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A decade of DA delivery in Western Cape shows what is possible

March 13, 2019

Last week, we learnt from StatsSA that SA’s economic growth (0.8%) was below population growth (1.2%) in 2018.

So the average South African got poorer for a fifth year in a row. This shows it is not enough to put a new driver into the old ANC bus.

South Africa needs to move beyond liberation movement politics and into a post-liberation era of clean, capable, citizen-centred government that can put a job in every home, eradicate corruption, build a professional police service, secure our borders and deliver better services.

2019 DA election manifesto

On Saturday the DA launched its Gauteng Manifesto, our plan of action for how we will get Gauteng working. The province has massive potential.

The DA has already proved itself in Johannesburg and Tshwane which accounted for 162 000 of the 172 000 new jobs created in Gauteng last year. And DA-led Midvaal, has sustained economic growth of 10% for over a decade, with the lowest unemployment in Gauteng.

We will build on our success in Gauteng by actively supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs through funding, innovation hubs and partnerships. We’ll make it easier to do business by cutting red tape and by revitalizing and expanding industrial parks.

We’ll provide space for informal traders, pay suppliers on time, and support the development of new CBDs in Soweto, Tembisa and Mamelodi.

And we’ll lobby for police competency to be given to the province, since a more local approach will be far more effective in fighting crime.

There is nothing inherently wrong with Gauteng or with our country. We just need clean, capable government. Over the past ten years of DA government in the Western Cape, the province has pulled far ahead of the other provinces precisely because it’s had clean, capable government.

Outgoing premier Helen Zille is the first to admit there is still much to be done. But the province has progressed despite bad policy at the national level. It now has a professional, capable administration that is well-positioned to accelerate delivery.

Below this newsletter I’ve listed some highlights from Helen’s final State of the Province Address, and I’d like to thank her for her incredible contribution.

This impressive progress comes from putting citizens’ interests first and prioritizing the most vulnerable. They show that Western Cape citizens did well to place their trust in the DA.

The DA’s Western Cape Manifesto sets out how we will build on these achievements. We will work to secure the Western Cape’s power supply through Independent Power Producers, because we cannot rely on Eskom to keep the lights on.

We will fight for a provincially managed rail service so that bus and train transport can be integrated. And we will fight for policing to be devolved to provinces (those provinces that have the capability), so that we can build a professional provincial police service.

On 8 May, please vote for clean, capable DA government that builds One South Africa for All.

Warm regards,

Mmusi Maimane
DA Leader

Would you like a job with the DA?

March 10, 2019


Field Operator
Eastern Cape
Port Elizabeth

Bethelsdorp – Ref: EC-FO-002 (b)

Please note only applications reflecting the reference number will be considered.

The above position now exists within the Democratic Alliance. The DA is looking to recruit self-motivated and goal driven individuals at our Provincial Head Office based in Eastern Cape.

The successful candidate will report directly to the Group Campaign Coordinator and with an indirect reporting line to the Provincial Campaign Operations Manager.

The successful candidate will be responsible for:
• Assisting the Unit Campaign Organisers to build the field campaign infrastructure the DA needs to achieve its objectives in 2019
• Providing Community Teams with the required logistical support to facilitate their effective campaigning
• Providing assistance for constituency and Ward report back meetings
• Providing any other assistance with campaigns and events
• Provide the logistical assistance and enabling support that Teams need to contact voters with a view to, in this order: build relationships with voters, understand their issues, register new DA supporters, persuade voters to support the DA, mobilize DA supporters to turn out to vote, and run community events.

Prospective applicants should meet the following requirements:

• A commitment to the principles, policies and programme of action of the DA
• Proven leadership skills and ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships within the Party
• The preferred candidate must be completely outcomes orientated and not simply task orientated
• Ability to build trust and relationships within a community
• Excellent communication skills
• Excellent organizational abilities
• Proven record of initiative and problem solving.
• The ability to apply sound political judgment and the ability to identify key issues
relevant to communities
• Excellent administrative skills and attention to detail
• Proficiency in more than one language
• Computer literacy is essential
• An ability to work effectively and energetically around a demanding work schedule
• Willing to work long and irregular hours

Should you meet the above requirements and be interested, kindly forward your completed application form, copy of ID, 2 page CV and 1 page cover letter motivating why you wish to be employed by the Democratic Alliance and a certified copy of your driver’s license, where applicable to Ashleigh Brooks, Democratic Alliance, Federal
Head Office, PO Box 1475, Cape Town, 8000. Tel No: (021) 465 1431, Fax No: 086 461 5105 or e-mail:

Kindly note that any application received without the required documentation will not be considered.
Please note that correspondence will only be conducted with shortlisted candidates.

