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Mmusi Maimane: message to the residents of Kouga

August 6, 2017

Our country is standing on the brink of the biggest change it has seen since the 1994 elections. People have run out of patience with the ANC government.

They realise they are not going to get what they were promised by them and so, across the country, people are mobilising for change.

In many places, this change has already started. A year ago, the DA won several new metros and municipalities from the ANC.

We made promises to the people of these towns and cities that we would make a difference in their communities. And if we didn’t, we said they should vote us out of government again.

And so these new DA governments wasted no time. We knew the clock was ticking, and we knew what people expected from us. We immediately started cleaning out the rot and reversing the damage caused by years of neglect.

It’s not surprising at all that the people of Kouga turned their back on the ANC.

This municipality came to a standstill over the past decade. Nothing happened – hardly any maintenance of older infrastructure took place and no new projects were launched.

Did you know that in the past eleven years, no new RDP houses were built in the entire Kouga? Not one. But Mayor van Lingen’s government has already turned that around.

Right here in Pellsrus, they’re about to start casting foundations for 220 new houses. Not far away, in Kruisfontein, they have also launched a new housing project where the foundations have been cast for 391 new houses.

Mayor van Lingen’s team has also launched an extensive clean-up programme across many of Kouga’s communities, and various new refuse trucks, grass-cutting equipment and skip bins have been bought for the municipality. This clean-up operation has also meant hundreds of fixed-period jobs for the people here.

Then here are the wastewater treatment plants at Kruisfontein and Hankey that have been completed, as well as an upgrade that has been planned for the plant at St Francis Bay.

The informal settlement at Donkerhoek had its main access road upgraded, and electricity has already been switched on at 247 of the sites. The budget to electrify the remaining 116 sites there, as well as at the Ocean View settlement, has now also been approved for next year.

We are aware of the challenges when it comes to schooling in the area, and Mayor van Lingen’s government has successfully sorted out the delays in new school construction projects.

The site of the Andrieskraal Primary School has been handed over to the contractors. This build will include a new hostel. And a new school building at Sea Vista primary was completed and handed over this past year.

My fellow South Africans, this is what real progress looks like. And the Mayor assures me there is a lot more to come.

I know that there is still much to be done here. I have visited houses here in Pellsrus this morning and I have spoken to residents. I know how hard it can be when there are no jobs. I know what the high crime rate does to a community like yours. I know about sewage leaks and dirty streets.

And I assure you, all those things are on the Mayor’s list. You will not be forgotten here like you were under the ANC government.

If we have achieved so much here in Kouga in just one year, imagine what a difference we can make in five or ten years. We can bring back investment into this municipality. We can make it an attractive place for businesses and tourists alike. And with them will come the precious jobs that this community so desperately needs.

But to really be effective, we are going to need your help. Because there is only so much we can do in local government. The real change – the forward-looking plans to create job-creating growth in our country – have to come at national level.

Your vote in 2019 can make that happen. Each of you has the power to say: I don’t want a government that steals my money. I don’t want a government that only cares about itself. I don’t want a government that can’t keep one single promise. I want a fresh beginning under a new government.

Give the DA chance in 2019 to run this province and the country. I give you my word, we will work as hard as we possibly can to improve every aspect of your lives here. And if we don’t, then you must fire us again with your vote. Because that’s how our democracy works. But first give us that one chance.



Mmusi to visit Jeffreys Bay tomorrow

August 4, 2017

The leader of the Democratic Alliance, Mmusi Maimane, will be visiting Jeffreys Bay tomorrow.

Mmusi will be meeting the DA Councillors, conducting door to door visits, hold a street meeting as well as a public meeting in the Pellsrus Community Hall.

The street meeting will take place at 11:45 am on the corner of Galjoen and Robbie Dennis Streets, Pellsrus, while the public meeting will happen at 13:00 at the Pellsrus Community Hall.

The meetings are open to everyone.

The visit forms part of Mmusi’s #Change19 tour and the need for change at national level in the 2019 election.

“Over the past twenty years, cadre deployment and state capture have bred a strong culture of loyalty to party rather than to the people of South Africa, a culture which will in all likelihood be on full display come 8 August when ANC MPs vote in the motion of no confidence,” said Mmusi.

“That’s why only the people of South Africa can free our country.

Only by voting the ANC out of government in 2019 can we restore the democratic and constitutional order, and re-establish the accountability that must be at the heart of our social compact,” added Maimane.

600 tons of rubbish collected

June 28, 2017

Some 600 tons of rubbish were collected at Jeffreys Bay as Kouga Mayor Elza van Lingen moved her clean-up intervention into second gear.

More than 100 community members took part in the massive clean-up, which stretched over five days and covered the areas of Pellsrus, Tokyo Sexwale, Mandela Bay and Ocean View.

