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Would you like a job with the DA?

March 10, 2019


Field Operator
Eastern Cape
Port Elizabeth

Bethelsdorp – Ref: EC-FO-002 (b)

Please note only applications reflecting the reference number will be considered.

The above position now exists within the Democratic Alliance. The DA is looking to recruit self-motivated and goal driven individuals at our Provincial Head Office based in Eastern Cape.

The successful candidate will report directly to the Group Campaign Coordinator and with an indirect reporting line to the Provincial Campaign Operations Manager.

The successful candidate will be responsible for:
• Assisting the Unit Campaign Organisers to build the field campaign infrastructure the DA needs to achieve its objectives in 2019
• Providing Community Teams with the required logistical support to facilitate their effective campaigning
• Providing assistance for constituency and Ward report back meetings
• Providing any other assistance with campaigns and events
• Provide the logistical assistance and enabling support that Teams need to contact voters with a view to, in this order: build relationships with voters, understand their issues, register new DA supporters, persuade voters to support the DA, mobilize DA supporters to turn out to vote, and run community events.

Prospective applicants should meet the following requirements:

• A commitment to the principles, policies and programme of action of the DA
• Proven leadership skills and ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships within the Party
• The preferred candidate must be completely outcomes orientated and not simply task orientated
• Ability to build trust and relationships within a community
• Excellent communication skills
• Excellent organizational abilities
• Proven record of initiative and problem solving.
• The ability to apply sound political judgment and the ability to identify key issues
relevant to communities
• Excellent administrative skills and attention to detail
• Proficiency in more than one language
• Computer literacy is essential
• An ability to work effectively and energetically around a demanding work schedule
• Willing to work long and irregular hours

Should you meet the above requirements and be interested, kindly forward your completed application form, copy of ID, 2 page CV and 1 page cover letter motivating why you wish to be employed by the Democratic Alliance and a certified copy of your driver’s license, where applicable to Ashleigh Brooks, Democratic Alliance, Federal
Head Office, PO Box 1475, Cape Town, 8000. Tel No: (021) 465 1431, Fax No: 086 461 5105 or e-mail:

Kindly note that any application received without the required documentation will not be considered.
Please note that correspondence will only be conducted with shortlisted candidates.

Should you not hear from us within 30 days of closing date please consider your application unsuccessful. Please also note that we reserve the right not to make any appointments.

Kindly further note that the Party will not require applicants to pay any amount or undergo any health-related tests, to be shortlisted.

Closing Date: 14 March 2019


DA reports Mngxitama to Human Rights Commission over “kill whites” comments

December 11, 2018

The DA will be reporting Andile Mngxitama to the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) and the Equality Court in terms of the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act (PEPUDA) for comments in which he incites violence against white South Africans.

The Equality Court in terms of PEPUDA Chapter 2, sections 6 and 7, states that “no person may unfairly discriminate against any person on the ground of race, including – (a) the dissemination of any propaganda or idea, which propounds the racial superiority of inferiority of any person, including incitement to, or participation in, any form of violence; (b) the engagement in any activity which is intended to promote, or has the effect of promoting, exclusivity, based on race”.

Further to this, the DA North West Provincial Leader, Joe McGluwa, will lay charges against Mngxitima for incitement of imminent violence. We cannot allow Mngxitama’s comments and actions to go unchallenged.
Institutions of the state empowered to investigate and prosecute on matters of this nature have a duty to act.

In a speech delivered at a BLF rally in Potchefstroom on 9 December, and in a series of tweets thereafter, Mngxitama launched into a tirade against businessman Johann Rupert, saying inter alia “if he hires his taxi bosses to kill one black we shall kill five whites” and “[w]e will go to the white suburbs and avenge each black life.”

To view the video in which Mngxitama makes his comments, click here. Evidence of Mngxitama’s remarks on Twitter can be viewed here, here, here and here.

This will not be the first time BLF and their leader find themselves knee-deep in hate speech allegations. This behaviour is undoubtedly a trend characteristic of the BLF, as is clearly evident based on their track record over the past 2 years. In 2018 alone, the following comes to light:

• The BLF have been accused of hate speech by the South African Human Rights Commission, who have simultaneously recommended that the party be prevented from contesting the 2019 elections on the grounds that they have made statements violating the Electoral Act;

• Spokesperson Lindsay Maasdorp has come under fire for his posting on both Facebook and Twitter that “I have aspirations to kill white people, and this must be achieved!”; and

• Earlier this year, a female lawyer was branded racist by BLF members and attacked in Johannesburg – when EWN asked Mngxitama to comment on the incident, he responded by saying he did not know why she was labelled as racist by BLF members, but that he supported their actions in attacking her and believed whatever they had to say.

