Why vote for the DA

Now, all over South Africa, is the time to elect leaders that will work hard for you, be on your side, and secure your future.

Independent reports show that the only towns in South Africa that work are DA towns, because the DA gets things done.

Only the DA is big enough to beat the ANC; keep the EFF out; and turn around towns and cities to end corruption, bring capable governance, and create places of opportunity and security.

Only the DA has a track-record showing that life gets better for all people where we govern. 

  • Jobs are highest and unemployment is lowest where the DA governs. During COVID-19 lockdowns, jobs have been lost elsewhere, but recovery is fastest where the DA governs. 
  • We don’t steal your money; we protect public money and deliver services to you and others. We are honest and we get clean audits every year. 
  • We don’t appoint people for political favours. We hire competent people on merit
  • We are the only party with open tender processes where we govern, so everyone can see how we award tenders. 

We don’t polarise and destroy our society by dividing South Africans on the basis of race. Instead, we are the only party that brings South Africans together and judges people by the content of their character, not the colour of their skin. The DA is the only party that receives large numbers of votes from South Africans of all races, black, coloured, white and Indian voters.

We believe in non-racialism. This means that we reject using race as a way to categorize and treat people, especially the laws of the land. 

We want to deliver the DA difference to every part of South Africa, and we can if voters choose a new beginning in this election. This is the best way to secure your future. 

The things we will get done for you, if you elect the DA to govern, contained in our Manifesto: 

  • Bring down unemployment and grow jobs. 
  • Ensure every community gets access to reliable, clean, running water. 
  • Bring regular waste collection and rubbish disposal to every community. 
  • Improve recycling and waste management. 
  • Work to free residents from Eskom load shedding. 
  • Invest in cleaning and upgrading of public parks and spaces, cut grass and maintain pavements. 
  • Invest in sports & recreation facilities and libraries. 
  • Work to integrate public transport and introduce a smart ticket across busses and taxis in our metros. 
  • Build reliable Metro Police Services where these are affordable, and launch specialized local policing units, like gang and drug units. 
  • Install crime information systems, more CCTV, body cameras for police officers, and gunfire detection systems. 
  • Reduce the time to pass building plans and get electricity connections. 
  • Release unused government land, for housing development. 
  • Help the homeless off the streets, with socioeconomic assistance. 
  • Take legal action against illegal land invasions. 
  • Help residents replace unsafe paraffin stoves, with safer means, thus preventing fires. 
  • Introduce effective by-laws to stop pollution.
  • Keep staff costs down, to spend more on service delivery. 
  • End cadre deployment. 
  • Introduce e-government services, to transact with your municipality online. 

Lets keep Kouga DA and ensure we build on the foundation that has been laid over the past five years!



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