Sign the petition for the Police to act against criminals in South Africa

Crime is out of control. House invasions, brutal assaults, murder and hijackings have become a regular occurrence in our country.

Please sign our petition to say that enough is enough!

We demand decisive action from the South African Police Service to make our safety their priority.

The following minimum measures must be implemented immediately:

  1. Formulation of a collective crime prevention strategy.
  2. More resources committed to crime prevention initiatives.
  3. More visible policing and frequent patrols of crime hotspots.
  4. Frequent raids of drug dens and known crime areas as well as the hideaway spots of criminals.
  5. Drastically improve on the response time when attending to complaints of violent crime.

To sign the DA petition, click here


2 Responses to “Sign the petition for the Police to act against criminals in South Africa”

  1. Sheryl Lowenthal Says:

    We live in fear crime is out of control unemployment is worse which means crime will get worse if that is possible. Saps is corrupt and useless. We feel totally unsafe

  2. liezl Says:

    People of every walk of life live in fear for our, and more importantly our families, safety. Every person I know has been a victim of robbery, highjacking, rape, assault, smash-and-grab, and some have lost someone dear in a horrible way and there is no one left untouched. We are too scared in many instances to explore our country’s natural beauty like Table Mountain, or unspoiled beaches unless we have enough numbers with us to give us the illusion of safety. We are vigilant when getting into or out of our cars, when driving on the roads and at night when we get up three times to check yet again that all the windows and doors are locked- even in summer! And every night the atrocities of the latest murder, rape or torture we read about repeatedly flash through our minds and every time we hear a tiny sound, we jump up to go and look with the emergency numbers ready for dailing. And in the middle of the night when you wake up from another bad dream in which something horrible was about to happen and in you dream you froze and became a helpless victim, then we reach under the bed just to feel the cold surface of the baseball bat we keep there for some reassure. And the next day we get up and repeat. Is this a normal life? Only in SA it is.

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