These acts follow the BLF’s behaviour patterns last year, namely in September 2017, when Mngxitama tweeted: “For those claiming the legacy of the holocaust is ONLY negative, think about the lampshades and Jewish soap”. This was followed with another tweet: “the aroma of the burning flesh from the furnace of the holocaust may wet the appetite of the SA cannibals”.

The national director of the SA Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD) Wendy Kahn said the board was seeking orders from court to find Mngxitama in violation of the Equality Act for hate speech, harassment, and to find him guilty of unfair discrimination. Mngxitama responded to these moves by Kahn by stating that the SAJBD was displaying white supremacist tendencies.

South Africa belongs to all who live in it. There is no place for race-based incitement of violence and those who engage in hate speech should be investigated and prosecuted with the full might of the law. We cannot turn a blind eye to or diminish the seriousness of Mngxitama’s naked racism, hate speech and incitement.

The DA will continue to fight for the rights of all South Africans – black and white. We are the only party that will build One South Africa for All and bring the much-needed change South Africans so desperately deserve.

DA calls for Auditor-General to urgently investigate alleged corruption in Nelson Mandela Bay

September 21, 2018

Yesterday, 20 September 2018, I requested the Auditor-General (AG), Kimi Makwetu, to urgently investigate allegations of corruption levelled against me during my tenure as Executive Mayor of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality.

ag pe

These allegations were made in a letter written by Mr Bantu Holomisa, president of the UDM, to the Auditor General on 24 October 2017. The same allegations were also levelled against Mr Johann Mettler, Nelson Mandela Bay City Manager.

Mr Holomisa requested the AG’s intervention in various matters regarding PWC’S forensic investigations into alleged irregular payments and the employment of litter pickers. Mr Holomisa also recently wrote an open public letter to the AG, making a range of sweeping allegations of corruption against myself and Mr Mettler.

I have written to the AG and implored him, as a matter of public importance, to urgently proceed with the requested investigation. I have also committed myself and my former employees in the mayoral office to cooperate fully in such an investigation.

If the AG goes ahead with this investigation, he will have to arrange access to the Public Health Standing Committee reports in relation to litter pickers and EPWP appointments, the MPAC report related to these matters as well as the final PWC reports. The other important report in this regard is the draft report compiled by Deloitte about the IPTS corruption saga.

I have undertaken to provide the AG with all the available correspondence, documentation and evidence that I have at my disposal.

Furthermore, I also advised Mr Makwetu that more evidence is coming to light with regard to corruption linked to some of the contracts that were stopped after my election as Mayor.
This evidence is crucial in linking certain individuals directly to corrupt dealings.

Athol Trollip

Municipal offices to close early today

April 23, 2018

The Kouga Municipal offices will close at 1 p.m today (23 April) to allow staff to attend the memorial service of our late Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen which will take place at 2 p.m.

The memorial service will take place at Mentors Kraal on the outskirts of Jeffreys Bay and is open to the public to attend. All our DA family are welcome to attend.

Van Lingen passed away last Thursday after a long fight with cancer.

She became Mayor of Kouga after the DA won the local government election in 2016.

Maimane confronts ‘puppet’ allegations head on

April 9, 2018

DA Leader Mmusi Maimane confronted racist remarks, alleging that he is not in control of the DA and merely a puppet at the DA National Congress in Pretoria yesterday.

“They even say that I am a puppet of white people and, if we win an election, I will be replaced by a white person.

The truth is that I will never be black enough for them. Because they don’t want black people to think for themselves.

They want black people to remain trapped in the politics of race because this is what keeps the ANC in power,” said Maimane.

He criticized the ANC’s fear of a new generation of black leaders who would reject the ANC’s own nationalism and think differently.

Maimane stressed further that his blackness does not add or subtract from his humanity or define him.

He calls for a new agenda for African liberalism that prioritises social welfare and grows the economy in order to lift the majority of South Africans out of poverty.


Council to meet monthly with Eskom about Thyspunt

November 28, 2016

Following a successful joint meeting, the new Kouga Council and Eskom have agreed to meet monthly to share information and key milestones on the proposed nuclear development at Thyspunt.

Kouga Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen said the municipality met with senior management from Eskom last week to improve communication between the power utility and Council around Thyspunt. The Eskom delegation was led by Nuclear Programme Director Loyiso Tyabashe.

Thyspunt is the preferred site for a proposed Nuclear Power Station

Thyspunt is the preferred site for a proposed Nuclear Power Station

“The proposed nuclear plant at Thyspunt is probably the biggest development Kouga will ever see, should it receive the go-ahead,” she said.

