Damaged vehicles depriving Koukamma residents of basic services

The shocking state of municipal vehicles in the ANC-led Koukamma Local Municipality has caused an alarming decline in service delivery.

During an oversight inspection to the municipal storage yard in Joubertina, I came across 5 essential municipal vehicles in total disrepair.

These vehicles include three bakkies, one garbage removal truck and a grader used in the repair of roads. A trailer, also used for garbage removal, is also in a broken down state.

Some of the bakkies are without wheels and have been in disrepair for long enough to be overgrown by grass.

On Thursday, 12 July, residents of Rivina in Koukamma took to the streets to demonstrate their disapproval of the abhorrent delivery of services by the Municipality.

These residents are sick and tired of the current situation and know that only a DA governed municipality can save Koukamma from implosion.

Malcolm Figg MP – Tsitsi-Kouga Constituency Leader


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