Threat of land expropriation without compensation is escalating

On 13 December 2019, while businesses were wrapping up for the year, the ANC-government published an official legal notice to signal its intention to change the Constitution to allow for expropriation without compensation.

This will put your home, business or land at risk.

The sub-committee in charge has given the public until just 31 January to submit written submissions.

Please visit and lodge a formal objection.

Stand up for your property rights, and encourage everyone you know to stand up for theirs.

We don’t have to change the Constitution, undermine your right to own property, and sink South Africa’s economy to provide legal and thorough land reform.

The Constitution, as it stands, is not a barrier to land reform.

The corrupt and incompetent ANC government is the real barrier to land reform. Don’t put your property rights in their hands.

Please urgently submit your objection, and we will make sure that it is taken to Parliament and heard!

Kind regards

John Steenhuisen

DA Leader

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2 Responses to “Threat of land expropriation without compensation is escalating”

  1. Dimitri Says:

    Stop the ANC from taking the land they don’t know what they are going to do to south africa

  2. Marilyn Conradie Says:

    Please stop this insanity. Like millions of home owners, we bought our homes by way of bonds. It belongs to me.
    I pay rates and taxes. You will kill SA if you do not rethink this madness.

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