Hankey housing project back on track

MORE than 700 households at Hankey are in high spirits following confirmation that the building of RDP houses in the area is back on track.

Kouga Speaker Hattingh Bornman said work on the long-awaited Hankey housing project, which will cater for 738 households, is set to start this year.

The site where the houses will be built, includes the land where the informal settlement Stofwolk is situated and a strip running from Rosedale around the cemetery towards Centerton.

“The layout plan was recently approved by Council and a land surveyor has been appointed to peg the site,” he said.

“A total of 200 RDP houses will be built where Stofwolk currently stands. The remaining 538 houses will be built along the strip.”

He said a transfer site, with services, will be developed on the open land towards Rosedale, so as to accommodate Stofwolk residents while the site is being pegged and internal services are being installed.

“We expect the installation of internal services to start this year, as the East Cape Department of Human Settlements has budgeted for the project in the 2019/2020 financial year,” he said.

“We will be meeting with the Department biweekly, including a joint site visit next week, so that any potential hold-ups are identified and dealt with swiftly.

“Hankey residents have been waiting for this project to get off the ground for many years and we do not want there to be any further delays.”

He said the provisional beneficiary list could be viewed at the Ward Councillor’s Office and the Vusumzi Landu Hall.

“We would like to caution residents that this is not the final list. The names on the list are those whose names appear on the National Housing Needs Register.

“These names will now be prescreened by the provincial Human Settlements Department. Once this process has been completed, the list of those applicants who qualify, will be submitted to the Kouga Council for approval.

“Once that list has been approved, each prospective beneficiary will have to complete a subsidy application form for final vetting and approval by the provincial Department,” he explained.

He invited Hankey residents whose names do not appear on the provisional list but who did submit their names, to visit the municipality’s Human Settlements section so that this could be corrected.

“We are very pleased that we have been able to get the project back on track and want to see everything happening in a fair and transparent manner. We look forward to working closing with the Hankey community to ensure the success of the project.”


One Response to “Hankey housing project back on track”

  1. Godwill Says:

    This is a joke of the housing at hankey stofwolk u as leaders it will be ur last years as leaders.The people of hankey are not jokes go and make a joke of ur doggs at home because they are living in house that we have to stay in so enjoy making fool of hankey’s people

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