Mayor Bongani Baloyi assaulted at community meeting

The Democratic Alliance has expressed its shock over the violent assault on the Executive Mayor of Midvaal, Bongani Baloyi by ANC members this morning.

Mayor Baloyi immediately opened a case of assault with intention to cause grievous bodily harm against the ANC thugs.

However, when the Mayor was on his way to open a case at the police station, the key suspect followed him and lied to the police that the Mayor attacked him. Absurdly, the Baloyi was also placed under arrest along with the suspect.

The Mayor was physically attacked in ward 11, Savannah City during the municipality’s launch of Arbor Day.

The event started peacefully, however when Baloyi was about to go to the podium to address the community, ANC members approached him and tried to take the microphone away from him. They physically pushed the Mayor and hit him with a rock.

Midvaal is one of the best governed municipalities in Gauteng and has received clean audits since DA took over this municipality from the ANC.


2 Responses to “Mayor Bongani Baloyi assaulted at community meeting”

  1. Bobo Nkosi Says:

    What an act of Barbarism? This is a taste of what ANC thugs will resort to if they lose elections next year.

  2. Bobo Nkosi Says:

    I am yet to here ANC’s response to this barbaric act by their own members. Probably it’s a wishful thinking from my side because that’s what is ANC for known for, they resort to violence if they cant get their way.

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