Our SOEs are losing R 91,000 every single minute

It’s time for a formal review of our 131 State Owned Enterprises.

Put politics aside. Let’s work together, and get South Africa working again.

Our SOEs are losing R91,000 EVERY SINGLE MINUTE, and they will continue losing money until strong action is taken.

According to National Treasury, in the last two years, the consolidated losses of all State-Owned Entities in South Africa is almost R100 billion.

And yet, despite these losses, President Ramaphosa and his Minister of Public Enterprises, Pravin Gordhan still refuse to take the necessary action.

They refuse to cut bloated salaries, they refuse to cut the public wage bill, they refuse to get rid of patronage networks, and they refuse to do away cadre deployment.

They won’t even institute a formal review of our 131 SOEs to find out which SOEs are necessary, which SOEs need to be dissolved, which should be partially privatised, and which should be privatised in their entirety.

Instead, Minister Gordhan has opted to throw more money at the problem, announcing that a mystery lender would provide more cash to the struggling Denel, so that it could pay salaries this month.

Enough is enough.

Join us in our call to President Ramaphosa and Minister Gordhan – Institute a full review of all State Owned Entities in South Africa.

Sign the petition here


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