Let South Africans have their input into lockdown regulations

The DA is concerned that President Ramaphosa has not made concrete promises to South Africans that the Level 3 regulations will be open to public comment and submission.

The DA has written to the President to request that a list of consolations be provided to us as well as opening up an opportunity for submissions by members of the public.

Surely it would be correct for the President, who extols his willingness to consult, to hear from South Africans if they indeed agree with many of the regulations including the continued ban on cigarette sales.

In President Ramaphosa’s speech, he said that he had consulted “widely” in the move to Level 3. While the DA by and large supports this, it is important he provides us with the list of who he consulted with.

Did he consult with tobacco companies? Did he consult with hairdressers on their continued exclusion from operating and did he consult with the liquor industry on the reduced trading hours which will lead to long queues outside bottle stores?

We simply can not afford to leave it up to Ministers Dlamini-Zuma and Patel to draw up these regulations without public comment as it will no doubt lead to more confusion and anger from the public.

They have hardly covered themselves in glory to date.

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6 Responses to “Let South Africans have their input into lockdown regulations”

  1. Marisia De Koker Says:

    They may have consulted but did not listen to the advice. DO NOT LISTEN TO THE WHO! They have ulterior motives. We do not support a ONE WORLD ORDER.

  2. Avril Says:

    Open ECD centre’s and ALL private schools that can adhere to PPE policy and social distance class sizes.

    LISTEN TO THEIR ADVISORS!!!! When an expert in their fields tell you more people are going to die from a failed economic south africa than Covid 19. You should listen….

    Allow sales for cigarettes….. I do t even smoke but feel that NDZ and her son have made nough money from the illigal cigarette trade.

  3. Adrian Barnard Says:

    Open the economy now completely before we all starve

  4. Candy Botha Says:

    Allow ballet studios to open with social distancing and PPE rules in place. Teachers need to earn a living and ballerinas need to return to lessons. If schools can open, so can studios.

  5. Esmeralda Says:

    If we leave it up to those idiots millions are going to suffer and they don’t care

  6. Esmeralda Says:

    If we leave it up to those idiots millions are going to suffer and they don’t care

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