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Upgrading Yellow Woods in Hankey

June 18, 2019

Grass-cutting teams have been out and about at Yellow woods in Hankey to spruce up the popular picnic and braai spot which was seriously neglected over the past two decades.

The fencing at the entrance gate was also recently repaired while funding has been set aside in the new municipal budget for 2019/20 to repair the braai stands and ablution facilities.

The DA led Kouga Municipality has been hard at work fixing up public facilities all over Kouga.

Facilities like Yellow Woods, the Aston Bay Hall and public bathrooms have all been receiving attention since 2016 when the DA won Kouga.


Stop the abuse of public funds in Kouga

November 20, 2013

The ANC’s abuse of public funds for the Kouga by-elections in Kouga must be stopped immediately.

It has become evident that all the community halls in Arcadia in Humansdorp and in Hankey are booked for municipal events prior to the by-elections by ANC Councillors.

Win Kouga

Upon investigation it was revealed that the Kouga Mayor Booi Koerat, who is also a candidate in Ward 5, has made the following reservations:

Mayoral Outreaches:

Monday 18 Nov. Kruisfontein Civic – Ward 5 (Humansdorp)
Wednesday 20 Nov. Vusumsi Landu Hall – Ward 9 (Hankey)
Thursday 21 Nov. VusumsiLandu Hall – Ward 9(Hankey)
Friday 22 Nov. Kruisfontein Civic – Ward 5(Humansdorp)
Sunday 24 Nov. Vusumsi Landu Hall – Ward 9 (Hankey)

For many months no mayoral outreaches were held and suddenly only wards 5 and 9 are being targeted for these events on the eve of the mayor’s personal interest in the elections. This is an abuse of power and resources.

“The Democratic Alliance submitted all our events to the Kouga Municipality’s Events Committee, the SAPS Provincial Disaster Management Unit and we have had communications with Brig. Neil Jantjies, the local SAPS Cluster Commander and Capt.Demingo of the special unit for Crime Prevention and public events to ensure free and fair elections” said Elza Van Lingen.

keep calm

“Every municipal venue that we have booked for our events we paid to secure the reservation. However, according to Eksteen de Lange of Community Services, councillors may reserve venues free of charge for whenever and whatever they like. That rule does not apply during elections. If the DA has to pay, so must the ANC” added Van Lingen.

Needless to say the ANC has not complied as above and there are serious transgressions reported to the IEC and cases opened with SAPS.

The DA calls on Mayor Koerat to take leave while he is canvassing as the ANC ward candidate for Ward 5 and that he parks his Kouga 1 vehicle at his office and use his own transport in the elections.

Kouga is in the red and now his candidature is the last nail in the coffin. It is such a disgrace!

DAY branch established in Hankey

April 17, 2012

Councillor Mhomi Speelman has managed to launch a DA Youth (DAY) branch in Hankey/Weston, a traditional ANC ward. The branch is up and running and growth in DA numbers can be expected!

Councillor Mhomi Speelman with the newly elected committe of DAY in Hankey

A new branch committee has also been established in Patensie and they are also up and running and signing up new DA members. Councillor Jan Joy was joined by our MP Elza Van Lingen at the election.

Livestock in a residential area in Hankey

Residents living in the central Hankey are furious as neighbours are keeping lifestock in a residential area.

There are approximately 150 goats involved. Lots of flies are bothering residents in nearby houses and a bad smell has been noted by residents. The matter has been reported to Kouga Municipality for action.