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Public meeting for DA supporters in Ward 14 today

June 19, 2019

The Democratic Alliance will be holding a public meeting at the Marina Martinique Hall this afternoon at 4 pm.

The meeting is for all DA voters and supporters who live in Aston Bay, Marina Martinique, Madiba Bay, Ocean View and the Sands.

Election results in Ward 14 will be presented as well as the performance of the DA both provincially and nationally.

The way forward for the DA will be discussed as the party embarks on an internal review process.

“All signed up members of the DA are invited to take part in the internal review process and make their inputs about the future of the party and ultimately democracy in South Africa,” said DA Councillor Brenton Williams who will be hosting the meeting this afternoon at Marina Martinique.

There will be an opportunity after the meeting for DA supporters to sign up as members of the party.

Service delivery in Ward 14 will be discussed as well as salient features of the 2019/20 budget.

We all need to fight corruption

October 5, 2015

Ten years ago (and almost three years before he was ousted as ANC president at their National Conference in Plokwane), then President Thabo Mbeki expressed his concern over the steady creep of state corruption.



He placed South Africa at a crossroads when he remarked:

“What we do in this regard will define whether our organisation, the ANC, continues to maintain its noble character as a servant of all the people of South Africa, or degenerates into an ignoble, blood-sucking and corrupt parasite, an enemy of an immensely heroic people.”


Support the DA golf day

December 3, 2014

The Democratic Alliance in Jeffreys Bay will be hosting a golf day on 13 December as part of their fund raising activities building up to the critical 2016 local government elections.

da golf day

There is R 8000 in prizes up for grabs at the golf day, which will be played at the Jeffreys Bay Golf Course.

“I would like to thank everyone who has sponsored prizes for the golf day and also all the golfers who have already committed to playing on 13 December,” said Dave Aldendorff , the DA Councillor who has organised the event.

Any queries can be directed to Len on 042 293 2532

Why you need to vote in 2014

September 11, 2013

There is some confusion about what exactly South Africans will be voting for in 2014. Some believe that the 2014 election will give the DA the opportunity to take over the Kouga and save the ailing  Municipality.

Unfortunately the next local government elections will only take place in 2016, which is when the DA will do everything possible to win the Kouga.

Next year is all about national and provincial government elections. South Africans will have the opportunity to vote for who they believe should be running South Africa as well as who should govern in the various provinces.

As the DA has proved in the Western Cape, things can happen efficiently and effectively in South Africa.

There is every chance the DA will be voted into government in Gauteng as well next year.

The goal in the Eastern Cape is to become the official opposition in Bhisho with the aim of taking the province in the 2019 national and provincial elections.

Make sure you are registered to vote as you do have a voice in how South Africa and your province is managed. Don’t sit on the sidelines and thereby squander your opportunity to make a difference,

Councillor Danny Benson has organised for the IEC to be at the Pellsus Community Hall from 9 am on Friday morning for all residents of Jeffreys Bay to register to vote.

He can be contacted on 073 766 4816 for more information.

Vote DA and save South Africa!!


Sewage spill in Pellsrus

July 30, 2013

Residents of Pellsrus awoke this morning to the sight and smell of raw sewage running in their streets and in their gardens.

sewage spill

These sewage spills are unfortunately not uncommon in Pellsrus, as well as the wider Jeffreys Bay.

After the DA receiving several calls for help, Councillor Brenton Williams investigated the problem.

“The cause of the sewage spill in Pellsrus has been identified. The pipe running next to Duine Road is blocked with sand. The Municipality has requested that a high pressure blaster truck come and blast the pipes clean”, reported Williams.

Hopefully this means the sewage spill will be sorted out this morning. However, the fact remains that the sewage infrastructure in Jeffreys Bay is under severe pressure and more sewage spills will occur in the future, until the problem is adequately addressed.

Pellsrus Clinic cannot cope

March 1, 2013

The quality of life for residents in Pellsrus (Ward 2) continues to decline under ANC governance in the Kouga.

