ANC, EFF resort to disruption and chaos

The EFF, ANC and UDM coalition resorted to disrupting and attempting to collapse the Council meeting in Nelson Mandela Bay yesterday, because they know they will not win the Motion of No Confidence against Mayor Athol Trollip.

Their conduct has confirmed to the country that they can only respond with chaos and violence when things don’t go their way.

Instead of accepting the loss and moving on, they decided to hold the Council meeting hostage by refusing to allow the meeting to continue. They should be ashamed of their conduct.

This coalition of chaos and corruption, between the EFF and the ANC (with the UDM as hangers-on), has never had the best interests of the residents of Nelson Mandela Bay at heart, and that is why they will always fail.

Their motion was always just about racism.

The people of the Bay and the people of South Africa reject the hate-fuelled politics of the EFF, and reject giving the Metro back to the corrupt ANC.

We must continue to guard against their hatred and continue to build a united South Africa for all.


Mmusi Maimane


One Response to “ANC, EFF resort to disruption and chaos”

  1. Mari Bothma Says:

    Keep up the good work DA!!!!

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