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What a DA Government would achieve in 100 days

April 17, 2019

Creating a job in every home

April 16, 2019

To jump-start the economic growth needed to create more employment we need to do something radically different. A DA national government would introduce a Jobs Act to serve as an economic stimulus shock.

The act will make special incentive offers open to foreign and domestic investors who meet a minimum employment threshold. In other words, a DA government will make doing business as easy as possible for companies that want to invest and create jobs in South Africa.

Our Jobs Act will provide the following for companies and individuals looking to either start new businesses or expand existing ones, and which create new jobs, including:

• The right to repatriate profits in the case of international investments. This is one of the biggest
barriers to attracting foreign investment that can create jobs and is a vital incentive our government
will offer.
• Relaxed foreign exchange controls for individuals/businesses willing to invest in the country to
provide assurances that they can access their funds as needed.
• Access to a specialised team of arbitrators, located in the Department of Trade and Industry
(DTI), who will assist medium-sized businesses in terms of the International Arbitration Act,
when necessary. This will assist medium-sized businesses who may find the cost associated with
arbitration prohibitive and will unlock the growth potential of the bill for these companies.
• A labour market flexibility exemption clause aimed at making the process to hire and fire employees
simpler and allowing potential employees to opt-out of the relevant sectoral minimum wage (which
would have a new minimum of no less that the old age grant) while still ensuring occupational
safety and the human rights of all employees are upheld.

Labour costs are one of the biggest inputs that businesses consider when investing, and this clause has the potential to unlock hundreds of thousands of jobs.

The DA has a plan – and the will – to secure our borders

April 10, 2019

We live in a world where borders and border control are vital to the running of nations. It is of the utmost importance that we know, at all times, who has entered and left our country, and that everyone here is properly documented.

This is particularly true here in Africa, where national budgets are stretched and where proper planning is critical to meeting the needs of the people. If we want to give not only South Africa, but indeed the continent of Africa, the best chance at prosperity and safety, then we need to ensure that all governments have a very clear picture of the scope of their task.

We must also make a far bigger effort at focusing our foreign policy on fostering stability throughout the SADC region. We owe it to our neighbours to help them find sustainable and peaceful solutions to their economic and political challenges. And a stable and peaceful SADC region is in everyone’s interest, not least of which ours.

We must condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the xenophobic attacks which recently took place in parts of KZN. Our democracy must be one of tolerance and respect for one another, and we cannot allow our relationships with foreign nationals to be characterised by mistrust, fear and violence. That is not who we are as a nation.

Secure borders and effective migration management are essential if you want to plan ahead for services like housing, healthcare and education. They’re also essential for safeguarding citizens against rampant cross-border crime, including stock theft, vehicle theft and drug trafficking.

No country in the world can afford to abandon its borders and allow undocumented people to come and go as they please. And yet this is precisely what this ANC government has done. Not because it stands ideologically opposed to borders, but because it simply cannot do its job.

Between the Department of Home Affairs and the South African National Defence Force, our borders right across the country have become a complete free-for-all, leaving ordinary South Africans to pay the price, and leaving communities near these borders at the mercy of criminals.

This border here between Lesotho and South Africa is no exception. In places there is only the Caledon River that stands between Lesotho and South Africa, and for most of the year it is low enough to be no deterrent at all. People who live up and down the river here are under constant attack from cross-border stock thieves. They also suffer a host of other crimes, including house robbery and vehicle and tractor theft.

Stock theft is a massive problem all across South Africa, and particularly here in the Free State. Just this week police discovered around 400 stolen cattle on a farm in the Steynsrus area. It is suspected that these cattle were stolen from farmers all across the province, as well as neighbouring provinces. Our farmers need the protection of government if they are to keep us food-secure, but they have been let down.

If the ANC government cared at all about the communities along the Caledon River, as well as South Africans in general, it would have plugged our porous borders a long time ago. It would have fixed the fences and it would have staffed and equipped border posts such as this one here in Ficksburg to effectively deal with the thousands of people who cross every day at this border post, as well as the border posts at Maseru Bridge and further down at Wepener.

