STOP the NHI. Help save South Africa

The NHI Bill, as it stands, will not provide universal healthcare to the people of South Africa. Instead it will only nationalise healthcare, and as a result, it will bring the same corruption and complete mismanagement that the ANC has bought to Eskom, SAA, local government, and just about everything else it touches.

Along with banning private medical aid, forcing all South Africans to use government healthcare and raising personal taxes by up to R5000 more a month, the ANC’s NHI will destroy medical aids and collapse the economy.

If you cannot trust the ANC to keep the lights on, how can you trust them with you and your loved ones’ healthcare?

We call on every single South African to take a stand against this disastrous ANC-sponsored bill.

It will drive medical practitioners out of the country, collapse medical aidsremove the individual choice of healthcare providers and lead to a large-scale brain drain from South Africa – making the unemployment crisis even worse. It will even give government the right to refuse you life-saving treatment when budgets are depleted!

If you agree with any of the below statements, then we need your help to fight the NHI Bill:

  1. REFUSE to pay an extra tax, over and above all the taxes I currently pay, to fund the ANC’s National Health Insurance.
  2. will NOT travel abroad for specialist treatment because the NHI has driven our best healthcare practitioners out of the country.
  3. will NOT let the ANC-government decide what healthcare I receive. I should be allowed access to private healthcare if I want it.
  4. The ANC government should NOT be allowed to manage the NHI fund like any other State-Owned Entity (SAA, Eskom, PRASA, etc.), giving the Minister of Health sole discretion of how the funds are used.

SUBMIT your objection. Make your voice heard!

YES, there are unacceptable inequalities in our healthcare system. These must be addressed through the hard work of government.

The DA in the Western Cape has managed public healthcare in such a way that people, no matter their socio-economic status, can access quality healthcare. This did not require destroying choice and private healthcare in the process.

The DA has a plan called the Sizani Universal Healthcare Plan that would ensure all South Africans are provided with quality healthcare, without crippling the economy!

Read the DA’s full plan here.

Sign the petition to stop the NHI here

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