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The DA retains Kouga Municipality

November 4, 2021

The DA is delighted to have retained a full majority in Kouga, which News24 recently ranked as the best-run municipality in the Eastern Cape and one of the top performers in the country.

“In 2016, the residents of Kouga rejected the ANC and decided instead to give the DA an opportunity to prove ourselves to them. Today’s outright win for the DA – 16 of the 29 seats in council – tells us that Kouga residents believe we pulled through for them and will do so again over the coming five years,” said DA leader John Steenhuizen.

“Our message to the residents of Kouga is that we will keep striving to live up to their expectations. We will keep doing our best to serve them with dedication, integrity and humility. We will keep getting things done for them.

The DA is excited and grateful to have this incredible opportunity to build on the foundation of good governance that we have laid over the past five years,” added Steenhuizen.

“We recognize that there is still so much to be done in Kouga. Our commitment now is to build on this progress so that we can take Kouga from good to great.

Kouga is a South African success story at a time when the people of this province need reason to hope, and proof that with good government, progress can be made.

Our sincere hope is that the story of Kouga will inspire residents in other Eastern Cape municipalities to give the DA an opportunity to bring our brand of good governance to them too. We would like to replicate our Kouga successes in more and more Eastern Cape municipalities.

When the DA took over Kouga in 2016, the municipality was in a state of decline. We stabilized Kouga’s finances and set about improving the capacity of the council to deliver to people. Our approach has been to build trust and partnerships with the community, placing people at the centre of everything we do. The results show it is a winning formula,” said Steenhuizen.

Kouga successes 2016-2021:


The ANC-run council had neither built nor facilitated the building of a single house in Kouga since 2007.

Since 2016, the DA-run council has completed 611 houses and another 3025 are in the pipeline while a further 2790 are being held up by land and infrastructure issues. This is against a backlog of about 15 000 houses needed, meaning that real progress is being made.

Home ownership:

Since 2016, over 3 000 title deeds have been delivered to rightful beneficiaries.


Over 1 800 households received access to electricity. Over 1 000 streetlights retrofitted with LED lights, to save money and the environment.


The council built a new state-of-the-art waste water treatment works and is upgrading its three other waste water treatments works, one of the many ways this municipality is working to ensure a reliable supply of clean water for residents.


In 2016, only 4% of Kouga’s vehicle fleet was operational. Today, 96% of the municipality’s vehicles are on the road every day to service communities, and 57 new vehicles have been added to the fleet.


From 2011 to 2016, the ANC-run municipality spent an average of R3.5 million per year on road maintenance. The DA-run municipality has tripled that delivery rate, spending on average over R10 million per year on repairing and upgrading roads in the past five years.

Public amenities:

In 2016, public amenities were in a state of disrepair with little to no maintenance happening. Since 2016, the DA council has undertaken a massive maintenance drive and upgraded community halls, ablution facilities, sports facilities, parks, and campsites.


By 2016, investment in Kouga had all but dried up and local businesses did not want to take on contracts for the municipality because of its reputation for non-payment.

Kouga is now an investment hub. A brand-new hospital is being built in Jeffreys Bay, while R4 billion has been invested in two housing developments, and several large companies have set up in Kouga.


The municipality won gold at the Eco-Logic awards last year for the first plastic road in Africa, built in Jeffreys Bay using recycled plastic (equivalent to 1.8 million plastic bags per kilometre of road).

This revolutionary new approach to tarring could increase the lifespan of roads while reducing maintenance costs and plastic pollution. If ever there was hard proof that the DA goes the extra mile, this is it.


Kouga has its sights on becoming the country’s leading Bioeconomy Zone and already boasts a waste-to-energy plant, a solar plant, and a biochar plant that turns invasive alien vegetation biomass into “green charcoal” which has several environmentally friendly applications.


Kouga’s finances are in a healthy state. In 2016, Kouga was heavily indebted. Today, this debt has been paid off yet cash on hand is almost double what it was back then.

Funeral guidelines during Covid-19 Lockdown

April 25, 2020

Funeral parlours, bereaved families and mourners are asked to keep the following guidelines in mind if they are burying a loved one this weekend in Kouga:

1. No more than 50 people may attend a funeral, according to lockdown regulations.

2. Funeral services can be held at home or at church.

3. It is recommended that attendance be limited to close family only, especially for home services.

4. All safety precautions must be followed.

5. Church funeral services must provide hand sanitiser, attendees must wear face masks, maintain social distancing and take extra care not to be put each other at risk of contracting the coronavirus.

