DA wins majority of Provincial votes in Kouga

The majority of votes cast on the provincial ballot in Kouga were in favour of the Democratic Alliance.

48 % of voters (18 671) voted for the DA, who governs the Municipality in Kouga, after winning the 2016 Local Government Election.

The ANC, who are the only other party represented in the Kouga Council, gained 42 % of the vote (16 332).

None of the smaller parties managed to gain more than 4 % of the vote, indicating that Kouga remains an area dominated by the two big parties in South African politics.

While the IEC has not yet completed counting the votes, the ANC has won the Eastern Cape with around 68 % of the vote with the DA winning around 16 %.

The DA has retained the Western Cape province and will be the official opposition in the Free State, Gauteng and the Northern Cape.

The DA is also the biggest opposition party in South Africa with close to 23 % of the vote at time of publication.


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