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Do you want to serve your community?

May 5, 2018

Do you have a passion for your community and believe in the principles of freedom, fairness, opportunity and diversity?


Kouga Mayor helps unpaid workers

September 29, 2017

Kouga Mayor Elza van Lingen reached out to workers from the Sarah Baartman Centre of Remembrance yesterday.

The workers have not been paid their salaries by the Department of Public Works’ contractor and are battling to put food on their families’ tables.

The Mayor arranged with a business from Humansdorp for food to be delivered to those affected this morning.

SASSA has also agreed to provide food parcels to the workers next week.

The Mayor has further been in contact with the Department of Public Works and other roleplayers to help the workers secure their outstanding monies.

South Africa is going to work again

August 31, 2016

What a time to be alive! In the past three weeks, we have witnessed one of the most radical and important changes our country has seen since 1994.

On 3 August 2016, voters put South Africa on a new trajectory. And we reaffirmed that we work as a nation. Our democracy works, and South Africans are learning how to use it.

DA freedom fairness opp

And South Africa’s opposition parties have successfully navigated the turbulent sea of coalition negotiations and emerged with practical, workable arrangements to govern those municipalities where the majority of voters voted for change.

The DA has formed a broad coalition with the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP), the Congress of the People (COPE), the Freedom Front Plus (FF+), the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) and the United Democratic Movement (UDM), bound by the shared principle of putting South Africa first. The EFF chose not to enter into coalitions, opting rather to remain in opposition.

With DA mayors, this coalition is now governing Johannesburg, Tshwane, and Mogale City in Gauteng, as well as Nelson Mandela Bay in the Eastern Cape, Thabazimbi and Modimolle in Limpopo, and Metsimaholo in the Free State. I am confident that we can work together constructively for the benefit of all.

So the DA now governs 32 councils in five provinces in South Africa: Western Cape (with Beaufort West, Cape Agulhas, Cederberg, Matzikama, Oudtshoorn and Prince Albert being new), Eastern Cape (NMB and Kouga), Gauteng (Tshwane, Johannesburg, Mogale City and Midvaal), Limpopo (Thabazimbi and Modimolle/Mookgopong), and Free State (Metsimaholo).

Most critical of all, we now govern four of SA’s eight metros. So we have the potential to improve the lives of around 16 million people– not just through clean government and efficient service delivery, but by creating an attractive environment for businesses to operate in SA’s major economic hubs.

While the ANC’s ship is sinking, South Africa’s tide is rising.

LGE2016 has shown us that South Africa is bigger than the ANC. And the voters are in charge.

They are the masters of her fate. They are the captains of her soul. Amandla awethu!

Mmusi Maimane

The DA is in it to win it in Kouga

June 29, 2016

When one goes into an election, you go in to win it.  In soccer you plan to win the match. You do not plan to win the penalty shootout!

Democratic Alliance Kouga

In the Kouga,  the DA is going for an outright majority.  Our Leader Mmusi Maimane has made it clear that no negotiations have been made with any party for coalitions.

The ACDP in Kouga first attacked the DA on our policies in an attempt to gain votes for the ACDP. Now they want to piggyback onto the DA.

A vote for the ACDP is not a vote for the DA, it is actually a vote to favour the position of the ANC.

The Kouga electorate has already made it clear in the media, that the 2016 election is all about voting for good governance and service delivery.

The stance of the community is to not divide the vote again in the 2016 elections at the cost of a limited number of votes to a smaller party that could cost the DA seat in council.

“The latest desperate attempt by Cheryllyn Dudley MP ACDP, is merely to solicit votes for the ACDP.  

The DA had to force the ADCP to fire the ACDP councillor in Swellendam because he voted with the ANC. So the ACDP statement is not really correct.

There is no co-operation of any kind negotiated.  So a vote for the ACDP is not going to make the “DA Better”. In fact this is nothing less than cheap political tactics,” said DA Mayoral candidate Elza Van Lingen.  

“Our values and principals of Freedom, Fairness and Opportunity are clear.  We call on all voters in Kouga to vote for change to save Kouga,” added Van Lingen.

A better life for all is what the DA delivers

February 19, 2016

The Western Cape is working – and this is because the DA cares about all its citizens and works for a better life for all.

da run kouga

“The Western Cape is a place where the DA government cut the perks and privileges of politicians. Where the cost of ministerial vehicles was slashed in half, where blue light brigades were banned and economy class flights are the norm.

