrighted and patented property could be at risk.

Is weighted in favour of the ANC government, whose reputation for greed precedes them.

Provides very little in terms of oversight opportunity by experts to ensure fairness to ordinary South Africans.

Will clearly and severely impact property rights and cannot be trusted in its present form to a corrupt government.

Kindly note my objection.

It is very important that the national government gets your objection in writing so that it counts.

Together, let’s protect the property rights of all South Africans – rich and poor.

Warm regards,

The Democratic Alliance