But it clearly doesn’t care, which is why you find border posts that are severely understaffed and with equipment in dire need of repair or replacement. It is why you find stock theft and farming equipment theft amounting to more than R7 billion in this province alone. It is why you find new outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease in provinces like the Free State and Limpopo.

It is unacceptable that our borders have become almost non-existent in places, and that our border control has become severely compromised by corruption, under-resourcing and incompetence.

Securing our borders is not simply about keeping people out. It is about ensuring that all migration occurs legally. It is about knowing who has entered the country and documenting their status.

It is about being able to plan ahead and make sure our budgets can stretch to cover all they need to cover. It is about making it easier for those who want to enter South Africa legally – because we want legal, law-abiding people to bring their skills here and help grow our economy – but making it impossible for those who want to enter illegally.

The DA is the only party willing to take on this issue. We are the only party with a plan to secure our borders and rid Home Affairs of corruption so that legitimate migrants like refugees and asylum-seekers get the protection they deserve from the state, while illegal immigrants are stopped before they even cross the border.

A DA-led national government will do so by:

  • Auditing, properly recording and, where appropriate, regularising all undocumented foreign nationals already in the country.
  • Making legal entry and residence easier for skilled immigrants and businesses from all countries, especially from within Africa.
  • Helping South Africans to travel and do business, and assisting those wanting to live, work and trade in South Africa legally.
  • Deporting those who have illegally entered our country’s borders, harbours and airports, and doing so fairly, efficiently and legally.
  • Assisting and supporting asylum seekers, and protecting refugees and those who have been trafficked across our borders.
  • Reviewing the number and size of border posts and their management to increase the number of points of legal entry and exit.
  • Ensuring effective and coordinated border security and border control through increased policing capacity at our border posts and along our borders.
  • Increasing the 15 SANDF companies protecting South Africa’s borders to the required 22 companies, and ensuring that they are properly resourced and trained.



DA launches Manifesto for Change

February 25, 2019

Over the weekend, the DA  launched the Manifesto for Change – it’s our contract with South Africa should we be entrusted to govern.

In our manifesto, we unpack how a DA-led government will put the South African people first and ensure a better future for our children.

It includes a 15-year jail sentence for corrupt public representatives or officials, fixing Eskom to keep the lights on, and putting a job in every home with initiatives like a year-long paid work experience programme for matriculants.

In summary, a DA-government will:

Fight corruption

Under a DA-government, money meant for the people will be spent on the people and anyone found guilty of corruption will be sentenced to 15 years in jail. This includes:

  • Establishing an independent unit dedicated to identifying, fighting and prosecuting corruption.
  • Implementing regular lifestyle audits for politicians and government officials.
  • Protecting and encouraging ‘whistle-blowers’ who identify and report on corrupt activities.

Honest, professional police

A DA-government will overhaul the SAPS to become an honest and professional organisation that actually serves and protects South Africans. This will involve:

  • Giving capable provinces control over policing.
  • Creating specialised units to fight rural crimes and gender-based violence, and tackle drugs and gangs.
  • Fighting corruption within the police and retraining police to serve with pride.

Fair access to jobs

By creating fair access to real and long-term jobs, a DA-government will put a job in every home.

  • Our Voluntary National Civilian Service will give school-leavers a year of skills development and an income.
  • We will eradicate employment corruption so there are no more ‘sex for jobs’ or ‘bribes for jobs’ crimes.
  • We will create job centres throughout South Africa with free Internet for job-seekers.

Secure our borders

A DA-government will restore law and order at Home Affairs to stop illegal immigration, crime and corruption; and assist legitimate refugees and asylum seekers. This will involve:

  • Strengthening our border posts so they are corruption-free and provide effective border security and control.
  • Eradicating the corruption and inefficiency at Home Affairs.
  • Increasing the number of South African National Defence Force companies patrolling the borders from 15 to 22.

Speed up service delivery

A modern and professional DA-government will drastically speed up the delivery of housing, water, electricity and sanitation by:

  • Giving South Africans more housing options by offering vouchers that help build or finance a home or plot.
  • Upgrading informal settlements with water, sanitation and electricity.
  • Making more affordable housing available in cities.