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Freedom Day celebrated in Kouga

April 28, 2018

Kouga was blue yesterday as the DA celebrated Freedom Day with beach cleanups, door to door meetings, braai’s and a public meetings.

The DA is growing in Kouga. We need a freedom we can use.

Freedom Day is an annual celebration of South Africa’s first non-racial democratic elections of 1994.

The 1994 election paved the way towards a new democratic dispensation and a new constitution for the country. The elections took place in a peaceful and festive atmosphere and saw Nelson Mandela become the first President of a democratic South Africa.

Of South Africa’s 22, 7 million eligible voters, 19.7 million voted in the 1994 national election.

Ward 5 is a DA ward where Freedom Day was celebrated with a braai with the community

The election was won by the ANC with 62.65 % of the vote.

The National Party (NP) received 20.39 %, Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) 10.54 %, Freedom Front (FF) 2.2 %, Democratic Party (DP) 1.7 %, Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) 1.2 % and the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) 0.5 %.

This shows just how much the modern day Democratic Alliance has grown during democracy. In the 2014 national election, the DA won 22 % of the vote and are the official opposition in Parliament.

Celebrating our natural assets with a beach cleanup in Jeffreys Bay

“Celebrating Freedom Day is about celebrating individual freedoms and human rights that were hard-earned.

It is now up to us to make a difference and to defend and extend those freedoms and rights to all South Africans,” said Henni Britz the DA Constituency Chairperson for Kouga and Kou Kamma municipalities.

“There was strong political campaigning, respectful and disciplined as we celebrated Freedom Day in Humansdorp,” said Kouga Mayor Horatio Hendricks.

“A number of new DA youth members and adult members signed up in Kwanomzamo yesterday as our activists went door to door and talking to residents about a better life for all in 2019 and beyond,” added Hendricks.


DA retains Ward 5 with a resounding victory

December 14, 2017

The DA stronghold of Ward 5 in Humansdorp proved unassailable for all opposition candidates as Wilma Coenraad claimed a resounding victory for the party in yesterday’s by-election.

In addition to winning the ward, the DA showed strong growth in Vaaldam, which traditionally was an ANC dominated voting station.

The DA received the majority of the vote at the Kruisfontein Civic voting station, with voters clearly signifying that the Kouga Municipality is moving in the right direction under DA governance.

The actual results were:

DA 763
ANC 612
Independent 517
Spoilt ballots 21

Total vote 1921

Registered voters 3622
Voter turnout 53,03 %

The continual erosion of support for the ANC on both a national and local level was again highlighted in the ward 5 by-election as the party struggled to get more votes than an independent candidate.

“We appreciate the vote of support from Ward 5 and will continue with our mandate of delivering services to all the residents of Kouga,” said Mayor Elza Van Lingen.

“After decades of mismanagement, there is still a lot of work to be done in Kouga but we are on the right track and will turn the Municipality into a world class organisation that serves the people.

Congratulations to Councillor Wilma Coenraad. I know she will do a great job representing the people of Ward 5 and will make a positive contribution to Council,” added Van Lingen.

A Vote for Wilma is a Vote for Service Delivery

December 13, 2017

To all our Ward 5 voters- please get to the voting station early as strong wind is expected from lunch time today.

We will have drivers operating throughout the ward to ensure everyone has the opportunity to vote.

Lets keep ward 5 blue today – ward 5 is DA country!

Vote for Wilma Coenraad!

Historic handover of RDP houses in Humansdorp

December 11, 2017

Thirty five families from Humansdorp received the biggest Christmas presents of their lives today when the first RDP houses of the Kruisfontein 391 project were handed over.

Kouga Mayor Elza van Lingen said it was a joyful day for Kruisfontein.

“No houses have been built in Kouga for the past 11 years and residents have been waiting patiently for this project to get going since it was approved in 2009. It is a big day for Humansdorp and our region as a whole,” she said.

“It is heartening that local and provincial government were able to work together for the community and to ensure a new beginning for these beneficiaries.”

MEC Helen Sauls-August and the East Cape Department of Human Settlements were also in attendance as hundreds of residents gathered at Kruisfontein for the hand-over.

Ribbons were cut at three houses while the remaining 32 beneficiaries were introduced to the community at a ceremony.

