Healthcare collapses in the Eastern Cape

The Eastern Cape has only 247 operational ambulances of the 1143 it is supposed to have according to the national department of health requirements to service over 6 million people.

Those who cannot afford private healthcare die daily after hours of waiting for ambulances in their homes.

The ANC provincial and national governments have failed the poor and vulnerable by subjecting people to inhumane conditions in hospitals and clinics as well as degrading healthcare services.

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The DA has shown through the management of the Western Cape Health Department, our Health Plan and the strengthening of health oversight that better services are possible in the Eastern Cape and South Africa.

A change in government is ultimately the most direct way the people of South Africa can effect change in the healthcare system.

The DA will continue to expose negligence, inhumane treatment of patients and poor health services in our public healthcare facilities because people deserve access to quality health services irrespective of the socio-economic backgrounds.


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