Do you support land expropriation without compensation?

South Africans have until 15 June 2018 to make their voice heard in Parliament if they do not support land expropriation without compensation.

If enough South Africans fail to speak up, a parliamentary review committee could recommend changes to section 25 of the Constitution that would allow government to become the owner of all private homes and land in South Africa, forcing citizens to rent for life.

You can make a difference and do something constructive by submitting your comments via:

A parliamentary review committee has been tasked with consulting South Africans before making any changes to private property rights in the Constitution.

Remember that according to law,  the committee must go through every comment submitted.

Visit and take action. If South Africans stand together,  we can stop land expropriation without compensation.

Dont only have an opinion amongst your friends and family on land ownership. Let government know what you feel by having your say and become part of the process.


15 Responses to “Do you support land expropriation without compensation?”

  1. Tammy De Vos Says:

    Absolutely not !
    It has not worked throughout Africa !
    Even if the land is compensated for it will not be farmed it will be left to Wreck n ruin !
    Is Zimbabwe not a good reflection of this !
    Wake up government!!!

  2. Victoria Says:

    No to Land Expropriation without Compensation!

  3. Yvonne Bosch Says:

    Absolutely not !
    It has not worked with land bought from owners in South Africa in the past! Why will ir work now??
    Even if the land is compensated for it will not work!
    Please Wake up government look what happened since 1994!!

  4. Warren Telford Says:

    100% NO.
    it hasnt worked anywhere else in the world so why would ut work here

  5. AJ Says:

    No i don’t

  6. Craig Says:


  7. Portia Gericke Says:

    I work hard for what I have. I refuse to stand idly by when the government seeks to take it away from me without compensation. You want my land, pay me for it! Land ownership won’t solve SA’s problems! Job creation on the other hand….

  8. Paul Says:

    It is wrong … Do not do it…. Judgment day waits

  9. John George millar Says:

    Land expropriation without compensation will destroy the economy and will not help the poor it is supposed to help

    To help the poor with dignity that requires a vibrant economy with demand for trained employees

    Taking land from current owners and distributing it others is economically wrong !!!

    Property rights are a fundamental cornerstone of economic growth … re distribution of wealth to raise the poor is a great goal and is achievable though a positive business environment it is impossible by taking from one group and giving to another

    This policy is a political statement and will NOT achieve the objective of raising the wealth of the poor …. radical economic transformation can be achieved by education and training the poor and disadvantaged by government investment in social housing and healthcare to create jobs and basic living standards… the government must first distribute the land they already own to the poor and disadvantaged as a trial to monitor its effect on the economy and the effect on the lives and communities of those its distributed to !!!

    The vast majority of people do not wish to farm but with a house and job start with social housing and serviced stands upon which people may build their own homes, provide help for them to do this instead of destroying property rights they could consider encouraging property ownership by distributing homes and stands to the poor and disadvantaged and at the same time encourage private enterprise to creat jobs and opportunity

  10. Jill Allison Says:

    Absolute lunacy! Giving in to the demands of the uneducated, will only destroy our beautiful country. One only has to look at the horrendous situation in Zimbabwe.

  11. Jolisa Says:

    It’s theft!!!!!!!!!

  12. Marie Duminy Says:

    Absolutely not !
    It has not worked throughout Africa !
    Even if the land is compensated for it will not be farmed it will be left to Wreck n ruin !
    Is Zimbabwe not a good reflection of this !
    Wake up government!!!

  13. Reinette Zeelie Says:

    No. People paid or still pay bonds on the farms and properties. No one stole land.

  14. Frans du Toit Says:

    I don t

  15. Hester Ingamells Says:

    Why must the land be given for free to these uneducated people – they wouldn’t know what to do with it – ZIMBABWE A GOOD EXAMPLE!!!! Besides, I would hard for my property and refuse to give it away. I will burn it down to the ground first. Government must change their attitude and help build this country, not encourage destruction!!!!!!!

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