“It is a place where over two thirds of the City of Cape Town’s budget is spent in poor communities, and where the poor receive the most generous package of free water and electricity in the entire country,” said Mmusi Maimane.

The DA highlighted the Western Cape as the province with the strongest governance audit outcomes, and the place where fewer people are unemployed.

“It is a place where getting the basics right pays dividends. Where the matric pass rate improved last year to 84.7% – the highest in South Africa – while the pass rates in every other province declined,” Maimane said.

“It is a place where the pass rate in schools in the most impoverished areas increased from 57% under the ANC to 73% under the DA,” he said.

Its time for change in Kouga. Vote for a better life for all.

Kouga ANC led Council to write off a whopping R 465.5 M

February 12, 2015

At a Special Council meeting held at The Links, St Francis Bay on Tuesday, 10 February 2015 the ANC-led Kouga Council used their single vote majority to bulldoze through a shocking decision in which they resolved to write off no less than a total of R465.5m unauthorized, irregular , fruitless and wasteful expenditure.

DA March 053

Unauthorized expenditure totalled R364.9m, fruitless and wasteful expenditure totalled R31.4m and irregular expenditure was R69.1. All these exorbitant expenses and irregular expenditure occurred over a period of 5 to 6 years and it is a clear indication of extremely poor administration.

Although it is a generally accepted practice in local government finances to write off some unavoidable expenses, it is alarming that in a municipality of Kouga’s size the unauthorized, fruitless, wasteful and irregular expenditure reach such huge amounts.

When viewing this waste it becomes clear why Ratings Africa, a nationally renowned municipal ratings agency, placed Kouga Municipality the very last on financial sustainability in Eastern Cape municipalities and fourth last in all of South African municipalities.

The unauthorized expenditure includes items like the following:
• Employee related costs R50.8 m
• Loss on disposal of property, plant and equipment (2010/11 and 2011/12) R2.287m
• Over expenditure on budget vote: remuneration of Councillors (2012/13) R211 970

The fruitless and wasteful expenditure included:
• Interest and penalties R23.7m
• Payments made to directors while on suspension for more than 6 months R23.7m
• Legal costs relating to unfair dismissal R1.5m
• Settlement paid out to previous Municipal Manager R859 401

Irregular expenditure included:
• Study loans granted to employees contrary to section 164(c) of MFMA R401 371
• Performance bonuses paid to section 57 employees contrary to legislation R368 665
• Receipts misappropriated from caravan park R40 000
• Forensic investigation implicating two officials in SCM irregularities R1.8m
• Forging of signature for service provider procured for cutting of grass R19 500
• Tender awarded to business associate of a director of Kouga Municipality R13.8m

Win Kouga

It remains an open question how many millions of the above transactions, in which the municipality actually lost money, could have been wisely spent on infrastructural deficiencies and proper service delivery in both poorly developed Kouga areas as well as much needed attention in all of Kouga’s towns.

The DA component in Kouga Council tried in vain to spell out the correct MFMA legislatory, National Treasury (Circular 68) and Regulation 32141 steps to be taken which inter alia require that:

• After investigation by a Council Committee a full report must be submitted to Council;
• Grounds must be shown as to why an expenditure should written off;
• Council can only write off an expenditure when it is certified irrecoverable;
• Only unauthorized expenditure from the previous financial year may be written off in an adjustment budget.

None of the above legislatory or National Treasury’s regulations were adhered to by the ANC-led Council.

The writing off even included those unauthorized and wasteful expenses from previous years that were made by previous Councils and administrations. In the Council agenda the exact wording of a regulation was even changed from “…may only deal with unauthorized expenditure from the previous financial year” (own underlining) to ”…previous financial years”.

The legality of this ought to be determined.

Many councillors, officials and the general public present experienced the most heated and explosive debate in the history of Kouga Council’s 16 year existence.

The ANC component all voted for the writing off of the expenditures and the DA voted against the recommendations by voting by division i.e. all their names were recorded as a vote against the resolution.

With irrational resolutions like the above it is clear why the Kouga community is demanding a change to the DA at the helm of Kouga Municipality.