“Kouga and its people cannot be caught unprepared should this happen. The impact it will have on our communities is massive and cannot be taken lightly. Everyone needs to be fully informed as to where we are and where we are going.”

Eskom’s Nuclear Programme Director Loyiso Tyabashe said: “We are encouraged by the success of this engagement with the Kouga Municipality. Such partnership will enable us to take key stakeholders with us through the journey and help us understand the needs and capacity of the municipality as we await a decision on the project.”

The Mayor emphasized that “the new Council is not against nuclear power per se, but there is no way that we are going to allow Kouga’s people to be disadvantaged by whatever development takes place in our region.”

“Our infrastructure, be it water and sewer or healthcare services, is nowhere near ready for the impact a development of this nature will have on our area,” she cautioned.

Tyabashe said it was important to note that Eskom will work with Kouga Municipality and other key stakeholders to address infrastructural needs so as to get the municipality ready to host the project.

“We want to ensure that we have a commitment from all roleplayers, including other government sectors, to address these shortcomings should the development get the go-ahead. Eskom will support whatever is deemed necessary and appropriate to ensure that the project succeeds,” added Tyabashe.

The Mayor said she was pleased with the outcomes of the new Council’s engagements with Eskom.

“Eskom committed to being transparent and acknowledged that Kouga has an important role to play in all processes regarding Thyspunt.”

She said the Council wanted to encourage all residents and affected parties to take an active interest in the proposed nuclear development and to participate in meetings, hearings and structures intended to facilitate public participation.

Tyabashe concurred, indicating that it was just as important for Eskom that all interested and affected parties had their say in the process leading to the approval and delivery of the project.

“We have followed the process set out by the National Nuclear Regulator and international best practice to ensure that we do not leave key stakeholders outside in the process of getting approvals for the project.”

The new Council and Eskom committed to ensure that Kouga Municipality and its people do not miss on opportunities that would be presented by this nuclear project should it proceed. The next meeting is planned for December and decisions will be communicated to the people of Kouga.

Power cuts to Tokyo Sexwale tomorrow

June 22, 2016

The power to Tokyo Sexwale and the adjacent sections of Pellsrus will be switched off this Thursday, 23 June, from 8am to 4pm.

The shutdown is necessary to connect a new electrical line to the network.

“We don’t anticipate the power being off for the whole period but it is difficult to predict exactly how long the work will take,” said the Kouga Municipality in a statement.

mmusi vote for change

Water For Votes Scandal: DA requests urgent investigation

June 13, 2016

The DA will request an investigation into allegations that the ANC administration in Pietermaritzburg deliberately cut off the water supply so they could roll out water tankers to make it appear as though they are a responsive government which delivers services.

mmusi believe in tomorrow

This abusive conduct manipulates the most vulnerable people in South Africa.

Again, the ANC has been revealed as an organization that governs like black lives do not matter.

This is also flagrant abuse of the constitutionally guaranteed right to access to water and we contend that this amounts to a gross abuse of state resources.

This is just the latest example of how the ANC has changed. The ANC is more interested in capturing state resources than looking after vulnerable communities.

It is clear that the ANC would rather further inconvenience the poor, who are riddled with joblessness, rising food prices and the worst recorded drought in over a century, by depriving them of water before swooping in to “save the day”.

On August 3, South Africans have a chance to vote for change by voting for a party that will ensure proper service delivery and ensure the protection of the poor and vulnerable.

This is the change that will move South Africa forward again.

Lets turn Kouga blue

June 1, 2016

Today marks the 9 week countdown until the most important election in South African history and each and every one of you will be playing a vital role in the success of this election.

mmusi freedom

One of the most powerful ways for us to show our force to this nation is by standing together and painting it as BLUE as possible.

Today will be our second BLUE Wednesday leading up to Election Day on Wednesday, 3 August 2016.

We would like to strongly encourage you to make every corner of Kouga as BLUE as possible every Wednesday leading up to this year’s Local Government Election.

Motivating voters and spreading the DA’s message in volume and over time. Spread the word, excite your family, friends and ANY- and EVERYBODY you know!

We would like to encourage every single DA public representative, staff member, activist and supporter to wear blue on Wednesdays and literally “paint the Kouga blue”.

Know Your DA – we helped expose the truth about Steve Biko

February 26, 2016

Helen Zille helped to show the world the truth about Apartheid.

helen zille

In 1977, working as a reporter at the Rand Daily Mail, Helen exposed the truth behind Steve Biko’s death.

As a result of this, she was prosecuted and found guilty by the Apartheid Press Council.

A prominent member of the Black Sash, Helen Zille had to go into hiding as a result of concealing ANC activists at her home during the 1986 state of emergency.