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DA will grow substantially in 2014 election

September 12, 2013

A poll conducted by Nomura South Africa predicts that support for the ANC will drop to just 56 % of the vote in 2014.

The ANC won 66 % in the last national election in 2009.

Support for the DA is estimated to grow its share of the vote from 16 % to 27 % country wide.


Agang is predicted to obtain 6 % of the vote while Julius Malema’s EFF could gain around 4 % of the vote.

COPE appears to be in terminal decline and is expected to get only 2 % support, down from 7 % in the last election.

Nomura acknowledges that, “given a total lack of publicly available detailed polling data at this stage, the margin for error around these forecasts is clearly quite large”.

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