Hankey and Patensie: Watershedding suspended for the Festive Season

Water rationing (watershedding) will be temporarily suspended in Hankey and Patensie from today till 13 January 2021.

This follows discussions between Kouga Municipality and the Gamtoos Irrigation Board.

Kouga Mayor, Horatio Hendricks, cautioned that the drought had not yet broken and that water restrictions, including the ban on using hose-pipes, remained in place.

“It’s been a tough year for our communities and many are looking forward to spending time with their families this festive season,” he said.

“While the dam levels are low and we must continue using water very sparingly, it was decided to suspend water rationing temporarily so that Gamtoos families have water in their taps during this time.”

The Kouga Dam is at 10.05 % of capacity at present.

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