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Kouga – A municipality that offers opportunity

August 2, 2016

Access to opportunity provides people with a chance to improve their lives.

In order to provide opportunity for all people, there must be an environment where businesses want to invest, where entrepreneurship can thrive and where government is supportive and enabling.

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DA local governments are committed to creating enabling business environments where there is freedom to innovate.

Skills development and facilitating access to opportunities for people seeking employment is an important feature of this environment.

In 2016, we inherited a Municipality with thousands of people who did not have jobs, the majority being young South Africans.

Crumbling streets, sewage spills and a lack of investment into the tourism industry resulted in fewer people visiting the Kouga on vacation or investing in the region.

After five years being led by the DA in government, the Kouga has become the local holiday destination of choice.

The Municipality created an environment that was conducive for investment by upgrading the Infrastructure and and offering incentives for job creation.

It invested into the existing tourism assets like the beaches, festivals and positioned itself as the Gateway to the Garden Route – an initiative with bordering DA ran municipalities.

Fair opportunity was offered in the EPWP and projects were identified to benefit the entire community.

Skills development has benefited the jobless and more people are employed in the Kouga than ever before.

Doing business in Kouga is easy.

Government has reduced and streamlined red-tape and regulations.

It collaborates with business forums and provides entrepreneurs and informal traders with infrastructure and training to thrive.

Freedom – Fairness – Opportunity – that is what you will be voting for on 3 August.

Humansdorp turns Blue for final DA Rally

August 1, 2016

The DA ended their formal election campaign with mass rally in Humansdorp yesterday.

final rally 1

Over 700 attended the rally, where Mayoral candidate Elza Van Lingen introduced all the Ward and PR candidates to the cheers of the crowd.

“We are going to win Kouga and we will bring change to the lives of the people of Kouga,” said Van Lingen.

“The DA is in it to win it and we ask that everyone goes to their voting station on Wednesday and votes for us.

Together we can bring hope to all the people of Kouga. Together, we can stop corruption and clean up our towns.

We have had enough of the sewage spills, we have had enough of empty promises. Its time for change in Kouga,” said Van Lingen.

Lennit Max, the Western Cape MEC was the guest speaker and said that people are migrating to the Western Cape because they are seeking a better life.

“Service delivery is happening in the Western Cape and service delivery will happen in Kouga after 3 August. Vote DA and see what change will take place in your towns,” said Max.

The election takes place on Wednesday 3 August and the voting stations are open from 7 am – 7 pm.

The DA is the Only Choice to Move Kouga Forward Again

July 23, 2016

South Africa made progress after 1994. But now, corruption and empty promises are holding us back from achieving Nelson Mandela’s dream.

mmusi desmond

We need change to start moving forward again and build the country we know South Africa can be.

On 3 August, we all face a choice. We can either choose more corruption, empty and broken promises, poor service delivery and high unemployment.

Or we can choose the radical change that DA-run local governments can bring. Our governments will be honest and responsive, will stop corruption, provide better services, and work hard to create many more jobs and opportunities for all.

The choice we will make will mean so much for our future. It will be a brave choice because there are those that say we must always vote a certain way.

But Madiba dedicated his life so that we have the right to vote and choose change.

So on 03 August, vote for change that stops corruption, brings better services and creates jobs.

Vote DA….Vote for change in Kouga!

Make sure all your ballot papers are stamped on voting day

July 14, 2016

The Municipal Election is almost upon us and will take place on 3 August.

vote for change

Kouga residents will receive three ballot papers when they go to vote at the voting station where they are registered.

The first ballot paper will enable a voter to choose which candidate they want to represent them in their particular ward.

The second ballot paper allows a voter to choose which political party they want representing them in the Council.

The third ballot paper is to chose which political party a voter wants to represent them at district level, in our case at the Sarah Baardman District Council.

Voters must ensure that all three ballot papers have been stamped by the IEC for the votes to be valid.

Vote DA for CHANGE that creates jobs, delivers better services and stops corruption

May 30, 2016

With the elections having now been proclaimed, the DA’s election campaign to bring real CHANGE to South Africa has officially kicked off.

da logo

This is the most important election campaign since 1994. South Africa is at a cross-roads. It is either more of the same under the ANC – rampant corruption, high levels of unemployment and poor quality services – or the real change that DA governments will bring to move South Africa forward again.

This is change that will create jobs, deliver better services and stop corruption.