Mayor Van Lingen says illegal dumping sites, sidewalks and open spaces were cleared of all manner of waste, from empty bottles and dirty nappies to broken appliances and building rubble.

“The cleansing teams collected more than 600 cubic metres of rubbish – that’s roughly equal to 600 tonnes – in the five days and carted it to the regional waste site at Humansdorp,” she says.

“We are grateful to them for doing such a great job and making a visible difference to their communities.”

She said owners of open plots where rubble or garden refuse were being kept, would also be notified to have it removed.

The Mayor said casual littering and illegal dumping were two of the big challenges facing communities and the municipality.

“The municipality has accelerated its drive to keep Kouga clean, and we want to call on communities to join us in this war on waste.

“A clean area improves everyone’s quality of life and makes for happier and healthier communities.

“It also helps to create job opportunities because a clean area is more attractive to tourists and creates a good impression on potential investors.”

Van Lingen says the municipality would be putting up extra signage to warn against illegal dumping and that action would be taken against perpetrators.

She also calls on grown-ups to take children by the hand and teach them that littering was wrong and harmful to their environment.

The Kouga Mayoral Clean-up Intervention will be moving to Humansdorp this week.

Several smaller clean-ups were also held ahead of the massive Jeffreys Bay clean-up so as to help raise awareness of the need for communities and the municipality to band together in the war against waste.

Ward 3 IDP/Budget meeting takes place tonight at Newton Hall

April 11, 2017

Community consultation meetings about Kouga’s new draft Integrated Development Plan (IDP) for 2017/2022 and the draft budget for 2017/2018 start with Ward 3 this week.

Photo: Joey Nel

The meeting will take place at 6pm today, Tuesday, 11 April, at the Newton Hall, Jeffreys Bay.

Ward 3 is the lower section of Wavecrest, between AD Keet Street, Poplar, Noorsekloof and the sea.

All residents are encouraged to attend and participate actively in the governance of their ward.

Power cut in C Place today

March 28, 2017

The electricity to the bottom sections of Koraal Street and Barry Street in C-Place will be interrupted for about four hours from 9am today (28 March).

The interruption is necessary to repair a damaged cable.

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and remind residents to treat all power points as live during the shutdown.


Elza Van Lingen

From the desk of Mayor Elza Van Lingen – 3 February 2017

February 3, 2017

On behalf of the Kouga Council I would like to apologize to the residents of Jeffreys Bay for the recent delay in refuse collection.


Social Services Portfolio Councillor Danny Benson has informed me that the delay was due to an illegal go-slow by workers in the Cleansing and Parks Department.

Refuse collectors had to put in many extra hours over the Festive Season to cope with the holiday influx.

There has, however, been a delay in paying them a portion of their overtime.

We are grateful to the workers for going the extra mile over the holiday season.

They did fantastic work and we regret the delay in their payment.

Together with Finance Portfolio Councillor Brenton Williams, I met with the workers early last week where they were reassured that they would receive their overtime.

Despite our reassurances, they decided to embark on an illegal go-slow.

Alternative arrangements have been made to collect refuse but collection has happend later than usual.

Our sincere apologies go to the community of Jeffreys Bay.

We would like to assure residents that we are investigating both the delay in payment and the illegal go-slow.

Disciplinary action will be taken where necessary.

The Council will not be held to ransom by employees, especially when their actions impact negatively on communities.



Causeway not only a risk to motorists, Mayor warns

December 22, 2016

The Kouga Council has set out to find a permanent solution to the controversial causeway that connects Paradise Beach to Jeffreys Bay.

This follows a warning from experts that the unlawful breaching of the Seekoei River mouth has been increasing the safety risk to home-owners of properties located along the estuary.

Aston Bay

Aston Bay

Kouga Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen said the problems at the causeway went back 40 years and that it was high time the municipality took these problems seriously and started working towards a permanent solution.

“We have great sympathy for residents who are concerned about their vehicles rusting when the water levels are high. We also understand that it is an inconvenience to use the alternative gravel road.

“Our preliminary investigations have, however, shown that while breaching the mouth helps to bring temporary relief to motorists, it actually compounds the problem by putting houses along the embankments at a higher risk of flooding,” she said.

She explained that the natural opening-and-closing cycle of the mouth had been severely disturbed because of the haphazard manner in which the causeway had been constructed. This, combined with the artificial breaching of the mouth, has further led to the extreme siltation of the estuary.

“It is this natural cycle which keeps the marine and plant life in the estuary healthy. The bad stench which is at times prevalent at the estuary is most often the result of fish and vegetation dying and rotting because the cycle has been broken,” she said.

“It is also because of this that the mouth no longer breaches naturally when the water level reaches a certain point.

“We’ve seen what happens to the causeway when there is heavy rain. More disturbing, is the increased risk that the embankments – where houses are located – will flood because the estuary has become too shallow to hold the water as it should.”

She said the Council has prioritised finding a permanent solution to the problem but cautioned that this could take time.