Among the first three beneficiaries who received their houses from the Mayor and MEC, was Paulina Magielies, a 62-year-old widow who depends on her pension to look after herself and two adopted sons, Shelton Boesak (14) and Clayton Magielies (12).

Mrs Magielies said she and the boys have had to share a house with her mother as she could not afford to get her own place.

“This is such a special day for our family. I have always trusted in God to look after us and today is an answer to my prayers,” she said.

Also among the first three beneficiaries, was Connie Kabani (37), whose mother, Georgina, was one of the original beneficiaries of the housing project but sadly passed away before her house was completed.

“I had to leave school when I was in grade 11 to work and look after my mother, as she was very ill. I have been the breadwinner of my family ever since. It hasn’t been easy. Receiving this house is an incredible blessing,” she said.

The last of the first three beneficiaries were the Adams family, who earlier this year lost everything in a fire.

Spaas Adams, who was at the hand-over with her 11-year-old daughter Ilse, thanked the Department of Human Settelements and Kouga Municipality for giving them a place of their own to celebrate Christmas and the new year.

“It is a new beginning for us,” she said.

Getting to know Wilma Coenraad

December 11, 2017

Wilma Coenraad is the DA’s candidate for the Ward 5 by-election that is taking place in Ward 5, Humansdorp on Wednesday 13 December.

Lets get to know Wilma:

  • Ward 5 Kouga DA candidate.
  • Born in 1969 in Kamiesbos. Resident of Kouga for the past 47 years.
  • Joined the DA in 2000.
  • Member of the local CPF (Community Policing Forum).
  • Married to Henry and they have three children and one grandchild.
  • Her passion is to serve the community.

“I want to work with and for the community. I will work closely with the Municipality to ensure that all the residents of ward 5 continue to receive quality services.” – Ward 5 DA Candidate, Wilma Coenraad.


A clean environment:

A clean environment is important to me. I will continue with cleanup campaigns to ensure that all the residents live in an area that they can be proud of.

Service delivery:

I will work with the Municipality to ensure that all the residents continue to receive the best service delivery. I will address community issues and help to find solutions.


I will hold regular meetings with the residents of our ward. I will give feedback from the Municipality about any developments in our ward.

Can I vote in this election?

You can if you are registered at one of these voting stations in Ward 5 Kouga:


To check, sms your ID mumber to 32810

New plan to maintain gravel roads in Kouga

December 10, 2017

Kouga has rolled out a new maintenance plan for gravel roads across the region.

Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen said many of the municipality’s gravel roads were in a shocking condition following years of neglect.

“The municipality does not own its own grader. We have, however, set aside funds to hire a grader, which will be used from town to town to grade those roads most in need of attention,” she said.

Kouga has a total of 87,5km of municipal gravel roads of which almost half is in Humansdorp.

Kruisfontein has almost 33km of gravel roads while KwaNomzamo has just more than 8km.”

“We have already started grading roads in Kruisfontein and aim to move to KwaNomzamo by December,” she said.

New booking system for Humansdorp Traffic Department

November 24, 2017

A new booking system has been introduced at the Kouga Traffic Department in Humansdorp to save residents from having to spend hours in queues.

Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen said the new system enabled residents to book a slot telephonically or in person to submit their applications for learner’s or driver’s licences at the Traffic Department.

“Applying for a learner’s or driver’s licence can take anything from 15 to 30 minutes. This is because eye tests and fingerprints also need to be done as part of the process,” she said

“In the past this meant that residents often had to spend hours queuing, waiting for their turn to submit their applications.

“With the new system, you can now book a specific slot to visit the Department and submit your licence application. Slots can be booked either telephonically at 042 200 2200 or in person at the Traffic Department.”

She said residents who booked, would be allocated a specific date and time for them to submit their licence applications to the Traffic Department.

“If you make the booking in person, you will be given the forms you need to fill in for completion at home.

“If you book telephonically, we ask that you be at the Traffic Department at least 15 minutes before your allocated slot as you need to complete the forms beforehand,” she said.

Residents are further encouraged, when booking, to check what documents they need to bring along for the application process to go smoothly.

“We expect the new booking system to make a significant change to the way business is conducted at the Traffic Department,” she said.

“Time is precious and we will do all we can to ensure our residents receive prompt service.”

