DA launches Manifesto for Change

Over the weekend, the DA  launched the Manifesto for Change – it’s our contract with South Africa should we be entrusted to govern.

In our manifesto, we unpack how a DA-led government will put the South African people first and ensure a better future for our children.

It includes a 15-year jail sentence for corrupt public representatives or officials, fixing Eskom to keep the lights on, and putting a job in every home with initiatives like a year-long paid work experience programme for matriculants.

In summary, a DA-government will:

Fight corruption

Under a DA-government, money meant for the people will be spent on the people and anyone found guilty of corruption will be sentenced to 15 years in jail. This includes:

  • Establishing an independent unit dedicated to identifying, fighting and prosecuting corruption.
  • Implementing regular lifestyle audits for politicians and government officials.
  • Protecting and encouraging ‘whistle-blowers’ who identify and report on corrupt activities.

Honest, professional police

A DA-government will overhaul the SAPS to become an honest and professional organisation that actually serves and protects South Africans. This will involve:

  • Giving capable provinces control over policing.
  • Creating specialised units to fight rural crimes and gender-based violence, and tackle drugs and gangs.
  • Fighting corruption within the police and retraining police to serve with pride.

Fair access to jobs

By creating fair access to real and long-term jobs, a DA-government will put a job in every home.

  • Our Voluntary National Civilian Service will give school-leavers a year of skills development and an income.
  • We will eradicate employment corruption so there are no more ‘sex for jobs’ or ‘bribes for jobs’ crimes.
  • We will create job centres throughout South Africa with free Internet for job-seekers.

Secure our borders

A DA-government will restore law and order at Home Affairs to stop illegal immigration, crime and corruption; and assist legitimate refugees and asylum seekers. This will involve:

  • Strengthening our border posts so they are corruption-free and provide effective border security and control.
  • Eradicating the corruption and inefficiency at Home Affairs.
  • Increasing the number of South African National Defence Force companies patrolling the borders from 15 to 22.

Speed up service delivery

A modern and professional DA-government will drastically speed up the delivery of housing, water, electricity and sanitation by:

  • Giving South Africans more housing options by offering vouchers that help build or finance a home or plot.
  • Upgrading informal settlements with water, sanitation and electricity.
  • Making more affordable housing available in cities.


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