Vote DA to keep the lights on

The electricity crisis at Eskom threatens the future of South Africa.

We are being warned to prepare for the grid to fail completely – this means no electricity for days.

The ANC has stolen so much money that they can’t keep the lights on at Eskom anymore.

Already pump stations are failing across the country which leaves people without water. Prolonged rolling blackout will lead to a collapse of basic services.

But it’s even more serious than that.  The government has announced that they’re preparing for Stage 5 and 6 blackouts.

When this is implemented, half of the country will be without power at a time. And if the slightest thing goes wrong during this stage, the power grid could fail completely. That would take weeks. You can imagine what would happen if South Africa was without power for weeks and months.

This is a crisis caused by the ANC.  President Ramaphosa himself was placed in charge of fixing Eskom in 2014. And now things are worse.

The situation is very serious. And we can’t count on the people who broke Eskom to fix it.

The only solution to this crisis is voting the ANC out.  If they stay in power, this could go on indefinitely.

And we can do it. The DA is seeing a surge of support amongst ANC voters as a result of the Eskom crisis, which is affecting every single South African, from the smallest village to the biggest city.

If we unite behind the DA and vote the ANC out the DA will get on with the job of fixing Eskom.

The DA has a clear plan to fix the electricity situation in South Africa.

  • Right now, there are many independent power producers in South Africa, but the ANC government won’t allow cities to buy from anyone other than Eskom.  We would change the law to allow cities to buy electricity from these producers.
  • Rapidly recruit engineers back into Eskom so that power stations can be properly maintained.
  • Allow Eskom to buy coal from any source. Right now they’re only buying coal from certain producers and the suspicion is that these are from ANC- linked companies that provide sub-standard coal.
  • Freeze the build on the last two costly units at the Kusile power station, which is a waste of money and won’t be completed in time. That money can   be   put   into   buying   electricity   from   local   Independent   Power Producers that produce energy from renewable energy sources.
  • Instruct PetroSA to sell Eskom the diesel they need tax free at cost price, so that they can afford to run backup power stations.

We must vote this failing government out, and vote in a DA government that can keep the lights on.

Keep the lights on. Vote DA on 08 May.


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