Quick response from Kouga fire fighters

October 29, 2017

Kouga firefighters were quick to respond to a fire and managed to save a popular supermarket in Humansdorp, though there was no such luck for the franchise’s bottle store.

The municipality’s emergency room received a call at 22:22 last Friday that the Tops bottle store in Main Street was on fire.

The bottle store is an annexe to the main Spar grocery store and the fire could have resulted in the entire building being destroyed.

Social Services Portfolio Councillor Daniel Benson said firefighters were immediately sent to the scene and backup was called from the Jeffreys Bay fire department.

“The fire started and was contained to the Tops liquor store. There was significant damage to the contents and the structure. The supermarket section suffered smoke damage.”

“The cause of the fire is unknown at this stage.”

From the desk of Mayor Elza Van Lingen – 18 November 2016

November 18, 2016

A Kouga high school has been employing drastic tactics to improve its matric results.

Lungiso Public School at KwaNomzamo, Humansdorp, has for the past three years held matric camps which require all their Grade 12 learners to remain on the school grounds for the duration of their final examinations.


The programme has enabled the school to improve its matric pass rate from a dismal 47% in 2012 to more than 80% over the past three years.

The school is aiming for a 90% minimum this year.

School principal Sebenzile Hoko said the success of the programme relied on the commitment of the teachers, who receive nothing extra to supervise learners after hours, and a high level of discipline from those writing.

“Our school does not have a hostel, which means learners have to make do with classrooms as sleeping quarters. Together with the School Governing Body and parents, we try to make the environment as homely as possible for the youngsters,” he said.

Hoko said the school adopted the radical approach to give their learners the best chance they could and to win back the confidence of the community in the school.

“There are many social factors which impede on learners’ ability to study when they are at home,” he said.

The daily programme consists of physical training, prayer services and study sessions.

Meals are prepared and served on site three times a day and this is mostly where the school needs a hand.

“We serve a poor community, which means we have to rely on good Samaritans to ensure that no learner writes on an empty stomach,” said Hoko.

I would personally like to congratulate the school for their efforts in improving education.

What they have achieved, is phenomenal. I applaud all involved in this initiative to help ensure that poverty does not become an educational impediment for our children.

I urge those who could make contributions to do so as this would go towards a good cause.

People who wish to know how to help Lungiso with any of the basic needs can contact Mr Hoko on 073 206 6887 or the Secretary Nangamso Mnaphu on 072 560 3080.



Humansdorp Sewage Plant is dysfunctional

September 30, 2016

Untreated sewage is being released from the Humansdorp Sewage Plant and is entering into the environment, creating a health risk to the residents of Kwananzamo.


“Nosimo Balindlela, the DA Shadow Minister for Water and Sanitation visited the Sewage Plant with me in July this year and we took samples of the water being released from the Plant,” said Kouga Mayor Elza Van Lingen.

“We were shocked to discover that raw sewage was being released and that the Plant was totally dysfunctional. There were not even chemicals at the Plant to treat the sewage.”

Balindlela then laid criminal charges against Sidney Fadi, the Municipal Manager for the sewage spills that end up in a nearby dam as well as in a canal next to the side of the road leading to Kwananzamo.

“In August, the Department of Environmental Affairs inspected the Sewage Plant and confirmed that untreated sewage runs out from the Plant and ends up in a dam.

They were also very concerned that residents and animals have access to the raw sewage,” said Van Lingen.

The Director of Public Prosecutions is now considering the laying of several charges against Mr Fadi, the Municipal Manager of Kouga.

‘Among the charges being contemplated are the contravention of Section 151 of the National Water Act in that the sewage plant is not being properly operated and maintained, treated effluent contains faecel coliforms is being released from the Plant, which in turn is detrimentally affecting a water resource and the environment,” added Van Lingen.

“I have already made an appeal to the Department of Rural Development to make funds available to upgrade the Sewage Plant as we cannot accept our residents facing such a dangerous health hazard and our environment being polluted with raw sewage.

I am also investigating when the new Waste Water Treatment Plant being built by Woodlands Dairy will come on-stream, which will take a lot of pressure off the Humansdorp Sewage Plant, that is over capacity at present.

“Kouga Municipality is also upgrading the Kruisfontein Waste Water Treatment Plant and this process will be completed in the 2018/19 financial year,” concluded Van Lingen.