Should you not hear from us within 30 days of closing date please consider your application unsuccessful. Please also note that we reserve the right not to make any appointments.

Kindly further note that the Party will not require applicants to pay any amount or undergo any health-related tests, to be shortlisted.

Closing Date: 14 March 2019

DA romps home in Port Elizabeth by-election

March 7, 2019

The Democratic Alliance (DA) romped home to a stunning victory in the Ward 2 by-election held in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro yesterday.

The DA’s candidate, Renaldo Gouws, obtained 3400 votes which is 93,36% of the valid votes cast. Altogether 3642 votes were cast.

The DA increased its share of the vote from 90% to 93,36%.

“This result is a resounding vote of confidence in the DA. This endorsement from the voters proves that the DA remains on track to return to government in Nelson Mandela Bay,” said the DA leader in the Eastern Cape Nqaba Bhanga.

The ANC saw a big drop in support and only received 145 (3,98%) votes.

The rest of the parties, such as the ACDP, Cope and EFF, could only muster a fraction of the vote.

“It is also a clear indication that the DA is set to increase support in the 2019 elections.

We are grateful to voters for giving us this mandate and we don’t take it lightly

Only the DA can build One South Africa for All and is big enough to beat the ANC in Nelson Mandela Bay and in the Eastern Cape,” added Bhanga.

How to vote in Election 2019 if you are overseas

February 28, 2019

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has officially proclaimed the date of the election.

While those in South Africa will be going to the polls on the 8 May, South Africans abroad will be casting their vote at their nearest SA foreign mission on Saturday, 27 April 2019 (Freedom Day).

In order to vote every South African abroad must complete a VEC10 form informing the IEC where they intend to vote abroad.

This form can be found on the IEC’s website:

The VEC10 form must be submitted no later than 13 March 2019 at midnight (UTC+02:00).

A reminder also that to vote abroad South Africans must vote in person at their nearest SA foreign mission and have BOTH their SA ID and passport (they can’t vote with only one of these documents).

They must, of course, also be registered to vote.

Many South Africans living abroad DO NOT know that they can vote in the 2019 election, and so we would like to request that you contact all your friends and family living abroad and urgently share this information with them.

You can do so in the following ways:

1. Share the attached DA Abroad VEC10 flyer with them
2. Invite them to this Facebook event for the overseas voting day on our DA Abroad page:
3. Direct them to this page on our DA Abroad website which answers all the common questions about overseas voting:
4. Suggest they subscribe to our mailing list at so they don’t miss any important deadlines. They can also email us directly at with their questions about voting abroad or WhatsApp us on +44 795 829 1141

If you have any questions, please email

DA launches Manifesto for Change

February 25, 2019

Over the weekend, the DA  launched the Manifesto for Change – it’s our contract with South Africa should we be entrusted to govern.

In our manifesto, we unpack how a DA-led government will put the South African people first and ensure a better future for our children.

It includes a 15-year jail sentence for corrupt public representatives or officials, fixing Eskom to keep the lights on, and putting a job in every home with initiatives like a year-long paid work experience programme for matriculants.

In summary, a DA-government will:

Fight corruption

Under a DA-government, money meant for the people will be spent on the people and anyone found guilty of corruption will be sentenced to 15 years in jail. This includes:

  • Establishing an independent unit dedicated to identifying, fighting and prosecuting corruption.
  • Implementing regular lifestyle audits for politicians and government officials.
  • Protecting and encouraging ‘whistle-blowers’ who identify and report on corrupt activities.

Honest, professional police

A DA-government will overhaul the SAPS to become an honest and professional organisation that actually serves and protects South Africans. This will involve:

  • Giving capable provinces control over policing.
  • Creating specialised units to fight rural crimes and gender-based violence, and tackle drugs and gangs.
  • Fighting corruption within the police and retraining police to serve with pride.

Fair access to jobs

By creating fair access to real and long-term jobs, a DA-government will put a job in every home.

  • Our Voluntary National Civilian Service will give school-leavers a year of skills development and an income.
  • We will eradicate employment corruption so there are no more ‘sex for jobs’ or ‘bribes for jobs’ crimes.
  • We will create job centres throughout South Africa with free Internet for job-seekers.

Secure our borders

A DA-government will restore law and order at Home Affairs to stop illegal immigration, crime and corruption; and assist legitimate refugees and asylum seekers. This will involve:

  • Strengthening our border posts so they are corruption-free and provide effective border security and control.
  • Eradicating the corruption and inefficiency at Home Affairs.
  • Increasing the number of South African National Defence Force companies patrolling the borders from 15 to 22.

