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Its time to dismantle Eskom

July 25, 2018

Eskom’s latest financials once again reiterates the need for a complete turnaround strategy for South Africa’s energy sector.

The DA plans to introduce a Private Members Bill aimed at dismantling Eskom and creating a separate public entity which will govern and manage the country’s electricity grid and transmission lines.

The remaining part of Eskom, responsible for generation, will be privatised and compete on an equal footing with other entities, including renewable companies, for generation capacity.

This will ensure a more efficient, reliable and competitive energy sector which will not only prioritise service delivery to South African citizens but will also lead to much-needed job creation and foreign investment.

The reality is that Eskom is facing collapse and it will continue to stumble from one crisis to the next until such reforms are implemented. It’s clear that the new dawn has simply remained a slogan at the power utility as there has been very little change.

The DA will continue to fight for an efficient and transparent Eskom.

South Africans deserve a power utility that delivers reliable energy to the economy to empower it to grow and create jobs for the 9.5 million unemployed South Africans.”


Sign the petition – Eskom management must pay back the money

March 31, 2015

Since load-shedding began in 2008, Eskom’s top brass has received a staggering R63 million in performance bonuses. In 2012 and 2013 alone, these bonuses amounted to R31 million.

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Bonuses for doing what exactly?

These bonuses are in addition to their massive salary packages (Eskom’s top 3 executives earned R24.4 million last year).

The Eskom monopoly has dumped South Africa in a crisis through incompetence and mismanagement. Their “performance bonuses” are an insult to every South African.

Every cent of these bonuses must be returned, and all future bonuses must be placed on hold until we emerge from this crisis.

To sign the petition, click here

Give power to the people

February 4, 2015

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