Ke nako: Be brave, give change a chance

This election is undoubtedly our most important election since 1994, with South Africa balancing dangerously on a knife-point with issues of crime, corruption, state capture, unemployment and immeasurable poverty.

When we cast our ballots today, we need to remind ourselves of the heartfelt suffering of millions of our fellow citizens, whose lives have not improved, and have in fact worsened, under the rule of the failing ANC.

This will no doubt be a watershed election. The governing party has had 25 years to better the quality of the lives of our people, but they have instead chosen to prioritize the looting of the people’s money for their own selfish enrichment.

It is with this in mind that the DA would like to implore people to be brave at the ballot box, and give change a chance.

The ANC has brought our beautiful country to its knees through 25 years of failures and broken promises. And when they notice that we are no longer satisfied with their theft and deceit, they choose to divide us along racial lines – much like the apartheid government did.

Only the DA can bring true, tangible change South Africans so desperately need and deserve – with an honest and professional police service, a job in every home, faster service delivery, secure borders and a 15-year jail sentence for anyone found guilty of corruption.

The DA is the only party that can build One South Africa for All – with 10 years of good governance experience we have proven this.

We are asking for more voters to be brave and give change a chance.

We wish all voters clarity, confidence and bravery, as they make a mark next to the DA, a political party they know they can trust to bring real change.


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