Cars can be serviced, bought and sold in Level 4 lockdown

Car dealerships in Kouga can get back to work and buy and sell new and used cars.

Roadworthy assessment and testing centres will also be permitted according to Regulation R524.

Vehicles can also be serviced under strict conditions.

All dealerships and used car outlets will operate with up 60 % capacity until 8 June 2020.

However, under Phase 1, only 30 % capacity is allowed, subject to a maximum of one employee or customer per every 9 square metres of floor space.

The majority of car sales have be done remotely via the internet, eCommerce or telephone.

Personal contact has be kept to a minimum and only upon appointment under very strict hygiene and social
distancing conditions in line with the Regulations.

Test drives will be conducted on appointment only and home delivery of vehicles with full sanitisation will be mandatory.

Where possible, electronic, or virtual signatures will be used for finance and insurance documentation.

All car maintenance and repairs will have to be confirmed through appointment only.

Unsolicited walk-ins will only be allowed under exceptional and emergency circumstances.

Members of the public will not be allowed, under any circumstances, to enter the workshop environment. These workspaces will exclusively be reserved for technical and support staff.

Car owners are to maintain or service their cars within their own municipal boundaries unless in case of extraordinary circumstances.

The following categories are not classified as emergency car repairs:

  • Cosmetic repairs, such as minor scratches and dents or cosmetic enhancements;
  • Voluntary or routine servicing that is not overdue in terms of manufacturer’s service intervals; and warranty campaigns of a cosmetic nature unless the warranty is due to expire within 30 days of the intended repair date.


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