6. The funeral procession and service should be finalised within an hour.

7. No night vigils, overnight church service, after tears or other gatherings are allowed before or after the service.

8. No mass catering is allowed nor the serving of refreshments.

9. The funeral service provider must ensure that an attendance register is kept of all those present.

Let’s work together and stop the spread.

Public meeting for DA supporters in Ward 14 today

June 19, 2019

The Democratic Alliance will be holding a public meeting at the Marina Martinique Hall this afternoon at 4 pm.

The meeting is for all DA voters and supporters who live in Aston Bay, Marina Martinique, Madiba Bay, Ocean View and the Sands.

Election results in Ward 14 will be presented as well as the performance of the DA both provincially and nationally.

The way forward for the DA will be discussed as the party embarks on an internal review process.

“All signed up members of the DA are invited to take part in the internal review process and make their inputs about the future of the party and ultimately democracy in South Africa,” said DA Councillor Brenton Williams who will be hosting the meeting this afternoon at Marina Martinique.

There will be an opportunity after the meeting for DA supporters to sign up as members of the party.

Service delivery in Ward 14 will be discussed as well as salient features of the 2019/20 budget.

New bakkies to boost service delivery in Kouga

August 12, 2018

The DA led Kouga Municipality has received another boost, with 11 new bakkies set to strengthen the institution’s service delivery departments.

The one-ton Nissan light delivery vehicles (LDVs) cost almost R 3,6 million.

Executive Mayor Horatio Hendricks said aging municipal vehicles impeded service delivery and that replacing the fleet was one of the priorities for the municipality’s leadership.

“We were shocked when the DA took over as the new Council in 2016 to learn that only 4% of the municipality’s vehicles were fully operational while the remainder were constantly breaking down and 58 were no longer working at all,” he said.

He said the DA immediately set out to replace the dysfunctional fleet systematically in order to meet the needs of communities.

Eight of the bakkies will be given to the Water and Sewerage teams.

Two will be used by the Electrical section while the Corporate Services directorate will, after many years, also have a new set of wheels to play their role as a support department effectively.

“We are confident that this will help curb unnecessary delays and improve our response time to service delivery complaints,” said Hendricks.

Communities benefit from ward development fund

July 23, 2018

Kouga Municipality handed out items worth more than R 600 000 to various community projects recently.

Funding for these came from the Ward Development Fund and was budgeted for in the 2017/2018 financial year.

The items included sports apparel for schools and clubs, upgrades of social amenities such as play parks and sports facilities, computers for non-governmental organisations, stoves for old age clubs and soup kitchens and sewing machines for emerging sewing projects.

Other funds were also allocated to fixing general problems such as street lights, installation of more communal taps in informal areas such as the Golf Course in KwaNomzamo and replacement of vandalised infrastructure.

Kouga Executive Mayor Horatio Hendricks said ward councillors were tasked with setting up priorities in accordance with the community’s requests and in line with the Ward Development Policy.

“These do not replace or contradict our Integrated Development Plan (IDP) but rather help to advance development as community priorities are constantly being reviewed while other matters are emerging as urgent needs,” he said

Hendricks said he was also pleased to see that most of the beneficiaries of the interventions were from vulnerable groups such as the youth and the elderly.

“It is important that we take care of our youth as the future of our community.

“Our elderly people tend to be the most neglected group and it is pleasing to see that they were considered in this round,” he said.

The Mayor applauded the ward councillors for cooperating with the process to ensure that communities benefited.

Election fever hits Kouga

June 21, 2016

The build up to the 2016 Municipal Election started in earnest with Democratic Alliance national leaders visiting various towns in the Kouga over the weekend.

nosimo 1

Nosimo Balindlela at the street meeting in Ocean View

On Friday, the former premier of the Eastern Cape, Nosimo Balindlela visited St Francis Bay, Humansdorp and Jeffreys Bay and told the communities that she left the ANC because of corruption.

“They are corrupt and they didn’t like it when I told them,” said Balindlela at a packed meeting at the Sea Vista Community Hall.

“I also said they didn’t treat Thabo Mbeki properly, which made me unpopular, but I left the ANC with my character intact and joined the DA where I truly found a family where skin colour makes no difference,” added Nosimo, who is the DA’s shadow minister of Sanitation.

Over 200 people attended a street meeting with Balindlela on Sunday afternoon in Ocean View, where shouts of “enough is enough” resounded amongst the community who attended the meeting.

The DA’s Mayoral candidate for the Kouga, Elza Van Lingen said that the people of Ocean View have suffered enough.

“Look at the rubbish laying around that is never collected by the Municipality. The people have to walk through sewage on a daily basis and the Jeffreys Bay High School does not have text books for the children,” said Van Lingen.


Change is coming to the Kouga!