DA governments will be honest. Yes will mean yes, and no will mean no. If we can’t do something for you, we will tell you why and provide alternative solutions.

We will not break our promises.

Where we already govern, we are making progress. There is still much more to do. Our governments are bringing real and positive change to the lives of people around the country.

The DA doesn’t just want to bring about change for the sake of it. We are guided by our love for South Africa and our commitment to the principles of Freedom, Fairness and Opportunity for all South Africans.

This commitment to delivering a better future for all South Africans must guide us in this election campaign, and
how we communicate to voters.

We have every reason to be positive about the future because under a DA government we will move South Africa forward again and deliver on the vision of a united and prosperous country – one nation, with with one future.

Last chance for voters to register

May 23, 2016

Today is the last opportunity for voters to register, re-register in a new voting district, or update their details, including providing addresses.

mmusi vote for change

Voters can visit the the IEC office, which is situated at Shop 14 at the Arcade Centre in Main Street, Humansdorp – opposite Jet Stores.

The Minister of Co-Operative Governance, Desmond Van Rooyen has indicated his intention to proclaim the Municipal Elections today, which will then be held on 3 August.

Once the Election is proclaimed, the voters roll is closed and no further changes or additions can be made.

Voters can visit the IEC office with their ID Document and they need to provide address details.

DA launches election campaign in Kouga

April 29, 2016

The Democratic Alliance in Kouga celebrated Freedom Day with a huge motorcade that visited voters in both Jeffreys Bay and Humansdorp.

DA candidates Bryan Ndlulu, Elza Van Lingen and Robin Jantjies at a street meeting in Ocean View

DA candidates Bryan Ndlulu, Elza Van Lingen and Robin Jantjies at a street meeting in Ocean View

“With less than 100 days until the 2016 Municipal Election, we signalled our intent to win the Kouga Municipality with a motorcade and numerous street meetings on Freedom Day,” said Mayoral candidate Elza Van Lingen.

“People want a freedom they can use and are tired of the empty promises of the ANC in Kouga. We will stop the corruption, improve service delivery and create much needed jobs for the people of Kouga,” added Van Lingen.

Change is coming to Kouga

Change is coming to Kouga

The motorcade and street meetings reached thousands of voters in some of the most marginalised areas of Kouga, including Ocean View, Maak n Las and Kwananzamo.

“I have never seen a motorcade as large or more effective and the vibe out on the streets was awesome,” said DA campaign Manager Hattingh Borman.

“We will be celebrating workers day by doing another motorcade – this time in Hankey and Patensie and we are looking forward to introducing our candidates to the people of the Gamtoos on Monday.”

The Municipal election is set to be held on 3 August 2016.

Voters can still register for municipal election

April 21, 2016

RESIDENTS who were unable to register to vote during the registration weekends, can still visit the local Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) in Humansdorp and be added to the voters’ roll.

Reasons to Vote St Francis Bay

No proof of residential addresses is required at this stage, but voters must take their green ID-book or Smart ID card with them.

“It is essential that all voters are registered to vote in the ward in which they reside,” says Elza Van Lingen, the DA Mayoral candidate for Kouga. “This is the most important election ever to be held in Kouga and all voters need to exercise their democratic right and vote on August 3.”

For a local government election voters can only vote where they are living and not in another town or province.

Kouga is going to be a tightly contested municipality, the ANC and the DA being the parties with a good chance of winning the election.

Currently the ANC governs the Kouga, as it had 15 councillors elected in the 2011 election, with the DA winning 14 seats.

The IEC office is situated at Shop 14 at the Arcade Centre in Main Street, Humansdorp – opposite Jet Stores. For more information, contact the local IEC at 042 295 2079.

Kouga Municipal election will take place on 3 August 2016

April 7, 2016

Voting to decide who will run our Municipalities for the next five years will take place on 3 August 2016.

we can change the world da poster

President Zuma made the announcement yesterday.

“The elections will take place on 3 August, 2016,” a statement from the presidency read.

“The Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs will follow the necessary legal procedure to proclaim the date and undertake any other requirements.”

However, the IEC earlier this week cancelled all by-elections in South Africa due to the voters roll not containing voters residential addresses, which the Electoral Court ruled could lead to elections that are not free or fair.

According to the Constitution of South Africa, the Municipal elections must take place before 16 August 2016.

Voters are urged to visit their voting stations this weekend to make sure they correctly registered on the voters roll.