Kouga Municipality re-aligns its organisational structure

The Kouga Municipality has changed the names of its five directorates to be in line with the institution’s strategic objectives.

Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen says the previous names created confusion amongst the public, especially in terms of the mandate for each of the directorates.

“We found that the general public and even people from other municipalities did not understand what we were talking about when we mentioned the names of our directorates.

“This became evident when we advertised for the vacant post of Social Services, with people from totally different disciplines applying for the post.”

The directorate will now be known as Community Services, a name it had before the 2011 Local Government elections.

It is responsible for environmental management, community amenities, environmental health, cleansing and parks and protection services.

Another directorate whose name was found to be too long and complicated, was Administration, Monitoring, Evaluation and Special Projects.

The latter’s former name has also been restored and it will now be known as Corporate Services.

The directorate is responsible for administration, human resources, legal services and strategic municipal projects.

The reconfiguration affects the Infrastructure, Planning and Development and the Local Economic Development (LED) and Tourism directorates.

“We have now introduced the Infrastructure and Engineering directorate to focus on the day-to-day operations of rendering civil services such as water and sanitation, electrical services, roads, project management and fleet management,” says Van Lingen.

The Mayor said LED and Tourism will now be incorporated into the new Planning, Development and Tourism Directorate.

“We want our Town Planning department to be the best there is and, while we still want them to focus on compliance matters, we also want them to be the centre of facilitating economic development, in particular investments, and tourism in the area,” says Van Lingen.

The Finance directorate retains its name.

Krishen Moodley is the Director: Corporate Services, Selwyn Thys is the Director: Finance (CFO) and Victor Felton the Director: Infrastructure and Engineering.

The other two director positions are currently vacant and will be advertised shortly.


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