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This is the official blog of the Democratic Alliance in the Kouga.

We will keep all voters up to date with what is happening politically in the Kouga and all its towns.

Please engage with us and leave comments and ask questions.

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5 Responses to “Kouga Democrat”

  1. Dr. Barry Vosloo Says:

    At last, but well done!

    Onthou dat die DA baie Afrikaanssprekende ondersteuners in die Kouga het. Volg asseblief Helen Zille se voorbeeld en verseker dus dat berigte af en toe ook in Afrikaans verskyn. En wat van die die Xhosas? En die Zoeloes? En … ? Hulle moet egter sélf sê wat hulle wil hê.

  2. Anthea Says:

    I lived in Jeffreys Bay for many years. It is so sad to hear all the negative stories.
    I think Kouga is such a beattiful place with so much potential. I hope the DA can bring positive change.
    If I was given a opportunity I would make a difference.

  3. Jonathen McHugh Says:

    Good day.
    Our farm was one of the first to be affected in the Thornhill fires. We lost almost 100% of Proteas which is our main livelihood.
    Could someone please assist or provide us with the relevant details to any disaster fund or assistance that has been setup.
    You can contact me on 0766651782
    Thank you

  4. Bronwyn de villiers Says:

    When will the bees be removed from the electrical boxes in Jbay and Oysterbay? Three boxes are effected, 2 in Jbay and 1 in Oysterbay. Requestes have been put in 2 months ago and nothing resolved.

  5. Marius Mc Donald Says:

    Who is the DA councillor for Paradysstrand?

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