“We are, therefore, also looking at mitigating measures which can be introduced in the meantime to reduce the risk and inconvenience to motorists.”

She said the Council wanted to plea with residents to refrain from breaching the mouth unlawfully.

“As frustrating as it is, research shows that the short-term gains of breaching the mouth are grossly outweighed by the long-term negative effects.”

She said the municipality was already in consultation with the Department of Environmental Affairs about measures which could help reduce the risk to vehicles in the short term.

“We promise that we will be keeping residents updated about developments. This is a tough situation and there is no quick permanent fix. We will, however, not turn a blind eye to what is happening here. We have a responsibility to keep our people and their property safe.”

Water supply to Jeffreys Bay disrupted

December 13, 2016

The water supply from the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro to Jeffreys Bay, St Francis Bay and Humansdorp has been interrupted.

The Churchill Dam

The Churchill Dam

Kouga Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen would like to appeal to all residents and businesses to cut back water usage drastically or the taps will run dry.

“We receive the bulk of our water from the Metro through the Churchill pipeline.

There is still water in our reservoirs, but we do not know how long it is going to take the Metro to sort out the matter.

They are already looking for the problem so that it can be addressed as quickly as is possible,” she said.

Business opportunity for youth cooperative

December 1, 2016

A youth cooperative from Jeffreys Bay has joined forces with Kouga Municipality to offer business services to job seekers and entrepreneurs.

Kouga Local Economic Development (LED) Portfolio Councillor Bryan Dhludhlu said the cooperative, Young Generation, would be operating from a container at the parking area on the corner of St Francis Drive and Goedehoop Street.


The container was handed over to the cooperative, Young Generation, by the municipality’s LED, Tourism & Creative Industries Directorate last week.

Dhudhlu said the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) and Coega Development Corporation (CDC) would also be assisting the cooperative.

“They will be receiving training and equipment. This will enable them to offer various services to the public, including, internet access and the drawing up of CVs and business plans.

“Once they have undergone training with CDC, the plan is to link them up to the corporation’s database as well, so that they will be able to keep locals updated about jobs being advertised,” he said.

Young Generation is a cooperative from Ward 2 and consists of Ilgin Grobbelaar, Bernard Draai, Taylon Hammond, Elviera Dolph and Dene Williams. The members are aged between 22 and 28.

“Unemployment among our youth is a big challenge across South Africa. The new Council will be doing everything we can to empower our youth and expose them to opportunities,” said Kouga Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen.

Blue flag status for Main Beach

November 17, 2016

Jeffreys Bay’s Main Beach has remained part of a group of elite beaches and top tourist spots around the world by once again securing Blue Flag status.

The Blue Flag went up at a ceremony held last Friday after the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (Wessa) gave the beach the nod as having met the stringent international criteria needed to acquire the status.

Photo: Joey Nel

Photo: Joey Nel

Among the requirements are pristine waters, a safe environment for beachgoers and bathers and accessibility for people with disabilities.

A notable addition to the features at the beach is the new lifeguard tower, providing lifeguards with a better view of activity in the water.

Kouga Social Services Portfolio Councillor Danny Benson said a lot of hard work went into ensuring that Kouga’s main beach met the criteria.

“As part of ensuring a safe environment for our beachgoers, we will have nine life guards and four law enforcement officers at Dolphin Beach.

“The life guards will work from 8 am till 6pm while the law enforcement officers will be on duty until 10pm,” said Benson.

The Blue Flag seasons runs from 1 November until the end of April next year.

There were messages of support from the Association of People with Disabilities (APD), the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI), Kouga Business Forum and Sarah Baartman District Municipality. All stakeholders pledged their full commitment towards a successful season.

APD’s Jakkie Pieters said the beach was one of Kouga’s greatest assets and one of the most accessible beaches in the country for people with disabilities.

“This whole success became possible through partnerships with local government and other departments,” he said.

The new look at Main Beach. Photo: Joey Nel

The new look at Main Beach. Photo: Joey Nel

Speaking on behalf of the Executive Mayor, Finance Portfolio Councillor Brenton Williams said while the municipality was able to secure the Blue Flag, there were still a number of challenges that the municipality was working to resolve, such as the sewerage spills at Pellsrus Beach and people remaining at the beach till late when the lifeguards have already gone home.

“We will conduct regular water tests to ensure that our bathers are protected from contaminated water until we solve the problem permanently.

“Extra security will be deployed on the beaches to ensure people will be safe when enjoying the facility after the Blue Flag beach closes for the day.

Therefore, we will be deploying law enforcement until 10pm in the evenings so that visitors can make use of the beaches, which remain the primary reason why holiday-makers choose Jeffreys Bay as their holiday destination,” he said.

Williams also paid tribute to municipal staff for having made the achievement possible and thanked stakeholders and government departments for playing their different roles in helping.