All Striking Employees back at work

Kouga Municipality is delighted to report that all striking employees, except for the 14 suspended SAMWU shop stewards, have reported back to work yesterday.

“Municipal workers in Kouga are back at work after downing tools during an illegal and unlawful strike from March 9 to 16, as well as from March 31 to April 16,” said Kouga Executive Mayor, Horatio Hendricks.

“There was also several protest actions.”According to Hendricks, the municipality will return to court on Friday, April 23 where it will be determined whether the interim Labour Court interdict obtained against the striking workers on March 16, will be made permanent.

“We look forward to finalise the matter,” said Hendricks.

One Response to “All Striking Employees back at work”

  1. Marie Bothma Says:

    Great. No work No pay.

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