What R 289 million can buy

November 21, 2014

The Auditor General recently reported that the national and provincial Departments of Health racked up R 289 million in fruitless and wasteful expenditure.


Of this staggering amount of money, the Western Cape Health Department contributed a mere R 60,000. The DA is committed to making this zero.

But that leaves R 288 940 000 in wasteful and fruitless expenditure attributable to ANC run national and provincial governments.

This is theft from the poor, the marginalised and the excluded.
R 289 million can pay for 144 500 wheelchairs or 20 643 hearing aids or put 2 847 on TB drugs per year or 25 087 antiretrovirals per year or repair and upgrade 60 clinics.

The ANC clearly have little idea about how to run an honest government, especially those who have become the normal suspects in the rogues gallery of the corrupt: Free State, Mpumalanga, Limpopo and Eastern Cape.

It is time for change.

NYDA to hold workshops in JBay and Thornhill

July 22, 2014

The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) would like to invite young people to Job Preparedness Training Workshops which will be held as follows:

Jeffreys Bay – Pellsrus Community Hall – Thursday, 24 July at 10 a.m

Thornhill – Katrina Felix Community Hall – Thursday, 24 July at 2 p.m

da in our future work

The training seeks to assist young people to develop and enhance their ability to find employment and to upskill them to be prepared for the real work environment.

Targeted groups are unemployed and out-of-school youth, skilled and unskilled, those who dropped of high school (at least grade 11), matriculants and graduates.

The following will be areas of focus:
• Professional Curriculum Vitae
• Self-assessment
• Preparation for interviews and professional image

For further details on the workshop contact the following:

Nosidima Maneli – NYDA Skills Co-ordinator – 041 503 9100/076 061 9892

Vuyani Zana – Kouga Special Programmes Officer – 042 200 8302/071 8575 601

Die DA is reg om Kouga te regeer

July 1, 2014

Die feit dat ons as die DA die meeste stemme in Kouga  tydens die afgelope verkiesing verower het, maak die verantwoordelikheid en druk natuurlik nog groter vir ons doelstellings vir 2016.

Win Kouga

Wat kan die DA doen om kiesers te oortuig om vir die 2016 verkiesing?  Kom ons praat oor wat Kouga en sy mense moet red.

In Kouga moet ons begin met behoorlike basiese dienslewering – “back to basics” – en doen presies dit wat van ‘n munisipaliteit verwag word.  Inwoners moes maar verlief neem dat dienste stelselmatig verswak en dit moet reggeruk word – nie met mooi praatjies in die media nie, maar op die grond vir die mense.

‘n Besondere uitdaging vir Kouga, en iets waarin die huidige ANC- regime alhier heeltemel faal, is om die gepaste balans te handhaaf  tussen die uiters wenslike voorsiening vir die agtergeblewenis en om terselfdertyd nie die ganse wat die goue eiers lê in die grond te boor nie.  Die verrykende invloed hiervan beïnvloed beslis die ekonomie.

Daar is nou reeds vir ‘n baie lang tyd ‘n onheilspellende sluier wat swaar hang oor Kouga Munisipaliteit se finansies en die tyd het aangebreek vir deursigtigheid.  Die donker wolk belemmer beleggingsvertroue, verswak alle munisipale dienslewering en onderhoud van infrastrukstuur.

Dit is ‘n werklikheid, want dit word veroorsaak deur die ANC wat nie sy beloftes kan nakom nie.  Die party kan ook nie sy binnegevegte oplos en ‘n behoorlike politieke bestel in plek kry vir die bestuur van die munisipaliteit nie.

Daar moet versekering wees dat Kouga se grootmaat-infrastruktuur onderhou, opgradeer en vergroot word om ekonomiese ontwikkeling te kan steun.

Die belangrikste van alles is dat die beleggingsvriendelike klimaat wat in Kouga geskep moet word, die nodige werksgeleendhede sal skep vir die bykans 100,000 inwoners.

Ons sal moet toesien dat Kouga se skole voldoende infrastruktuur en munisipale ondersteuning kry om aldus net die beste standaarde handhaaf ten einde ons jeug baie goed te bekwaam vir tersiêre opleiding.  ‘n Behoorlike opvoeding is die enigste uitweg uit armoede en werkloosheid.  Ons jeug verdien ‘n beter toekoms. Ons jeug verdien permanente werksgeleenthede.

