Kouga Municipality has welcomed the Labour Court in Port Elizabeth’s ruling in its favour after SAMWU’s urgent interdict against the municipality was struck from the roll yesterday.

SAMWU must, furthermore, pay the legal costs of the municipality.

According to Kouga Mayor, Horatio Hendricks, SAMWU applied for an urgent interdict against the municipality after 14 SAMWU shop stewards, who initiated an illegal and unlawful strike from March 9 to 16 and organised several protest actions afterwards, were charged with gross misconduct and were subsequently suspended.

“SAMWU demands that the 14 SAMWU shop stewards that were suspended after the strike, be reinstated with immediate effect.

These shop stewards were found guilty of misconduct after an internal collective disciplinary process and have been given 10 days to submit reasons why they should not be dismissed,” said Hendricks.

“The matter was struck from the roll yesterday and SAMWU must pay the legal costs of the municipality.

The municipality welcomes the ruling of the Labour Court in Port Elizabeth.”

According to Hendricks, the court ruling is a vote of confidence in the legal processes followed by the municipality.

“Yesterday’s Labour Court ruling vindicates the municipality’s position to continue with disciplinary processes against shop stewards of SAMWU,” he said.

“The ANC led strike is nothing but a political ploy to make Kouga ungovernable in an election year. We implore the members of SAMWU, who we valued for the last four years, to return to work and not to allow themselves to be further mislead by ANC deployed shop stewards.

“Let us put service delivery first. Let us make Kouga the best run municipality in the country.”

Hendricks, furthermore, said, “We want to assure members of the community that our single-most commitment remains to serve them to the best of our ability by striving for good governance through service excellence.

For that reason, we will do everything in our power to settle the matter swiftly.”

He said that it is disheartening to witness how SAMWU is misleading its members for political gain.

“This whole situation could have been prevented if they were only willing to effectively engage in previous negotiations.”



  1. SA Converters Says:

    I will be going to open a case of Malicious damage against the jeffreys bay kouga municipality of million of KL water that collapse a house in wavecrest jeffreys bay eastern cape south Africa foundation and floors. To make things worse the kouga municipality issued a eviction of illegal occupation on the property because of the complaint I made with the kouga municipality last year in June and was last notice was October. After 17 years of paying rates and taxes. The jeffreys bay mayor has given me the go ahead to make a case because he told me to go to bring it on. The mayor must not plee to me not to go because unfortunately I am not as corrupt as this community family company. All investors will pull out of Kouga.. You want to destroy a 73 year old woman resident life. I tell you today if she falls on floor you see what I do to your company.

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