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Water running low in St Francis Bay

July 17, 2019

The taps in sections of St Francis Bay have started drying up following the collapse of a suspension bridge carrying a section of the main supply line to the town’s reservoirs over the weekend.

Emergency repairs should be completed by this afternoon, however, it will take up to two days for the reservoirs to fill up and the supply to households to normalise.

At this stage only residents from Santareme have reported that they have no water. A water tanker will, therefore, be stationed on the corner of Tarragona Road and St Francis Drive from 10am today should those affected wish to collect water.

“We ask that residents from other affected areas alert our call centre (042 200 2200) should their taps start drying up. Alternatively, it can be reported through the Link app,” said the Kouga Municipality in a statement.

Enel breaks ground on R 2,8 billion wind farm in Oyster Bay

May 28, 2019

Enel Green Power has started construction of the 140 MW wind farm in Oyster Bay.

The R 2,8 billion project is located in the DA led Kouga Municipality and will comprise 41 turbines.

It is expected to be fully operational in the second quarter of 2021, when it will generate about 568 gigawatt-hours a year of electricity.

The wind farm is backed by a 20-year power supply agreement with local utility Eskom, as part of the South African government’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme.

Enel Green Power head Antonio Cammisecra said: “With the start of construction of the fourth wind project in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province, we are continuing to contribute to the socio-economic development of the area through our zero-emission energy and initiatives to create shared value.

“These initiatives include the innovative model implemented at the Oyster Bay construction site, as well as the sustainability activities focused on scientific and technical education in the area around the project.

“Looking ahead, we will continue to harness South Africa’s abundance of renewable resources, creating a virtuous circle of sustainable energy generation, education and development.”

The company has committed to ensure job creation in the community surrounding Oyster Bay, as well as prioritising education by supplying schools with clean energy through mini-PV systems.

It is also awarding scholarships in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to local students, supporting school feeding programmes in the Kouga municipality and backing the employment of three full-time teachers.

Volunteers clear bush in St Francis Bay

March 24, 2019

Kouga Municipality’s Community Services directorate is working together with local stakeholders to help clear alien vegetation in the greater St Francis area.

Community Services Portfolio Chairman Daniel Benson said that the voluntary drive kicked off on the first Saturday of March.

“I would like to thank everyone who was part of the first big clean-up.

“It was a great success and, going forward, we will be doing the same on the first Saturday of every month,” he said.

“ We would like to invite all municipal staff, interest groups and individuals to join us. You don’t have to know how to use a chainsaw or axe, there is plenty to do for anyone who wants to make a difference.”

He said the voluntary drive would initially focus on St Francis as it is considered a high risk area for fires.

“ The municipality has been clearing overgrown plots and verges as part of its daily service delivery programmes, but there is a tremendous amount of work that needs to be done.

“This prompted my directorate to launch the voluntary drive. I am very proud of my team for walking the extra mile for our communities,” he said.

The drive was further prompted by the establishment of a Risk Reduction Committee in St Francis.

Consisting of the municipality, local stakeholder groups and business, the committee was launched to help identify and address factors that could increase the fire risk in the area.

R 3.8 million for Sea Vista community library

February 16, 2019

The Sea Vista community are the beneficiaries of a new state of the art library after the facility was handed over to Kouga Municipality last week.

Funded in the main by Kouga Wind Farm, the grand opening to the public will take place in around two months’ time, giving the Sea Vista community previously unheard-of access to books and online resources.

team one south africa


In terms of access for those with disabilities, the double-storey facility is wheelchair-friendly and boasts an SA Library for the Blind mini library, also sponsored by the wind farm.

“The challenges of accessing up-to-date information, conducive study conditions and research will soon be a thing of the past, not only for children who previously had to travel to Humansdorp to use a library, but also adults who want to study further,” said the wind farm’s community liaison officer, Trevor Arosi.

“Tribute must be paid to the local community for the invaluable support which helped make the dream a reality – Kouga Municipality for donating the land, the Rotary Club for the books and their ongoing input and vision, Nordex for their book detection security system and the St Francis Bay community, who collected books, magazines, artwork, CDs and DVDs.”

Guests at the opening included Kouga Municipality’s portfolio councillor for community services Danny Benson, Rotarian Ann Knight and the municipality’s chief librarian, Linda Jack.

Acting on behalf of executive mayor Horatio Hendricks, Benson pledged to have the library fully functional within the next two months.

14 year wait for title deeds finally over

August 21, 2018

90 Sea Vista (St Francis Bay) residents received the title deeds to their houses last Tuesday.

The programme was led by Mayoral Committee members Brenton Williams and Frances Baxter, who first visited three of the eldest beneficiaries at their homes to hand-deliver their title deeds before moving to the Sea Vista Community Hall to distribute the remainder.

“All these beneficiaries received their houses more than 10 years ago, but the previous regime withheld their title deeds. We are here to set that right,” said Williams.

He said the Sea Vista title deeds were among the almost 2 000 title deeds that the former Council had failed to hand over to housing beneficiaries.

“As a DA-led municipality, we believe that by giving people their title deeds, you give them rightful ownership and a means of becoming actively involved in the economy.

