Multi Million Fleet tender to improve Service Delivery in Kouga

To improve service delivery to all residents in the region, the DA led Kouga Municipality has awarded a three-year contract to four service providers for the supply of 15 various types of new vehicles.

The contracts, which was awarded on Wednesday, October 27, will see the lease of over 60 much-needed vehicles to augment the municipality’s existing fleet.

The 17 different types of new vehicles, either replacing old vehicles or adding to the fleet, include double cab bakkies, back-up loaders, refuse compactor trucks, sewer suction tankers, tipper trucks, high-rise light delivery vehicles (both 2×4 and 4×4), high pressure water and vacuum drain cleaning trucks, 4×4 tractors, flat-bed trucks (one with a crane), as well as a landfill refuse compactor, a track-type tractor (bulldozer), a forklift, a truck with a mesh cage, a grader and a vibratory soil compactor (roller).

“The vehicles will be strategically allocated to key departments to enhance the municipality’s ability to better respond to service delivery challenges,” said Kouga Executive Mayor, Horatio Hendricks.

“This will not only ensure an excellent fleet, but also a well-run fleet which well maintained and fully operational.

“The new vehicles will strengthen our service departments and enable them to work more efficiently and cost effectively.

We are confident that this will help curb unnecessary delays and improve our service delivery response time.

”Hendricks said the contract will, furthermore, reduce vehicle hiring costs, which were budgeted at over R30 million in the previous financial years to R20 million in the current financial year and the two outer financial years – resulting in a saving of over R30 million over the three-year contract.

“The municipality has the option to purchase the vehicles once the contract date has expired – without any additional implications on the currently approved budget,” said Hendricks.

“This is subject to the condition of the vehicle or vehicles. If a specific vehicle is not in a good condition, we do not purchase it.

”According to Hendricks, cost will also be significantly reduced as old vehicles will be replaced and new vehicles will have a maintenance plan.

“Thus, the contract will result in major savings on the current and outer year budget.

Doing more with less and value-for-money is certainly being achieved.”


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