In particlular, the Pellsrus Medical Clinic remains a huge concern as it simply cannot cater for the demand being placed upon it.

sewage nov 2012

The DA has been in contact with the Province requesting more staff to be deployed to the Clinic.

We have also taken up the poorly maintained gravel roads with the Municipal officials as well as the stormwater infrastructure which becomes blocked, resulting in regular sewage spills which places the lives of residents at risk.

The DA is determined to win Ward 2 and provide a better life for all within the ward.

More road damage in Kouga

August 2, 2012

The heavy rains over the past two days have caused yet more damage to the road infrastructure of Jeffreys Bay. The Kouga Municipality closed Aapies draai yesterday due to flooding in the “dip”.

Pot holes along the Aston Bay access road have yet again increased in size and motorists are urged to drive carefully. The financial constraints being experienced by the Kouga Municipality are evident as cement and soil is being used to repair pot holes, instead of tar.

The suburb of Ocean View is once again a no go zone for cars are the unpaved roads became a quagmire due to the heavy rain. With no storm water drainage system, the water floods roads and even houses in the suburb.

The weather outlook for the next few days is looking fair, which will give the excess water time to drain away.

DA starts door to door visits in Pellsrus

June 26, 2012

The DA began a door to door visit campaign in Pellsrus tonight which will see every household in the suburb being visited by a DA Councillor.

Brenton Williams is busy with door to door visits in Pellsrus

“Service delivery and the shocking state of the infrastructure is what concerns residents we visited tonight” said Councillor Brenton Williams, who was joined by Hattingh Borman and the Pellsrus DA branch chairman John Faulkner.

“They have sewage flowing in their streets and storm water flowing through their properties when it rains. Other concerns are the Pellsrus Clinic which is not coping with the demand anymore and the roads in Ocean View which are no go zones when it rains and people cannot visit their families who live there.

Once all the homes in Pellsrus have been visited, the DA will move into Ocean View itself and do a door to door campaign in that suburb as well.

Wat is die pligte van ‘n wykskomitee?

June 13, 2012

Raadslid Henda Thiart vra of wykskomiteelede altyd weet hoe hulle hul gemeenskap kan dien deur ‘n lid van ‘n wykskomitee te wees. Aanhaling hieronder.

Understand the role of the ward committee

The local Government Municipal Structures Act 1998 says

“The objective of a ward committee is to enhance participatory democracy in local government”

1. Raise issues of concern about the local ward to the ward councillor
2. Have a say in decisions, planning and projects that the council or municipality undertakes which have an impact on the ward.
3. Increase the participation of local residents.
4. Involved in the Integrated Development Planning process.
5. Monitor the performance of the Municipality.
6. Are representative of the local ward, and are not politically aligned.

“n Vriendelike uitnodiging word gerig aan kiesers van wyke 3,8 en 11 om deel te word van u wykskomitee.

Wyk 3 laer Wavecrest Henda Thiart 0828967258

Wyk 8 Wavecrest bokant A D Keet David Aldendorf 0719119850

Wyk 11 Sentrale Sakegebied en C-Plek Mercia Ungerer 0834098776

Lack of stats hampers the war against crime

May 10, 2012

Councillors Dave Aldendorff, Mercia Ungerer and Brenton Williams all attended the Community Police Forum (CPF) meeting in Jeffreys Bay this week.

Despite the CPF acknowledging that there is still a serious house robbery problem in Wavecrest, no stats were released by the Police to let the public know exactly what the problem is.

By not revealing crime stats, the Police are hampering the war against crime, not only in Jeffreys Bay, but the entire country.

Knowledge is power and if the community is unaware of crime taking place around them , how can they adequately protect ourselves to prevent becoming the next crime statistic in South Africa?

The DA has been fighting for the release of crime stats on a national level, to little avail thus far.

Paradise Beach, Aston Bay and Marina Martinique have remained relatively crime free in recent months, while there has been an increase of robberies in C Place and the St Croix Street area.

Contact crimes have reduced, as have the number of drink driving arrests.