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Totsiens Chimpie

August 1, 2019

Op 26 Julie 2019 het Kouga tydens n gedenkdiens wat gehou was op Humansdorp totsiens gese aan Chimpie Cawood.

Op 26 Januarie 2001 was Chimpie as Kouga se eerste Burgemeester ingehuldig.

Tydens sy jare as Burgemeester was hy belas met verskeie munisipale uitdagings waarvan die samevoeging van ses munisipaliteite in een grotere Kouga munisipaliteit waarskynlik die grootste was.

Op sy kenmerkende werkwyse het hy welddeurdag kwessies ontleed en ontrafel en n groot sukses daarvan gemaak.

Chimpie was n uitsonderlike leier wat kon luister en rigting aandui.

Hy het hom dag en nag besig gehou met raadsake en die uitbou van die DA in Kouga.

Graag will die DA in Kouga totsiens se aan n geliefde leier en goeie vriend.

Aan Hester, familie en geliefdes wil ons sterke toewens vir die moeilike tyd wat voorle.

Totsiens Chimpie. Rus in Vrede.

Chimpie Cawood awarded lifetime achievement award

November 7, 2014

Over 500 delegates from all over the Eastern Cape attended the DA Provincial Congress last weekend in Jeffreys Bay.


Athol Trollip, Chimpie Cawood, Helen Zille and Mmusi Maimane

Key speakers at the Congress included Helen Zille as well as Mmusi Maimane, the DA leader in Parliament.

Following the excellent results in the 2014 elections, a number of DA leaders in Kouga received awards at the Congress.

Councillor Danny Benson won the performer of the year after winning Pellsrus for the DA, for the first time ever.

Cllr Frances Baxter won the DA woman of the year award for her efforts in the DA Womens’ structure.

Cllr Brenton Williams, together with the Ward 14 branch chairperson Robin Jantjies won the DA branch of the year for their excellent results in the 2014 elections.

The DA in Kouga won the Constituency of the year award for being the only DA region to win the majority vote in 2014.

Cllr Chimpie Cawood was awarded a lifetime achievement award for his efforts in establishing the DA in the Kouga as well as the Eastern Cape over the past 15 years.

Chimpie Cawood’s passion for local government resulted in him being a town councillor for 21 years – 6 years in Stellenbosch in 15 years in Kouga.  

His leadership capabilities also resulted in him being elected as mayor of Stellenbosch for two terms and in Kouga for two years, before the DA lost Kouga due to floor crossing.

He considers the highlight of his political career, the fact that he was a member of the “Stellenbosch Discussion Group 85” who received world-wide publicity by inter alia challenging the then President PW Botha, who was also the university’s vice chancellor, to restructure the South African political scenario.

“Our splendid result in the 2014 National / Provincial elections is a just reward for his dedication to the DA’s cause in Kouga and he richly deserves a DA Lifetime Achievement reward,” said Elza Van Lingen, the DA Member of Parliament for Kouga. 

DA takes Kouga Municipality to court

October 1, 2012

The DA has filed court papers in the Port Elizabeth High Court against Kouga Municipality because of the unlawful and procedurally incorrect appointment of five new directors (Section 56 managers). These documents are public documents and all information is open to the public.

The DA calls for these appointments to be set aside and for the entire process to start all over again. In the DA’s founding affidavit which was lodged on 1 August 2012, the entire procedure of the appointments was questioned in terms of compliance with the various local government acts, regulations and circulars by the national Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (Cogta) and the provincial Department of Local Government and Traditional Affairs (DLGTA).

The DA served notices on the municipal manager, the ANC mayor, all councillors of the ANC mayoral committee, the remaining ANC councillors and the MEC for Local Government, Mlibo Qoboshiyane, as well as the five newly appointed directors.

In response Kouga Municipality agreed that:

· the mayor and his mayoral committee, in their eagerness to deploy their cadres, held a mayoral committee meeting on 11 June 2012 at which it was decided to appoint the five directors, thereby flaunting the law;

· phone calls were made to the applicants to confirm their appointments on the same day;

· followed by written confirmation signed by the mayor (not the municipal manager) the next day (12 June) appointing them for a fixed term of five years;

· the mayor and the mayoral committee have no such delegated powers; only a full council may sanction such appointments;

· a full council approved the unlawful appointments with a majority vote in spite of a four- hour debate in which the DA councillors pointed out the unlawfulness of their action;

· Kouga Municipality is now blaming MEC Qoboshiyane for failing in his duties to stop the unlawful appointments;

· no contracts have been signed with the new directors, who started work on 1 August 2012;

· these posts were advertised for a remuneration package of R780,000 per annum but within the first month the new directors received a salary increase to R830,700 p.a.

The fact remains that the appointments were unlawful when no procedures were followed from the start. The selection panel under the chairmanship of Cllr Vernon Stuurman, called meetings and cancelled them, notices of meetings were sent by sms on some occasions at the start of the meetings, CVs of candidates were not presented to the panel, candidates were not scored to determine who was the best candidate, the panel transgressed the municipality’s own recruitment policy, etc.

“MEC Qoboshiyane has been warned by the DA since 4 May 2012, when a Kouga DA caucus delegation met with him in Bhisho. Further letters followed from DA provincial leader Athol Trollip, DA Kouga caucus leader, Dr. Chimpie Cawood, and letters by me” said the DA leader in Kouga, Elza Van Lingen.

The MEC was called upon to intervene at an early stage to intervene and stop the irregular steps, but he failed in his duty and responsibility to oversee local government in Kouga and the province.

The MEC did however inform the councillors in Jeffreys Bay of the processes to be followed in the selection processes of the Section 56 managers on 16 April 2012.

In the DA affidavit and the replying statement (filed on Thursday 27 September 2012) it is clear from all the supporting documents that:

· the mayor, the mayoral committee and the other ANC councillors transgressed the law, deliberately as per the supporting documents;

· the ANC resorted to a council meeting to right their wrongs with a majority vote on 29 June for the usual ANC “rubber stamp” action;

· the ANC lied in council on 29 June 2012 when they denied that there was a mayoral meeting on 11 June and that they appointed the directors;

· the DA in the council debate highlighted the various transgressions, warning that according to the new Municipal Systems Act, as amended, a councillor may not vote for transgressions of the Systems Act, the Structures Act or the Constitution;

· the ANC councillors were also warned that they can, according to the Systems Act (as amended), be held personally and individually financially liable for the legal costs in such unlawful cases.

Booi Koerat, the mayor, has been bemoaning the extent of the legal costs of the municipality in the press this week, but if the ANC councillors stuck to the letter of the law, they would not have to spend so much of the ratepayers’ money on legal fees.

The DA is approaching the court to interdict the council from making unlawful decisions.

This is the beginning of the DA’s actions to make Kouga financially viable and governable again. Our voters did not vote for the DA for nothing!