“Late Mayor Elza van Lingen started this process in Thornhill on Human Rights Day when she handed over 257 title deeds.

“Mayor Horatio Hendricks then took it further on Nelson Mandela Day when he handed over 631 title deeds in Kruisfontein.

“Today we are in Sea Vista doing the same and at the end of the month we will be in KwaNomzamo to hand over more title deeds.”

The beneficiaries were further encouraged to ensure that they have a will that specifies who should inherit the house in the event of their passing.

Power outage in St Francis Bay

October 22, 2017

The power supply to St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis will be interrupted this coming Thursday, 26 October.

Eskom had originally advertised the outage for 7 September but postponed the work to the alternative date, 26 October.

The power outage is scheduled for 9am to 4:30pm at St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis.

The good news is that the power will not be off for the entire duration to all areas.

Residents and business are, however, advised to have contingency plans in place as it is difficult to predict which areas will be affected and for how long.

Upgrade to St Francis stormwater system

September 11, 2017

Five years after a torrent of water crashed through St Francis Bay, damaging houses and municipal infrastructure in its path, the upgrade of the stormwater system at the Santareme dune field is nearing completion.

Kouga Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen said work on the upgrade started in March and was set for completion by September 2017.

“The upgrade was long overdue,” she said. “We are thankful that additional measures will be in place by next month to help prevent a recurrence of that terrible day in September 2012 when a pond at the dune field breached and tonnes of water came crashing through the streets and houses of Santareme towards the ocean.”

She said the upgrade was being done at a cost of R 7 million by the Department of Public Works.

“The project has two main purposes – to reduce the amount of stormwater that collects in the dune ponds and to increase the capacity of the downstream stormwater system so that water is channelled away from properties should flooding occur,” she explained.

“Any future developments in the surrounding areas will be expected to meet the downstream stormwater capacity requirements.”

She said improvements included the construction of a spillway in the larger pond of the dune field.

The spillway will consist of a piped outlet to drain the pond to the north. Overflow from the pond will drain via the existing natural flow path to the inlet of the existing culvert which, in turn, drains to the natural watercourse in the Romazini Valley.

The upgrade further includes the replacement of two 700mm diameter pipes with larger 900mm diameter pipes at the intersection of Romazini Street and St Francis Drive so as to allow for a larger volume of water to flow through the system.

The existing stormwater infrastructure in the vicinity of Diaz Drive, Cayenne Drive and Tom Brown Boulevard is also being upgraded. Work includes increasing the capacity of existing pipes and improving various overland stormwater escape routes such as new manholes and catch pits within developed areas.

A pedestrian path in an alley between houses at Tom Boulevard is also nearing completion and will serve as an overland stormwater route.

Power cut in St Francis Bay

February 2, 2017

ST Francis Bay Power Alert:

Electricity will be switched off in the following areas today from 6 a.m to 8 a.m, due to maintenance work that urgently needs to be done at one of the sub stations:

* Santareme – up to the area around the harbour
* The industrial area
* Sea Vista

Due to inclement weather, the work could not be done yesterday.

“We ask residents to treat all electrical points as live during this period, said Mayor Elza Van Lingen.

Temporary measure for garden refuse at St Francis Bay

December 19, 2016

THE Kouga Council will be creating temporary drop-off sites for garden refuse at St Francis Bay.

st francis spit

Kouga Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen said plans to create a drop-off site along Tarragona Road on erf 3143, as proposed by the previous Council, had failed to meet the requirements of the Department of Environmental Affairs.

“This process now has to start again to identify a site and do a full Environmental Impact Assessment,” she said.

As an interim measure two skips will be placed at the municipal yard next to the Fire Station and along Tarragona Road opposite Sea Vista respectively.

“Only garden refuse in black bags may be dropped off by home-owners into these skips,” she said. “We ask that everyone please respect this arrangement. If not, we will be forced to remove the skips.”

Notice of AGM’s – Ward 12 and Ward 14

November 14, 2016

Feedback and the Annual General Meeting of the Democratic Alliance in St Francis Bay will be held on Tuesday 29 November 2016 at 17:30 at the St Francis Bay Golf Club.

da logo

All DA members and the general public are welcome. The central theme will be: The future of Kouga and Greater St Francis are in your hands.

The guest speaker will be Elza van Lingen, Mayor of Kouga Municipality.

Terugvoering en ‘n Algemene Jaarvergadering van die Demokratiese Alliansie in St Francis vind plaas op Dinsdag 29 November 2016 om 17:30 in die St Francisbaai Gholf Klub.

Alle DA lede en lede van die gemeenskap is welkom. Die sentrale tema van die aand sal wees: Die toekoms van Kouga en Groter St Francis is in u hande.

Die geleentheids-spreker sal Elza van Lingen ons, Burgermeester, wees.

Notice is also given of the AGM to be held in Ward 14 (Aston Bay, Ocean View and Madiba Bay on Monday 28 November at 6 PM in the Marina Martinique Hall.

All DA members are invited to attend the meeting.

Councillor Brenton Williams will be giving feedback on the financial state of Kouga Municipality.