Aston Bay road to be transformed

THE Aston Bay road is about to undergo a transformation.

Work started last week on a joint project that will help to safeguard motorists and pedestrians while also beautifying the area and putting in place extra recreational facilities for the surrounding communities.

Kouga Speaker Hattingh Bornman said the project was inspired by growing concern about the safety of road-users, as well as that of children who play on the open stretches of land nearby, and the cleanliness of the area in general.

“We had several meetings with those communities directly affected and just about everyone agreed that a pedestrian fence would be the best solution, coupled with the development of an alternative road between Jeffreys Bay, Aston Bay and Paradise Beach,” he said.

He said the municipality would be partnering with the Humansdorp Co-op, Marina Martinique Home Owners Association and Pure Design Architects, to bring the project to fruition.

Work to be done includes the erection of a pedestrian fence of about 1km in length on both sides of the road.

There will be five gates in the fence on either side of the road.

“They will be v-shaped, so as to prevent animals from getting through and causing problems on the road,” Bornman said.

Additional speed humps, pedestrian crossings and solar public lights will also be put in place.


One Response to “Aston Bay road to be transformed”

  1. Marie Bothma Says:

    This is wonderfull news. Well done.

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