Speed up service delivery

A modern and professional DA-government will drastically speed up the delivery of housing, water, electricity and sanitation by:

  • Giving South Africans more housing options by offering vouchers that help build or finance a home or plot.
  • Upgrading informal settlements with water, sanitation and electricity.
  • Making more affordable housing available in cities.

Vote DA and fight corruption in South Africa

February 23, 2019

DA led governments fight corruption to ensure that all public money is spent on the people.

We have seen this take place in Kouga Municipality since 2016 and in other DA led Municipalities like Drakenstein, Overstrand and George.

The corruption of the ANC government is oppressing South Africans. And it is one of the main reasons the country has taken a wrong turn from the path set by Madiba.

After Madiba left, the ANC decided it was their time to eat and they focused on enriching only themselves. No matter who leads them, they are the same old party full of empty promises.

They are not capable of fighting corruption. And they have no genuine intention of fighting corruption.

The 2019 election is your chance to get South Africa back on track. You can choose between even more corruption, and a party that has a solid record of fighting corruption and of being accountable, transparent and clean where it governs.

We will bring change that builds One South Africa for All.

We will fight corruption; create fair access to jobs; make our police service honest and professional; secure our borders; and speed up the delivery of basic services.

Under a DA-government, anyone found guilty of corruption will be sentenced to 15 years in jail.

Our plan to fight corruption focuses on:

  • Establishing an independent unit dedicated to identifying, fighting and prosecuting corruption.
  • Ensuring the payment of all public money is transparent.
  • Bringing in direct elections for all political office holders so that the South African people can hold their president, premiers and mayors directly accountable.
  • Implementing regular lifestyle audits for all politicians and government officials.
  • Protecting and encouraging ‘whistle blowers’ who identify and report on corrupt activities.

Don’t reward ANC failure to fight corruption because nothing will change.

This election is about YOUR future.

Use your vote to ensure a strong DA because only we are serious about fighting corruption and building One South Africa for All.

Living overseas? Make sure you vote in the May elections

February 12, 2019

We encourage each and every South African living abroad to take the following steps to be a part of our country’s future:

  1. Check first that you aren’t already registered to vote >>
  2. If you are already registered, you don’t need to re-register, even if your registered address is in South Africa.

2019 DA election manifesto

  1. Once registered, you need to fill in a VEC10 form on the IEC’s website when the date of the election is announced to inform the IEC where you would like to vote abroad.
  2. Once all these steps have been completed, on election day you can take BOTH your SA ID and passport to vote at your nearest SA foreign mission.

If you have any further questions you can email us on or WhatsApp on

More load shedding expected this week

February 11, 2019

South Africans were taken unawares yesterday as Eskom resumed load shedding. Stage 2 was implemented across the country and towns like Jeffreys Bay and Humansdorp were without power yesterday afternoon.

2019 DA election manifesto

Eskom announced through a statement on Sunday that it would be implementing load shedding for the first time since early December.

The statement said this was as a result of a shortage of capacity and a need to replenish and preserve emergency water and diesel resources.

Stage 2 calls for 2000 MW to be rotationally load shed nationally at a given period. Load shedding is conducted rotationally as a measure of last resort to protect the power system from a total collapse or blackout,” the statement said.

Eskom has warned that further load shedding could take place today (11 February 2019).

There is a probability of rotational load shedding today as a result of a shortage of capacity due to a number of generating units still out of service due to breakdowns.

Our maintenance teams continued to work through the night to bring units back online, said Eskom.

How to vote when you overseas

February 1, 2019

South Africans living overseas can vote in the upcoming national and provincial elections.

This is what you need to know:

Section 19 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (Act 108 of 1996) upholds that all South African citizens living abroad, who are over the age of 18, can vote in national elections.

Voting abroad is a “Special Vote” and is allowed for those who cannot vote at a voting station where they are registered in South Africa, including those South African citizens temporarily absent from the Republic for the purposes of a holiday, business trip, educational visit or participation in an international sporting event.

In order to vote abroad you will need to do the following:

Ensure you are registered to vote. You can check your status on the IEC website.

Ensure you have BOTH a valid South African ID (This can be the new Smartcard ID, the green bar-coded ID or a temporary ID document) and your South African Passport.

Ensure you have submitted the VEC10 form to the IEC (This will only be available from the date the President announces the date of the election).

