Fuel increase is taxing South Africa into poverty

The latest 54 cent fuel price increase will once again prove that the failing ANC government has no plan to develop and grow our economy – the extent of their policy and plans remains firmly based on increasing the prices of items South Africans are barely able to afford already.

This is no new dawn – this is the same old ANC who remains resolute in having South Africans pay for their 25 years of complete failures in government.

Although the failing ANC would have the public believe that fuel price increases are solely the result of international and global trends, the reality is that these unforgiving price hikes are mainly due to a decades of ANC corruption, mismanagement and looting, which has precipitated fuel tax increases to cover government revenue shortfalls.

The ANC government is incapable of generating sustainable plans to fix our economy and create jobs, instead it attempts to tax its people into further poverty.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) will not sit by idly and watch as South Africans are burdened by the ANC’s failures. Today and tomorrow, the DA has mobilized across the country to demonstrate against these increases.

South Africans can no longer be punished for the ANC’s failures. The DA will make the choice to South Africans clear. It is time to vote out the ANC that is oppressing our people by plunging the country into poverty.

Now is the time to show this corrupt government that the citizens of this country will not accept yet another senseless increase in fuel prices.

This fuel hike is proof that life will become progressively worse under the ANC, if they are given another 5 years to govern. The DA has a plan to grow our economy sustainably, without having to unbearably increase the cost of living for South Africans. It is time to punish the ANC for their senseless price hikes across the board, come 08 May, we urge citizens to choose a party that will build One South Africa for All, without having to loot all the cents from their pockets.


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