On Monday, the Deputy Leader of the DA, Desiree Van Der Walt spoke to a packed audience at the Marina Martinique Hall, where she said that Kouga has a chance to vote in a government that can make a difference.

“The DA has a track record of good governance in the Western Cape. No other party in South Africa can claim this, including the minority parties like the Freedom Front and the ACDP. Where have they governed and what have they ever delivered?” questioned Van Der Walt.

She also warned of the dangers of splitting the vote in Kouga.

“The people of Kouga must understand the consequences of splitting the vote. The 2016 Election is all about service delivery.

Do you want your roads to be maintained, do you want the sewage spills to stop, do you want the rubbish that is blowing around to be collected? Do you want your rates and taxes to be spend properly on the services that you pay for?

This is what you are voting for on 3 August,” said Van Der Walt to the audience of 120 people.

Desiree Van Der Walt warned about a split vote in Kouga.

Desiree Van Der Walt warned about a split vote in Kouga.

Residents who would like to apply for a special vote are urged to contact their DA Councillor who can arrange to have the form completed and handed into the IEC office.

Special votes will take place on 1 and 2 August while the main voting day is 3 August with residents being able to cast their vote between 7 am and 7 pm.

Ouditeur-Generaal besoek Kouga

April 24, 2012

Tydens die Ouditeur-Generaal se besoek aan Kouga op die 22ste April 2012 was tydens die vergadering verskeie aanbiedinge aan die Stadsraad gemaak, onder andere ook deur SALGA, die Nasionale Tesourier se Departement en deur die Ouditeur-Generaal self.

Councillor Nico Botha serves on the Kouga's Finance Portfolio

Die genoemde departemente het werklik sinvolle bydraes gelewer. Die bydrae van die Nasionale Tesourier wat onder andere ook die invorderingskoers van munisipale rade bespreek het, het my weereens laat besef dat die kernprobleem van Kouga Stadsraad se finansiële situasie kan daaraan toegeskryf word dat daar elke jaar vir ‘n onrealistiese inkomste begroot word.

Daar kan met reg gevra word of dit wys is om vir ‘n invorderingkoers van 95% te begroot, indien die werklike invorderingskoers slegs 80% tot 85% is.

Dit is goed om na ‘n hoë invorderingskoers te strewe maar dit is dom om onrealistiese teikens te stel. As die teiken met 10% gemis word beteken dit dat die stadsraad se inkomste met 50 miljoen rand oorskat word wat geweldige gevolglike probleme meebring.

Skape met vyf bene is skaars en ‘n mens behoort nie jou hoop daarop te vestig nie!!!!

Nico Botha

Kouga must play their part for Sea Vista school to be built

April 18, 2012

In a meeting today with the Departments Road & Public Works, Environmental Affairs and other interested parties regarding the building of the new Sea Vista Primary School it was quite clear that Kouga Municipality will have to address the storm-water problem for both possible sites.

Both sites, erf 3143 or erf 400 will need a proper storm-water drainage.

A new primary school is a must for Sea Vista and the community of Sea Vista is adamant that they prefer erf 3143 next to Tarragona Road as a site for the new school.

DA Councillor Ben Rheeder has requested that provision be made in the Kouga Municipal budget for 2012/2013 to address this problem. “The standing committees are the best starting point to address the storm-water problem regarding the new school” says Rheeder.

“The Department of Education have requested Kouga Municipality to make a written commitment that they will provide electricity, sewerage, water and storm-water for the school sites or the money for the building of the schools will be withdrawn”.

Kom ons gesels finansies

April 12, 2012

Kouga Munisipale Finansies

Die huidige finansiële situasie van die Kouga Munisipaliteit word nou manmoedig deur die regerende party erken, na jarelange se ontkenning.

Die konsepbegroting is onlangs in die raad bespreek en nie soos berig aanvaar is nie, maar wel na ‘n werksessie vir veral DA-Raadslidinsette verwys.

Ter inligting wens ek die volgende aspekte te beklemtoon:

Die salarisse van personeel is 37% van die totale begroting, maar wel 41% van die eie inkomstebegroting (Totalebegroting minus toewysings vanaf die Staat). Kommerwekkend is dat vir ‘n 95%-verhalingskoers begroot word. Tans is dit minder as 85%. Met ander woorde ons begroot vir die onmoontlike!!! Dit is totaal onrealisties!!!

Vir herstel en onderhoud is daarna my mening redelik voorvoorsiening gemaak, maar ons weet ook dat elke jaar dit drasties verminder en afgeskaal word, wat weer “potholes”, waterlekke en rioolstortings meebring. Swem Jannie Swem!!.
Nico Botha