Head to your nearest SA foreign mission to vote on the announced election day

(You can find your nearest SA foreign mission on the DIRCO website. Note that you won’t be able to vote at honorary consuls.)

If you are registered to vote in South Africa, don’t worry, you don’t need to re-register in order to vote abroad.

All you need to do is submit the VEC10 form to the IEC when it becomes available after the President announces the date of the election. This form will tell the IEC that you plan to vote abroad, and where you intend to vote.

It’s expected that, like the elections in 2014, this will be an online form available on the IEC’s website. This form will only be available for approximately 15 days, so it’s important you don’t miss the deadline to submit it.

Yes, the Electoral Amendment Act 2013 gave all South African citizens the right to register and vote abroad in national elections.

Important: In order to vote abroad, you must be registered AND submit a VEC10 notification within the period specified on the election’s timetable (15 days from the date on which the election is proclaimed).

You can register during the embassy, high commission or consulate-general’s normal working hours,  or during the special overseas voter registration weekend from the 1 – 4 February 2019 (visit the Dept. of International Relations and Cooperation for contact info, and phone for opening hours).

You must apply for registration before an election is proclaimed (published in the Government Gazette) to be able to vote in that election. For more info on this, visit the IEC website.

For more information visit Vote Home


The DA can put a job in every home

January 22, 2019

Election 2019 should be all about jobs. South Africa’s core problem is our unnaturally high unemployment rate. Poverty, inequality, crime – all these will remain dangerously high while there are 9.8 million (mostly young) adults without a job in South Africa.

Conversely, poverty, inequality and crime will come down if we can shift millions more people into the productive economy.

A DA national government would aim to put a job in every home in South Africa. Our track record in DA-run Western Cape Province suggests we can do this.

Over half (95 000) of the 188 000 new jobs created in SA in the past year were created in the Western Cape. This was achieved despite the hostile regulatory environment imposed by the ANC national government and a crippling drought in the area.

The Western Cape accounts for only one-eighth of SA’s population. Just think how many jobs could be created if the entire country were DA-run!

(Note that the DA does not claim to create jobs. Rather, our approach is to create an environment which fosters job-creating entrepreneurship and investment, and which extends opportunities to all.)

By comparison, the ANC’s 2019 manifesto can be summarized in one sentence: South Africa’s unemployment rate will remain unnaturally high if the ANC remains in government. Their manifesto promises to create 275 000 new jobs each year. Frankly, everything else it says is just noise.

Numbers speak louder than words and this number is telling us all we need to know about our future prospects under an ANC government.

Let’s be charitable and assume the ANC breaks with tradition and keeps this promise. (Only 188 000 new jobs were created in SA in the past year, so this is not a forgone conclusion. Unfortunately, the total number of people needing jobs increased by 525 000 in the same period, meaning another 337 000 people joined the ranks of the jobless.)

If only 275 000 new jobs are added to the economy each year, joblessness will continue to go up and soon it will breach 10 million and be headed for 11 million. South Africa will know no peace, stability or prosperity under these conditions.

At 275 000 new jobs per year, it would take 35 years just to produce jobs for the current 9.8 million people who need them. But since the job market grows by an additional 550 000 people each year, there’ll be no clawing back of that number.

So, it is fair to say the ANC’s manifesto is a blueprint for the status quo of unnaturally high unemployment, poverty, inequality and crime. It is an admission of defeat.

This is the crux of the difference between the DA and the ANC’s approach in government.

The ANC’s focus is on creating a black elite, even at the expense of improving the lives of the black majority. This approach has divided our country into two South Africas – the haves and the have-nots.

The ANC’s approach has essentially created an insider/outsider economy. Insiders – those with jobs and connections – are protected and enriched (through policies such as highly restrictive labour legislation, national minimum wages and BBBEE) at the expense of outsiders who are locked out of opportunities, with little prospect of ever entering the economy.

The DA’s approach builds one South Africa for all by breaking down the barriers that keep people locked out of the economy and by extending opportunities to all. This is the only approach that will bring down South Africa’s unemployment rate and effectively fight poverty, inequality and crime.

The upcoming election is the most crucial our nation has faced since 1994. Election 2019 is a chance to bring real change to SA. If you want to support the DA’s job-creating approach and our vision of one South Africa for all, please check that you are registered to vote by going to

This weekend 26-27 January is the final registration weekend. If you are a first-time voter or are not yet registered, please make sure you visit your nearest voting station between 8am and 5pm on either the Saturday or the Sunday, with either your green ID book, your smartcard ID or a valid Temporary Identity Certificate.

Please use your vote to support job creation and build one South Africa for all.


Mmusi Maimane