Kouga is naas die twee metros die munisipaliteit met die sterkste ekonomie in die Oos-Kaap.  Hier in Kouga moet ons ten spyte van die huidige swak ekonomie groter beleggingsvertroue skep.  Net politieke stabiliteit en behoorlike munisipale dienslewering en bestuur kan dit beverkstellig.  Daar moet versekering wees dat beleggings veilig sal wees, naby die nodige hulpbronne en naby die vervoernetwerk vir marksverspreiding.

Cllr Nico Botha with the DA activists in Ocean View.

Cllr Nico Botha with the DA activists in Ocean View.

Al is die pad na die 2016-verkiesing nog 24 maande weg, sal ons beslis ook reeds nuwe jeugdige aktiviste wil betrek in elke tak en in elke wyk.  Die doel is om ook kandidate te werf op verskeie vlakke soos finansiële-, ingenieurswese- en plaaslike bestuur-ondervinding, ten einde ‘n baie bekwame span in 2016 aan ons kiesers te kan voorstel.

Hierdie uitdaging is veral groot gesien in die lig van ‘n reuse heropbouproses wat daar tans in Kouga broodnodig is.  Die DA het spesifieke vereistes waaraan raadslede, asook die leierskorps binne ‘n raad, moet voldoen en ek kan u verseker dat die prosesse behoorlik gevolg sal word om by die mees bekwame kandidate uit te kom.

Ons huidige koukusleier, Dr Chimpie Cawood, is tans ons “skadu-burgemeester” van Kouga.  Hy is ‘n man van groot ondervinding en het ondermeer diep spore in die onderwys nagelaat, veral op Stellenbosch Universieit waar hy mede-dekaan van die opvoedkunde fakulteit was.

Hy was selfs vir twee termyne die burgemeester van Stellenbosch voordat hy na Kouga verhuis het.  In Kouga was dit onder sy leierskap, met die medewerking van die uiters bekwame destydse munisipale betuurder  Dr Nico Botha, wat die DA die Vuna-toekenning gekry het vir die beste munisipaliteit in die Oos-Kaap.

As dit kom by die burgemeesterskandidaat vir 2016, sal die DA soos gewoonlik deur die gebruiklike prosesse gaan waar die Federale Uitvoerende Komitee die onderhoude vir die DA se burgemeesterskandidate regdeur die land sal voer.  Die kandidaat vir hierdie posisie sal nie sommer hier in die binnekringe van ‘n paar mense in Kouga besluit word nie.

Die DA sal seker maak dat Kouga munisipaliteit dienste lewer aan al ons inwoners en dat ons infrastruktuur behoorlik onderhou word.  Ons sal die ANC gedurende die volgende twee jaar verantwoordelik hou vir elke diens en elke sent in elke aspek!

Elza Van Lingen

Kouga Council votes for R 691 million budget

June 17, 2014

The ANC dominated Council approved a budget of R 690 789 751 at the recent Council meeting, despite voracious opposition from the DA.


The bulk of the operational expenditure will once again go towards staff costs with a budget of R 213 286 840.
A provision for debt impairment was budgeted at 9 %.

“There is a depreciation figure of R 80 million which was queried by the DA as we have not seen an asset register and do not know what assets are being depreciated, “ said DA Caucus leader Chimpie Cawood.

Furthermore, no provision is being made for an asset replacement fund, despite R 80 million depreciation being budgeted for.

Income is being budgeted at R 616 122 918, with R 138 420 009 coming from assessment rates.

The DA did query the new valuation roll as there have been a number of complaints lodged by ratepayers, but once again, the ANC decided not to listen to the input from the opposition party in Kouga.

No mention or provision has been made in the Budget for judgements obtained by creditors against the Municipality.

We do not therefore know when next the Sheriff of the Court will pounce and attach more assets of the Municipality.

The AG in the 2012/13 financial year made provision for contingent liabilities for R 50 949 943 for claims against the Municipality as well as fines that could be imposed due to there being no permits for some of the land fill sites.

It appears that the repairs and maintenance budget of R 43 million could well be “redistributed” during this financial year, leaving Kouga residents in the lurch once again when it comes to service delivery.

The Municipality once again received a qualified audit opinion from the Auditor General. The AG’s report contained no less than 59 audit exceptions.