South Africa needs a job in every home

Our economy is in crisis. Unemployment has hit a record high with as many as 10.2 million people jobless or without hope of finding a job in South Africa.

Eskom is recording losses that are 800% higher than last year! We cannot afford more of the same. Join the call for the president to urgently implement the DA’s Economic Crisis Recovery Plan.

Sign the petition at

The DA’s Economic Crisis Recovery Plan

These seven reforms would lead to an inclusive and modern economy:

  1. Reform our State-owned Enterprises (SOEs) by splitting Eskom into two, opening the market to more Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and allowing well-running municipalities to buy directly from IPPs, selling off SAA and non-essential assets at the SABC with a proper skills and salary audit under strict bailout conditions.
  2. Reform our education to introduce charter schools through public-private partnerships in poor and rural communities so that schools are less than 5kms from home and parents have options. We need to break the hold of the South African Democratic Teachers Union (SADTU).
  3. Reform our healthcare by stopping the National Health Insurance (NHI) and passing the DA’s Sizani Universal Health Plan to make quality healthcare available to all South Africans without breaking our national budget.
  4. Reform our labour legislation by relaxing our labour laws, cutting red tape to allow more businesses to create jobs, replacing our national minimum wage with a sectoral minimum wage and opt-out clause for young work-seekers while setting up a Jobs and Justice Fund to invest in future economies.
  5. Reform capacity by building a capable state through trimming Cabinet to 15 ministries.
  6. Reform land by extending property ownership to millions of South Africans through speeding up delivery of urban and rural title deeds, while rejecting expropriation without compensation.
  7. Reform police and rail functions by devolving the power of our police and rail services to provincial governments to keep South Africans safe, and ensure that citizens have a safe and reliable commute to and from work.

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