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The DA: A Party For All South Africans

January 24, 2014

The DA is South Africa’s most diverse party. With our roots in the struggle against Apartheid, we promote policies designed to put right the wrongs of Apartheid and fight for equality. That’s why we support:

• Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment that creates opportunities for people disadvantaged by apartheid.
• Sustainable land reform that returns the land that the Apartheid government took from black people.
• Social grants that help lift people out of poverty.

Helen Zille Biko

We believe the ANC has done a lot to help people in the past. Under presidents Mandela and Mbeki, the lives of many people improved.

But today’s ANC has given up on jobs for everyone and is only interested in enriching themselves and their friends.

Billions are wasted on corrupt projects such as Nkandla.

That is why people are making a different choice in this year’s election.

They are choosing clean government; they are choosing jobs; they are choosing the DA.